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USING APPEON 2.7 TO GET TO THE WEB FAST! June 2004 Don Clayton / Bryan Roberts Intertech Consulting, Inc.

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1 USING APPEON 2.7 TO GET TO THE WEB FAST! June 2004 Don Clayton / Bryan Roberts Intertech Consulting, Inc.

2 Business Drivers/Pains & Need for Web Incomparable Rich-Client GUI Web app development Fastest creation of Web apps with RAD/4GL PowerBuilder Minimize the cost and dependence on continual user PC hardware upgrades and user PC software upgrades and purchases Speed up the enhancement and maintenance process through server apps Remove the requirement for continual desktop deployment/enhance apps Remove the requirement for deploying the large Fat Client Virtual Machine or PBVM for the first deployment and for every version upgrade (7, 8, 9, 10…) Remove the need for Screen-scraping Emulation Servers (Citrix, Win TS, etc.) Reduce the network bandwidth resources required for applications Support Web Standards dictated by architecture groups in the Marketplace, Corporation, Division, or Department Support external users for Web applications - Employees on the road, Remote internal employees, Partners, Customers Enterprise Portal natural step for business content with dozens/hundreds of windows

3 Traditional PB-to-the-Web Options 1.Complete Rewrite in Java/J2EE, HTML and JavaScript –Complete rewrite of everything taking years and costing a lot of money 2.Complete Rewrite in.NET, HTML, and JavaScript –Complete rewrite of everything taking years and costing a lot of money 3.PowerBuilder and EAServer in Java/J2EE, HTML and JavaScript –Reuse all DataWindows (up to 60% of avg. app) and all Business Logic NVOs (0-15% of avg. app) –Rewrite user interface and navigation with JSPs and JavaScript taking months and suggest Partner/SPS Framework/Help on first project

4 Appeon ® for PowerBuilder ® Applications – Deploy existing PB applications to the Web Developers – Using only PB skills, build NEW Web applications immediately with unparalleled productivity Users – Same rich-client GUI but running in standard IE browser Moving PB Enterprises to the Web FAST!

5 PB/Appeon Productivity For New Development PB 4GL RAD w/ Appeon beats J2EE &.NET hands down! J2EE &.NET… Development takes longer and is more complex Debugging takes longer and is more complex Maintenance takes longer and more complex Implies more time, more cost, and more risk!

6 Single PB Project with 3 Deployment Options Develop, deploy, and maintain all in PowerBuilder IDE using only PowerBuilder skills No other development platform in the world, including.NET and J2EE, will allow you to build business applications that are device and technology agnostic except for PowerBuilder. PowerBuilder Project PB Appeon PocketPB Client/ Server Web Mobile

7 Flexible & Open J2EE/.NET Integration XML/SOAP Appeon Server Web Services on Intranet or Internet Java & EJB GetFullState SetChanges External Function DLL MQSeries, TIBCO, Tuxedo, JMS, And Messaging World C/C++ DLL Component/PBNI PowerBuilder NVOs

8 Appeon ® N-Tier Architecture Develop, deploy, and maintain all in PowerBuilder IDE using only PowerBuilder skills Appeon for PowerBuilder can generate an n-tier Web application that is an exact replica of the 4GL client/server application, but with HTML user interface… automatically Standard Browser DB PB Application Database DB Client Application Database PB Non-Visual Objects HTML Java Script PB IDE DataWindows/SQL Application Server

9 Future-proof your Sybase PowerBuilder investment with Appeon… Architecture - Powered by an infrastructure that uses only industry standards and integrates with leading platforms, including.NET/J2EE & Web Services Project - Deploy one project to all platforms/devices instead of having the expense and risk of 3 projects Developers - Unbeatable PowerBuilder Productivity for Web, Mobile, and Client/Server development Users - Incomparable Rich Client GUI that promotes end user productivity Why end up like the Visual Basic community or the Java Swing community? Future-Proofing Your Investments

