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US Residency-Interview and Travel Faraz Khan Luni USMLE Step 1 99 (266) USMLE Step 2 99 (263) USMLE Step 3 99 (234) University of Toledo, IM.

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1 US Residency-Interview and Travel Faraz Khan Luni USMLE Step (266) USMLE Step (263) USMLE Step (234) University of Toledo, IM

2 CV Highlights Strengths Triple 99 in USMLE 4 Publications
1 Month US Observership

3 CV Highlights Weaknesses Triple 99 in USMLE No US elective
-Observership is NOT the same as elective Limited budget

4 Application Overview Applied in 46 program
- 18 Universities & Cleveland Clinic - 25 University Affiliated community program - 2 Community programs

5 Calls University of Toledo UAB, Montgomery Union Memorial, Baltimore
St Francis, Chicago Sisters of Charity, Buffalo Florida Hospital, Orlando Queens Hospital Center, NYC

6 Interview Scheduling Area Wise Options Match vs Prematch
Mode of travel


8 Reminders Call Email Meet them personally Contacts
- Elective and observership contacts

9 Pre Interview Dinner Formal-ish Backup Tie You are being watched!

10 Pre Interview Dinner Dining Manners Get feel of program
- Program philosophy - Key words - Resident satisfaction

11 Interview Preparation
Research Website Your CV Interviewers -Background -Pronunciation Current residents

12 Interview Preparation
Know yourself Mock Interview Practice Visit the hospital


14 Interview Day Suit Up Be on time Smile Team player
Don’t let your guard down

15 Interview Day Breakfast Morning report Program overview
-Program Director -Power point or Video

16 Interview Day Interviews -Multiple -Or a Panel Interview -Time Tour
Meeting residents Noon Conference Lunch

17 Tips for Answering Smile Relax Manners Eye contact

18 Tips for Answering Passion Honesty Enthusiasm Confidence
-Arrogance is NOT confidence

19 Tips for Answering Be yourself Choose your words wisely Enjoy

20 Tips for Answering Useful terms Team Work Life long learning
Evidence based medicine

21 Interview Questions Most Common Tell me some thing about your self
-Yourself does not mean family Why did you apply to this program How did you get to know about us

22 Interview Questions Most Common
Where do you see yourself after 5 or 10 years Fellowships Strengths and weaknesses Anything you want to ask us

23 Questions Don’t ask what is on the program website Know who to ask
Usual questions New questions

24 Interview Questions Scenarios Managing conflict Patient case scenario
- Tri State Question (PA,NJ,NY)


26 After Interview Evaluate yourself Improve yourself
Don’t be too tough on yourself

27 Thank you E mail Vs Mail -Drafts -Proper English Timings Cards

28 Thank you Personalized Know who you are mailing Basic Matter
- Thank you for inviting - Love for program - Mutual Ranking

29 Normal Letter Dear Dr XYZ,
Thank you for inviting me to UTMC. I loved your program. I will rank you the highest on my list of programs and hope you rank me highly too.

30 Alternate wordings Instead of
I will rank you the highest on my list of programs USE I would love to be a part of the team

31 Hope you rank me highly too
Alternate wordings Instead of Hope you rank me highly too USE I hope you consider me

32 Rank Order List Don’t leave till last moment
Around 3rd week of Febuary

33 Rank Order List Your choice Current residents and their satisfaction
Hospital atmosphere University vs Community

34 Rank Order List H1 vs J1 Family Fellowships Location Pay, facilities

35 My ROL University of Toledo Florida Hospital, Orlando
Sisters of Charity, Buffalo Union Memorial, Baltimore UAB, Montgomery St Francis, Chicago Queens Hospital Center, NYC

