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DEV392: Extending SharePoint Products And Technologies Through Web Parts And ASP.NET Clint Covington, Program Manager Data And Developer Services - Office.

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1 DEV392: Extending SharePoint Products And Technologies Through Web Parts And ASP.NET Clint Covington, Program Manager Data And Developer Services - Office Microsoft Corporation

2 SharePoint Investments Smart Connected Workspaces Consistent rich experience – users, developers, and IT Smart connections – people, teams, topics, divisions, etc. Flexible deployment – bottoms-up, centralized, hybrid on large scale farms Individual Enterprise Division Team

3 SharePoint Investments Team Collaboration Solution well beyond file server Scalable Workspace Platform SharePoint Services Collaboration Collaboration Document Collaboration Document Collaboration Flexible Lists Flexible Lists Web Part Pages Web Part Pages Personalization Personalization Life Cycle Management Life Cycle Management Scale-Up/Out Foundation Scale-Up/Out Foundation Enterprise Portal Solution built on top of Windows SharePoint Services Hub and Aggregator for SharePoint personal, team and portal sites SharePoint Portal Server News and Links News and Links Site Directory and Connections Site Directory and Connections Personal Sites Personal Sites Audience Targeting Audience Targeting Index, Search and Alerts Index, Search and Alerts Single Sign-On Single Sign-On BizTalk Integration BizTalk Integration ASP.NET

4 A Developer’s Perspective… Windows SharePoint Services is great out of the box No code required for immediate value Windows SharePoint Services will ship after Windows Server 2003 using Windows Update Rich extensibility for custom solutions Managed server object model Remote access through Web Services Web Part infrastructure for extending UI Leverages ASP.NET platform advancements in the future

5 Web Part Infrastructure Personalize your page in the browser to simplify and focus on the information most relevant to you Page and site authors build custom solutions using Web Parts in Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 Microsoft Visual Studio.NET developers extend SharePoint Products and Technologies by encapsulating web services and enterprise data in ASP.NET server controls

6 Extending UI With Web Parts Building blocks for modular web pages Provides connection to information + apps Built by developers ASP.NET Server Controls Added to pages by site owners Easy configuration Personalized by end users Rich and custom client experience

7 Web PartsAnnouncementsMembers Events Contacts Links

8 Web Parts And Developers ASP.NET Server Control based Web Part is a ASP.NET server control Full power of Visual Studio as a premier development environment Project templates on MSDN Intelli-sense, debugging, source control, etc. Deployed as an assembly Reusable across thousands of pages and sites Admins control which Web Parts are available End users decide where Web Parts are used

9 Building The ‘Hello World’ Web Part

10 Web Parts Leverage The.NET Framework 100% managed code Multiple language support (C#, VB.NET, etc.) Web Services Code Access Security ASP.NET server controls

11 Control Composition Web Parts can be easily built using other ASP.NET Controls Re-use functionality and services No need to write everything from scratch Example: “Orders Report” Web Part could use a DataGrid that encapsulated generating Html UI and data binding to and XML Web Service

12 Building An Orders Report Web Part

13 Web Part Infrastructure Portable Web Part Instances Galleries enable centralized instance deployment Share Web Part instances through DWPs End user personalization Extensible UI for layout and properties through tool parts and menus Shared and Personal properties stored as binary XML

14 Connecting Parts Together Parts sharing data through events Imagine audio signals Consumer and provider of data Client and server interfaces IList IRow ICell IFilter IParams Transformers

15 Extending The Web Part Infrastructure

16 Deployment And Security Administrator has to install the assembly Only registered web custom controls will run in SharePoint pages Inline server script in the page will not execute Code behind in pages can be made to work Utilize all the goodness of ASP.NET Code Access Security (CAS)

17 Other Framework Features Run-time filter interface enables the ability hide Web Parts based on user context Methods for caching rendered output ASP.NET web server memory caching Database caching Web.Config setting for caching mode

18 Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Built on Windows SharePoint Services The same programming model Connects users, teams and knowledge across business processes Search and topics Alerts User profiling Built-in enterprise Web Parts Single Sign-On Support

19 Summary SharePoint Products and Technologies is built for extensible.NET development Lots of opportunity for rich customization through Web Parts Using the.Net platform allows us to leverage rich features Scales out and up for large server farms SDK, white papers and code samples available at:

20 Community Resources Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Newsgroups Converse online with Microsoft Newsgroups, including Worldwide User Groups Meet and learn with your peers

21 evaluations evaluations

22 © 2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

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