10 Success Around the World USA – AON, Starz Encore, and State of Tennessee. Several pilots in progress including a leading national bank, a state government, and a publishing company. Canada – Alberta Insurance Council Japan – Nichimen Computer Systems. 5 pilots underway. –Appeon 2.7 JA GAed 3/30 and already this much activity. –Appeon seminar in Japan attracted 50% new developers who never used PowerBuilder but looking for a good Web RAD solution. Singapore – Ministry of Finance and PowerGrid South Korea – Pilot with Korean university to convert large and complex 80+MB application. Hong Kong – Kerry Logistics Mainland China – Sheng-Li Oil Software Center (24 subsidiaries) and Jing Wei Pharmaceuticals (11 subsidiaries)

11 Demos on Appeon Demo – Appeon Code Examples

12 Appeon Benefits For Businesses: –Leverages Hundreds of Man-years of Investments for Web Applications & Enterprise Portals –Extends Applications to remote End Users for 24x7 productivity over the Internet –Improve cash flow and transaction throughput by moving apps to remote employees, partners and customers –Improved Customer Satisfaction For End Users: –Increase User Productivity (Practically identical GUI in Web as in Client/Server) –No Re-Training Expenses –No User Frustration with Appeon whereas legacy web applications promote weak HTML user interface For Developers: –Focus on Business Issues not N-Tier, Architectural, and Technology problems – this is why PB C/S popular –Fastest Way to move much PB code to the Web and with 5-20 times less code –Increases Productivity Tremendously & Experience with 4GL/RAD IDE – many times faster J2EE &.NET –Standard for all new web application development for many customers –Low Risk With Time-Tested Code, GUI, & Business Logic –Leverage existing investment and maturity of Client-Server apps for Web Applications & Enterprise Portals

13 3 Easy Steps to the Web for Existing Apps Step 1 – Analyze Appeon scans the entire PowerBuilder application, flagging any Web browser or Appeon unsupported incompatibilities found Step 3 – Click Deploy Click Appeon Wizard Choose Deployment Profile and Mode Auto-Create HTML, XML, and JavaScript Step 2 – Modify & Test Rewrite or remove any unsupported PB features or code using standard PB programming Test in PB IDE

14 Step 1 – Develop Quickly create new PowerBuilder Client/Server Windows and DataWindows using Appeon supported features Step 3 – Click Deploy Click Appeon Wizard Choose Deployment Profile and Mode Auto-Create Auto- Create HTML, XML, and JavaScript Step 2 – Test Test PowerBuilder application in the PowerBuilder IDE 3 Easy Steps for New Web Development

15 Appeon Components

16 Demo Appeon Developer All Toolbar Icons Make Changes to PowerBuilder Window & Business Logic and Redeploy Deploy Web Application Demo Appeon Enterprise Manager (AEM) Appeon ® for PowerBuilder ® - RAD/4GL GUI Web Rich-Client GUI in Thin-Client Browser with Fastest 4GL/RAD Dev IDE

17 Appeon Enterprise Manager (AEM) AEM is a Web-based application that manages deployed Appeon Web applications and the Appeon Server over the Internet, Intranet or Extranet.

18 Appeon Server Security Firewall Security –HTTP over Port 80 so Appeon can take advantage of Firewalls and does not propose a security threat Authentication Security –LDAP Authentication Security – Applications, Groups, and Users –Appeon Authentication Security – Applications, Groups, and Users SSL (HTTPS) Encryption Security

19 Appeon Server Security Built-in PowerBuilder Application Security Application Timeout Security Direct URLs Security Business Logic Encryption Feature Security –Protects customers intellectual property and hacking Digital Certificates Security

20 Appeon for PowerBuilder Intended for migrating existing PowerBuilder applications to the Web. Priced significantly higher than Appeon Web RAD Platform. Has a lengthy sales cycle, which is typical of a high-end Web migration solution. Appeon Web RAD Platform Can only be used to build new Web applications with PowerBuilder. Priced significantly lower than Appeon for PowerBuilder. Has a shorter sales cycle that is typical of a Web development tool. Product Comparison

