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Standard Grade PE Skills and Techniques.

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1 Standard Grade PE Skills and Techniques

2 Learning Outcomes Today we will learn: What is a skill
What is a technique How to describe the difference between a simple and a complex skill How simple and complex skills can aid performance The stages of learning skills

3 Skills & Techniques Passing Shooting A skill is a movement
With a purpose Dribbling Catching Skills & Techniques A technique is a way Of performing a skill Chest pass Layup Skill: Shooting Skill: Passing Bounce pass Jump shot

4 Show me…… An activity A skill from that activity
2 techniques for performing that skill

5 Simple skills Simple skills can be defined as:
Having fewer sub routines (parts of the skill) Not physically demanding Little co-ordination needed Simple order of movements


7 Complex Skills e.g. Lay-up in Basketball Physically Demanding
Many Sub-routines Physically Demanding Co-ordination is vital Many judgements to be made Many movements at the same time e.g. Lay-up in Basketball

8 Complex Skills High jump Butterfly stroke Basketball lay-up Volley
Goal Keeper save

9 Show me…… 3 simple skills – 2 reasons why they are simple
3 complex skills – 2 reasons why they are complex

10 Simple Skills, how can they help your performance??
Example: Activity: Badminton Simple skill: Short Serve I was able to serve the shuttle just over the net so that my opponent had to lift the shuttle up and I was able to smash easily to win the point.

11 Complex Skills, how can they help performance?
Example: Activity: Volleyball Skill: Spike How did this help performance? When my team mate set the ball up for me I was able to time my run up and spike the ball powerfully into my opponents court, making it very difficult for them to return.

12 To develop complex skills, we must make practices progressively harder....
Example: Overhead Clear Initial practice: I stood at the back of the court whilst my partner hand fed 20 high feeds above my head for me to step in and clear. More demanding practice: I started at base and my partner high served (20 feeds) to the back of the court. I had to side step quickly to perform the clear and return to base after every shot.

13 Stages of Learning Cognitive stage – beginner
Practice Stage – Intermediate Automatic stage – Expert!

14 Automatic Performers When a skill can be performed with little or no conscious thought and at a high level of speed, control and accuracy it is said to be automatic to the performer. A performer may use a pressure practice at the automatic stage of learning who can cope with the game like pressure and demands of the situation.

15 Advantages of being able to perform automatically
You can perform skills effectively/successfully without having to think about it You can perform skills accurately without hesitation You can think about other things as you perform the skill Skill level remains high/consistent under pressure Can respond quickly/appropriately to position of goals/opponents/team mates/ball You can identify and correct my own errors

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