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Laurie Bridges, Kim Griggs, Hannah Gascho Rempel.

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1 Laurie Bridges, Kim Griggs, Hannah Gascho Rempel

2 As with most technology developments, this one is fast-moving. This is not a time to sit on the sidelines as other campus units are developing services for mobile users…Academic libraries should make conscious choices about what they want to offer in this arena and act accordingly Joan Lippincott, 2008

3 Teens (12-17) 71% own a mobile phone 25% of all teens ages 12-14 send text messages daily. 51% of teens ages 15-17 send text messages daily. Teens and Mobile Phones Over the Past Five Years Pew Internet, 2008

4 Generation Y and Mobile Phones 74% send or receive text messages 40% send more than 10 a day 44% send or receive pictures 24% send or receive emails 23% use instant messaging Library Tech Report On the Move with the Mobile Web Kroski, 2008

5 Timeline December: Establishment of MobileLib Team Laurie, Kim, & Hannah (and Stephen) January – February: Research, development, and usability testing March: Roll out of mobile website Library Hours Ask a Librarian How Do I? Where is it? Directions

6 Whats Unique about Our Site? Uses iPhone standards and design Optimized for smartphones and dumb cell phones First mobile site on campus

7 Positive Reviews I work at the Providence College Library and have been working on designing a mobile site. I've used your site as a reference and it's been invaluable. I really like your design... My name is Alison Miller and I am working on the InfoQuest pilot project - a collaborative text messaging service. We would like to make our main site mobile accessible and it was recommended that we contact you to learn your "tricks" and possibly get some input or assistance. I had a question, who did the design work for this? I'm looking into the mobile piece for Central Web and was wondering if this was done in-house or via a vendor?

8 Stats Unique Visitors per day: 80 Top pages viewed Hours Floormaps Directions Ask a Librarian Call numbers

9 International m-Libraries Conference Vancouver, BC in June Librarians and programmers from Canada, U.S., England, Ireland, Spain, India, Bangladesh, Fiji, China, and South Africa. Keynote Speakers: Lorcan Dempsey and Joan Lippincott Hot Topics: Searchable catalogs, text-a- librarian, QR codes, text alerts

10 Timeline Continued June – September: Development and usability testing September: Release of mobile catalog, computer status

11 Mobile Catalog Features Search by keyword, title, author, call number, and ISBN Email or text library record to self Search course reserves Limit searches to library branch Set number of results (1, 5, 10) Shelf View Location and availability most prominent in results

12 Future Development Flickr historic tour Find-a-friend QR codes

13 OSU Libraries m.library

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