21 What Makes this the Best Web Tool for PB Enterprises?

22 The Ultimate Web RAD Solution for PB Enterprises! Appeon ® transforms the 4GL Client/Server IDE, PowerBuilder (PB), into the ultimate 4GL Web IDE. Build Rich Internet Applications Leverage Existing PB Skills Enjoy 4GL PowerBuilder Productivity Seamlessly extend to mobile Future-proof your investments

23 Leverage Existing PowerBuilder Skills Click n Deploy PowerBuilder Web PB developers can immediately begin building new Web applications using ONLY PowerBuilder skills and IDE.

24 Build Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Appeon Web applications offer a rich 4GL-style user interface that is ahead of JSP and ASP.NET. Web Click n Deploy PowerBuilder

25 Enjoy PowerBuilder 4GL Productivity Lines of Code Which project has the least time, cost and risk? Sun Pet Store Microsoft Pet Shop Appeon Pet World

26 Seamlessly Extend to Mobile Develop, deploy, and maintain all in PowerBuilder IDE using only PowerBuilder skills PowerBuilder Project PBAppeonPocketPB Client/ Server Web Mobile

27 Appeon Enables The Next Step – Portal

28 Appeon 2.7 Application Targets All New Client/Server PowerBuilder applications All New Web-based applications to distribute worldwide Existing PowerBuilder Applications With These Requirements –Frameworks: PFC and other frameworks that comply with Appeon features are O.K. Large and complex non-PFC frameworks need to be evaluated. PowerTool is not supported. –Size: 50 MB total application PBL size or less or break up app based on documented whitepaper guidelines. Includes framework but does not include n-tier NVOs. –Database: Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.x, Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 7.x or 8.x, Oracle 8i or 9i, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, or IBM DB2 8.1 (limitations on Stored Procedures) using JDBC Converts the majority of applications

29 Unsupported Features In Web/Appeon External Applications to the PowerBuilder Application (e.g. DLLs, OCX/OLE and other external objects) File Functions (Browser sandbox security limits this support) RichTextEdit control and RichEdit DataWindow Drag n Drop Hot Keys, Shortcut Keys, Accelerator Keys Dynamic creation of objects or controls that are not DataStore, DynamicStagingArea, Menu, Transaction or Non-visual UserObjects. For example, DataWindow cannot be dynamically created during runtime. Accessing local hardware on the local machine, such as parallel/serial ports

30 Appeon 2.7 New Features Decrease Deployment Time 5-10 times –On par with PowerBuilder –12MB non-PFC in 10-20 minutes for full deployment –Incremental deployment in 45-90 seconds Increase Runtime Performance 4-6 times –Typical windows (5 DW or less) open in under 5 seconds –90-100% of Windows are typical depending on application complexity –PFC performance is 2X slower than non-PFC DataWindow 90% Result Set Compression for Fast Internet Performance Convert and Run Larger & More Complex Applications FASTER!

31 PFC with 85% of Features Supported N-Tier Server-side Integration (PowerBuilder NVO) –Rework unsupported features non-visual in nature –Connectivity to Java/EJB, PB NVO, C/C++ DLL, COM/ActiveX Components on Application Servers –Connectivity to Web Services –Connectivity to Messaging Queues (MQSeries, JMS, etc.) INI/TXT file support & Registry support Dynamic SQL Format 3 Enterprise Portal Support And More… Appeon 2.7 New Features (continued) Convert and Run Larger & More Complex Applications FASTER!

32 Appeon 2.7 New Features – Robust PFC Support Appeon Compliant Framework (ACF) supports roughly 85% of all PFC features and services including the most-used PFC features to begin development Phase I PFC Support for Development is in Appeon 2.7 Phase II PFC Support with Development & Production performance enhancements is in Appeon 2.8

33 Appeon Resources Product Website – Demos – Newsgroup – > sybase.public.appeon CodeXchange – Documentation –

34 Thank You April 2004 Intertech Consulting, Inc. Contact:

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