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{ Digital Notebooks Microsoft Office OneNote Michelle Lawrence Kearney High School

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1 { Digital Notebooks Microsoft Office OneNote Michelle Lawrence Kearney High School

2 ❧ Microsoft Office Application ❧ Electronic Notepad ❧ Free download on Windows 7,8, mac, iphone, ipad and android ❧ Sync via office account or OneDrive account What is OneNote?

3 Teachers: ❧ Lesson Planning (notebook for each course, section for each unit, page for each lesson) ❧ Organize all of your current information and files Students: ❧ Student Portfolios - access past your class ❧ In place of the large 3 ring binders ❧ Research organization- auto cite and timestamps from web Educational Uses

4 At a Glance-OneNote Guide

5 ❧ Store multiple resource types in one place ❧ Auto creates text boxes anywhere on the page ❧ Pictures ❧ Audio/video ❧ Websites ❧ Files (word, excel, powerpoint, etc.) ❧ Clippings from computer screen ❧ Hand written notes ❧ Sketches ❧ Scanned documents (cam scanner app) ❧ e-mails (from outlook, click move→send to OneNote) ❧ Free mathematics add in to Word and OneNotemathematics add in ❧ Search the entire document ❧ Saves automatically ❧ Time stamps every addition ❧ Can look at previous versions of your notebook at various times ❧ Can be shared and worked on collaboratively (haven’t tried this in the classroom yet!) Benefits

6 ❧ Open Microsoft Office OneNote from the Windows menu ❧ Click New → Name the Notebook→ Create Sections ❧ File → Share with Network and share to ❧ Student Drive (ours is U drive - can access from any district computer) ❧ OneDrive (formally Skydrive) and access with internet connection ❧ Add a Page (look at pre-set templates or create your own) Create a new Notebook

7 ❧ Insert File from menu ❧ Drag and Drop ❧ Could use this to record data in an excel spreadsheet, draw graphics, include a video, presentation, document, etc. Inserting Files

8 ❧ The title shows up on right side as the page title as well ❧ Text box can be placed anywhere and moved anywhere ❧ If text is copied from another location, it will say so – great for research Title and Text Box

9 ❧ Insert an image from another source ❧ Insert an image from file ❧ Use the screen clipping tool - or “Snipping Tool” Images

10 ❧ Click on an object and choose a tag from the home menu ❧ Do the same for objects in 2 other pages ❧ Click on Find Tags ❧ Each tag on list is hyperlinked to original location ❧ Select Create Summary Page to list all tagged items on a new page ❧ Can create new tags by clicking on “Customize My Tags” ❧ Students can tag and search for homework Tagging Items to find them later

11 ❧ Can save and share page, section or whole notebook ❧ Exported and then sent as an attachment in email, shared on flashdrive, turned into LMS as pdf ❧ Can be shared and edited by others, changes show up when saved ❧ Onenote Online - “nearly real time” syncing Sharing with others

12 ❧ Cam Scanner ❧ Skitch ❧ Google - WeVideo, Drawings, Lucidchart ❧ Snipping Tool “Apps” we use with OneNote

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