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Internal Medicine Resident

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1 Internal Medicine Resident
Observership USA Faraz Khan Luni M.D University of Toledo Internal Medicine Resident USMLE Step (266) USMLE Step (263) USMLE Step (234)

2 Observership Attachment Tag along

3 Observership Cannot touch patient!

4 Externships Same as electives CAN touch patients After graduation
Only by contacts

5 Observership VS Electives
PROs Some thing on CV Idea about system Contacts Interview call

6 Observership VS Electives
CONs Observership NOT clinical experience Restricted LOR No official system

7 Getting An Observership
Contacts Parasite Official System

8 Getting An Observership
Contacts Family Family Friends Start Now!

9 Getting An Observership
Parasite Dump your self respect

10 Getting An Observership
Parasite Target Organizations (APPNA, DOGANA, Alumni) Target programs

11 Getting An Observership
Parasite E mail Preferably after getting your passport Get Address from program website

12 Getting An Observership
Parasite E mail Preferably after getting your passport Get Address from program website


14 Getting An Observership
Parasite Professional e mail address (Not appropriate!) Personalized e mail

15 Getting An Observership
Parasite Address by name Your interest in specialty

16 Getting An Observership
Parasite Meet personally - Most effective Persistence Luck!

17 Getting An Observership
Official System Very few programs Some expensive

18 Getting An Observership
Free Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, MD Queen’s Hospital, Jamaica. NYC, NY

19 Getting An Observership
Free Louisiana State University, New Orleans. Louisiana Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland. Ohio. - Need to be an MD

20 Getting An Observership
Charged Wayne State University, Detroit, MI ~ $1500 University of Oklahoma ~ $900 for 3 months

21 Getting An Observership
Charged Mount Sinai, Miami. Florida. - ~$700 University of Miami. Miami, FL Northwestern Medical Hospital. Chicago., Illinois

22 Getting An Observership
Websites/Hearsay University of Toledo, Toledo. Ohio Griffin Hospital. Derby. CT - Must be ECFMG certified

23 Thank you!

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