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Heroix Longitude - multiplatform, automated application performance monitoring and management software.

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1 Heroix Longitude - multiplatform, automated application performance monitoring and management software

2 History Expands Scope of Management Software 1990s Native Unix/NT products Expanded to Application Mgmt. Develops Systems Management Software First automated software for OpenVMS 1980s Unifies Software for Multi-platform Management Mgmt software for distributed applications/systems 2000- 2004 Streamlines Monitoring & Reporting 2005 Agentless multi-platform performance monitoring

3 Partial Customer List

4 What is Longitude? Heroix Longitude is a comprehensive software solution that delivers agentless system and application monitoring solutions for multi-platform environments Built-in Application and OS Solutions Improves IT productivity through automation Customizable views Service level and performance reports

5 Longitude Server Longitude Overview 100% Web browser console & secure Agentless monitoring for multiple OSs and applications Automated Notification Pre-packaged monitoring solutions Historical trend, performance and availability reports Customizable views Self maintained, self updating 1 Day deployment Web Browser Internet/ Intranet WMI SSH, Telnet, rexec HTTPS UNIX Linux

6 Latest Technologies and Standards Supported 100% Web-enabled using HTTPS for security, Tomcat for Web UI 100% Java based for portability and speed Based on latest standards (TCP/IP, XML, SQL, HTML, JDBC, etc) Firewall friendly deployment (open a single TCP port for SS communication) Automatic notification (event monitor/email) Native data collection mechanism (WMI/SSH/Telnet/Rexec/JMX/HTTP/JDBC)

7 Longitude Monitoring Solutions Web ServersDatabaseMessaging Longitude Server OSJ2EE

8 Product Architecture Longitude Server SAP Statistics Server SAP Consolidator Engine JDBC Upgrade Manager WMI SSH/Telnet/ rexec Network UI Web Users Longitude Server Heroix Internet XML over TCP/IP JDBC/JMX

9 Longitude Server Customer A Statistics Server VPN Service Provider Architecture Customer A Customer B Customer B Statistics Server Web Browser Customers A+B Service Provider Reports E-mailed to customer RSA SSL SSH, Telnet, rexec WMI, SSH, Telnet, Rexec Internet

10 Security: SS to Longitude Serv. RSA Authentication You can configure Heroix Longitude to use RSA Authentication to ensure that remote statistics servers will only allow connections from trusted clients (Longitude Server) Uses Longitude Site Certificates Configured during SS installation or after SSL Encryption Communication between SS and Longitude Server can be encrypted using the built-in SSL feature. Private keys are generated during installation

11 Longitude Security Benefits Remote SS can securely communicate with Longitude Server via Internet Prevents hacks/unsecured access to infrastructure data No VPN or dedicated T1 needed Reduces cost Reduces network complexity Reduces failure points Easier/Faster deployment

12 Complete Solution Ready to Deploy 401 Reasons to Offer Longitude Services: 250+ Operational Metrics monitored Out of the Box 125+ Performance Reports & Graphs Out of the Box (with pinpoint drilldown capabilities) 15 minutes to deploy 6 platforms monitored (Red Hat/SuSE/HP-UX/AIX/Solaris/Windows) 5 application categories (OS/Web/Database/J2EE/Messaging) 0 agents required Equals Instant Revenue for Service Providers


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