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Sept 2011 Mobile Messaging Solutions ICE. Mobile Sdn Bhd (By Yaw Mei)

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1 Sept 2011 Mobile Messaging Solutions ICE. Mobile Sdn Bhd (By Yaw Mei)

2 Introduction

3 3 > Proposed future business plan targeted at diversifying target market; generating more traffic and hence more revenue through : Study and explore the solutions or applications that could be implement via enhancement of ICE’s existing platform. Explore business opportunities which are possible through the ICE’s existing setup and human resource (with different skillsets)

4 Future product development and enhancement

5 5 Enhancement for current platform > Bulk MMS To enhance existing bulk SMS platform and billing system to support bulk MMS delivery and billing. > WebSMS To enhance existing WebSMS platform to support binary and MMS content delivery. Allowed user to trigger group sms send via SMS. Allowed user to check delivery report via SMS.

6 6 Web based SMS Solution for F&B > Web based SMS solution for F&B outlet which includes the following features Reservation – Mobile user may make reservation by sending SMS to a short code – New request will be added into the system and system will also notify the restaurant through SMS. – System admin will process the request and send notification to the mobile user. Notification – While customer is at the outlet and needs to queue up for their turn, they may leave their mobile number with the outlet and system admin will notify them when their table is ready. Promotion and discount announcement – F&B outlet may use this as a channel to broadcast their promotion or discount information.

7 7 > Integrate SMS into existing car service center system for the following process Service booking and confirmation of booking via SMS – System will receive service booking via SMS and forward to service center’s existing car service center’s system – System admin will be notified; process the booking and system will notify the car owner Send service reminder via SMS – System admin enters service due date for every car and system will auto send the service reminder prior to the due time. Send notification to car owner once service is completed and car is ready for collection – System admin will update the status of the service in the system and system will automatically send the notification to the car owner. Integrated SMS Solution for Car Service Center

8 8 Web based SMS Solution for Colleges and Universities > Web based SMS solution for colleges and universities which will help in the following areas For faculty/school or lecturer to send class cancellation notice – Faculty’s administrator or lecturer may use the system to send class cancellation or postponement notice to students Reminder (attendance, tuition fees payment reminder) – Colleges/universities or student’s hostel may use this system to send reminder to student (e.g. tuition fees payment or hostel’s rules) Result collection notification – Colleges and universities may use this system to inform all students when their semester result is ready for collection General announcement – Colleges/universities or student’s hostel may use this system to send any announcement to all students (e.g. College’s actovity announcement )

9 9 Location based service > To provide the following location based service with help of mobile GPS location application Target market for shopping Malls – Offer to shopping mall’s merchant as a mean to promote their product and merchandise. A subscription based system where subscriber request for location based information. – Subscriber may request for general info for his/her nearby location such as details for nearby hospital, police station, banks and petrol stations.

10 Exploring new opportunities

11 11 2D bar code application (Microsoft tag) > Develop 2D bar code application which supports Microsoft Tag generation which might be used in the following scenarios ( microsofts-own-2d-barcode/) Movie reservation for cinemas – System will SMS the tag (movie ticket) to customer once ticket purchase is completed and user may flash the tag at the entrance for verification Flight ticket reservation for airlines – System will SMS the tag (flight details) to customer once customer already check-in and user may flash the tag before boarding flights Exhibition or event organizer – Event organizer send a tag via SMS to event participants upon web registration and participants will flash the tag at the event location – Merchant who participate in the events may also display a tag which consists of their company and product info,

12 12 Follow Me SMS > Web based application targeted for frequent traveler or for people with more than one number ICE subscriber for a list of DID numbers and offer these number as the follow me numbers for the targeted user group – User will register and allocated a DID number – User advise their contacts to sms them to this DID number – User configure his current used mobile number in the system and system will then forward the incoming SMS to the DID number

13 13 Ecommerce Solution > Develop customized Ecommerce or online shopping cart application for clients (exploiting existing online payment facility) Develop Ecommerce solution template from CMS tool Develop and host own ecommerce platform and offer it to customer who are interested in selling new merchandise or second hand items via web Develop customized ecommerce solution for potential clients

14 14 Mobile application development > Develop customized mobile applications for potential clients. > Examples of applications are Mobile property management Mobile supply chain management Mobile resource planning management

15 15 Others > SMS to social network application (e.g. facebook, twitter) Application to integrate SMS to social networks which allows user to post comments or update their social network status via SMS > VOIP hosting Act as a VOIP host and provide organization with attractive call rate (required connections which telco to support web to phone calls) > IT consultancy services Provide IT consultancy service such as setup new company network, firewall configuration & setup, email setup, server farm setup

16 Q&A

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