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Planning for a multi ability running session A working brief Peg Wiseman 2011.

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1 Planning for a multi ability running session A working brief Peg Wiseman 2011

2 Who are we planning for? Known group Number in group Range of paces Range of abilities How far we can go How long this will take Unknown group Anyone could turn up Need to be able to adapt quickly to the group need paw 20112

3 What is a session? It has a fitness aim continuous running hill session pace judgement speed endurance (repetitions) It may have a technical aim Running tall Downhill technique Arm drive for faster running paw 20113

4 A session also has several parts Warm up to prepare the runners for the main session including dynamic mobility exercises Drills to teach, develop or reinforce a technical element Main fitness component Cool down to restore the body and mind to a resting state and including static stretching to restore muscle length Each part may test the individuals differently, someone good at mobility and co-ordination may not be the quickest runner. paw 20114

5 Delivery of a Multi-ability unit Each unit of the session will have challenges for each runner. paw 20115

6 Warm up Know your session goals: Fitness and technical Decide what activities will prepare your runners for each goal How might each activity be made more simple or more demanding to suit each group member? Progress the effort and range of movements in keeping with your session goals Be ready to move straight into your technical unit or main session unit when warmed up. paw 20116

7 Technical goal If you have a technical goal for example running tall consider how you may have already started to address this in the warm up. What drills or movements could you now introduce? Is this something that every runner may need reminding about? How could you make this more or less challenging for each runner as needed? paw 20117

8 Fitness unit What type of session do most runners find: easier to do on their own? easier to do with a group? Where might your emphasis be best placed? paw 20118

9 Fitting the runner- right challenge Session Running for time Running a set number of paces Running for distance Using hills Using repetitions Pairs work and relays Challenge Every runner does the distance that they are able All runners do the same, some just go further Variable distances/loops Fixed point based on a set time Faster runners go further or do more reps Matched pairs or one fast one slower paw 20119

10 Cool down and stretching Returning to base How could you alter the challenge for different abilities? What are the key elements for everyone? When you arrive at base how is the rest of the cool down and session end managed? How can you get feedback on the session? paw 201110

11 Where can you get more help with planning the components of a session? Athletics 365 for comprehensive stage by stage progressions and lots of templates and ideas for activities and drills U Coach for videos and correct information on all aspects of athletics (see the 10k to Marathon seminars and resources from recent workshops) Your Athletics Network for advice on coach education opportunities Other coaches to observe and share ideas paw 201111

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