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2 Introduction  Dropbox is a fantastic way to make sure you always have your important files with you no matter where you are. You can install it on your computer (whether it be PC or Mac), along with your tablet and smartphone. Plus you can access it online.  So what does it do? Dropbox allows you to store any files, photos, music etc. on it just as you would do in a normal folder on your computer. The difference is when you have Dropbox installed on each device, it will “sync” your files so that they appear on each device. Even better yet, if you are somewhere without your devices but have access to a computer with internet, you can login online and view all you files you saved on Dropbox from their website. How’s that for convenience?  But there’s more. Any files or folders you place on Dropbox have the ability to be shared with others by giving them a web link to the file/folder. What’s more is that if they have Dropbox you can give them access to that file or folder, and any changes they make will then be updated for you as well-on all your devices.

3 Step 1: Installing Dropbox  Navigate to and click the “SIGNUP”  Next, fill out the signup form. After that follow the install instructions that will appear on your screen. (These instructions will look different if you are installing from a Mac)

4 Step 2: Finding Dropbox  Now that Dropbox is installed we should probably find out how to… find it.  To get to Dropbox on Windows, open File Explorer and click the Dropbox Link on the left hand sidebar. (Same goes for Mac, but you will be opening Finder instead)

5 Step 3: Adding Files to Dropbox  To add a file or folder just drag and drop it into the Dropbox folder like you would any other folder. Alternatively, you can right click on what you want to copy and select “copy” from the menu, then head to the Dropbox folder and right click in it, choose “paste”.  That’s really all there is to add a file/folder to your Dropbox. Now if you have other computers, visit the Dropbox website, and use the download link in the top right corner. Once it is installed it will ask you to sign in and-voila-you can access all the files and folders on that computer too. Repeat the process for each PC/Mac, and you can also download a Dropbox app for iPhone/iPod/iPad and all Google Android, Windows Phone, & Blackberry devices using their respective “App Stores”.

6 Step 4: Sharing Files  There are two methods for sharing files/folders on Dropbox.  Option 1. Share a link with anyone:  Right Click on the item in your Dropbox folder that you want to share.  Choose “Share Dropbox Link”  You will then be given a link to share with others so that they can view it.  Option 2. Share the item with others who have Dropbox.  Right Click on the item you want to share with other people that have Dropbox. This time select “Share this Folder”. Dropbox will then ask you to enter the email addresses of the one(s) who have Dropbox that you are sharing with. When you share a file/folder using this method, keep in mind that that person can make changes to the items, delete items, and add items to that folder-and the changes will be replicated on your devices as well.

7 Step..oh wait.. We’re done.  Congrats.  You should now know how to:  Create a Dropbox account  Download Dropbox on your devices  Add files or folders to your Dropbox folder  Share a file or folder with someone via a link  Share a file or folder with someone else who has Dropbox and let them make changes to that file/folder. Jaiden Leach THANKS! || PCNA 2013

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