36 Going to US Choosing Flight Budget -Online vs Agent Weight Validity
Free change of date Comfort

37 Things to do Bank Account Why Which one Options -Checking -Over draft
Debit card

38 Things to do Mobile Connection Unlimited Deals~ $50 T Mobile Cricket
My Simple Mobile E Bay

39 US Travel Air Road Train


41 Things to do Grey Hound Discovery Pass 7 day $ 239.00 15day $ 339.00

42 Other Buses Megabus Boltbus

43 Air Travel Can be cheaper than bus Advance booking
Keep luggage to a minimum -Southwest airlines -Jet Blue

44 Rail Limited routes Amtrack - -Very expensive -Backup

45 Travel within cities More expensive then intercity travel Useful Sites
- -

46 Weather Be prepared Shop Smartly

47 Accommodation APPNA home Seniors - Networking (DMC Alumni)
- Don’t overstay -Never tried it

48 Useful Stuff NADRA english card - Halal Food - Mosques

49 Enjoy Your Trip




53 PREMATCH Pediatrics Hurley Medical Center, Flint, Michigan
US RESIDENCY INTERVIEWS ISRA’A KHAN USMLE STEP (217) USMLE STEP 2 CK 91 (221) PREMATCH Pediatrics Hurley Medical Center, Flint, Michigan

54 CV Highlights Strengths 2 Externships 1 Observership Waived LORs

55 CV Highlights Weaknesses Scores No US elective Not appeared for step 3
No research/publications

56 Application Overview Applied to 78 programs 41 Pediatrics
37 Internal Medicine (different programs for pediatrics and IM) Break-Up 29 University Programs 43 Community affiliated University Programs 6 Community Programs

57 Personal Statement Write it yourself !!! Your life’s story Needs time
Multiple drafts Multiple reviews Avoid cliché Different PS for different subspecialty

58 Pediatrics Love children Can deal with parents
Compassionate and caring Treating children AND the family! Interpersonal skills Communication skills Listening skills

59 Pediatrics (contd.) Children’s Hospitals vs Non-children’s hospital
General Pediatrics vs Fellowships

60 Interview Calls Pediatrics: Hurley Medical Center, MI
Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital at St. Louis University, MO MetroHealth Medical Center, Cleveland, OH Mount Sinai, Elmhurst, NY Internal Medicine: SUNY, Syracuse, NY Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, NJ

61 Interview Preparation Sources
Website Seniors Current residents, fellows Other people who have interviewed there Know your application well

62 Interview preparation How
Know yourself 5 traits you WANT a program to know about yourself Mock interviews Read frequently asked questions Frame answers; write them down Practice makes perfect

63 Before the Interview Be in the city at least 2 days earlier
Read over application, publications, PS Go over program website Arrange for transport Good night’s sleep Relax

64 A typical interview day
Breakfast with morning report Welcome by Program Director Interviews (vary in number) Tour of the hospital Lunch with residents University programs invite to a pre interview dinner (do not miss!)

65 Pre interview dinner: Punctuality Table manners! Appropriate questions
Be on guard, this is an interview too Choose wisely what you order

66 The Interview Day Your chance to sell yourself ! Dress well
Girls: Don’t leave your hair loose Weather forecast Punctuality

67 The Interview Day (contd.)
Names and pronunciation Smile Confidence Posture Eye contact

68 The Interview Day (contd.)
Enthusiasm (even if this is your last interview) Manners (even with administration and house staff!) Direct questions to the right people Relax  Most of the time you can’t gauge what they think about you!

69 Questions you will be asked
1. Tell us about yourself? 2. Strengths/Weaknesses? 3. Why a subspecialty? 4. Why this program? 5. Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years? 6. Something from your PS and CAF

70 Questions you should ask
VERY important Ask the right person! Ask what is not on the website or what has not been told Frame the question correctly Examples: *What is your idea of an ideal resident? *What are the challenges I may face as a resident here (rather than weakness of program)

71 Prematch Offered by smaller programs
May lose out chance of fellowships Some University programs offer Time offered for response Attend all interviews (preferably) Earlier visa processing

72 Prematch (contd.) Know your priorities Know the program
Withdrawal from NRMP Cannot submit an ROL IT IS YOUR CALL IN THE END!

73 Interview season Networking Lodging Travel Warm and wise clothing
Debit card

74 Perks of my Interview season
Relatives Very helpful seniors

75 Thank you !

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