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Stephen Hilton T: 01942 – 528300 e:

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1 Stephen Hilton T: 01942 – 528300 e:

2 Radlock Although current footpath plates comply with regulations, there is potential for : Hazard to both workers and members of the public if they become dislodged Removal by vandals Cost of replacing foot plates if they are stolen Securing the boards with nails or screws could end up with expensive cutback or damage to other utilities

3 Radlock Systems Limited Almost 33,000 people get hurt each year walking on the British roads with Falls on Public Footpaths which is happening due an increase in the number of speeding cars which just hit the pedestrians. Pedestrian accidents can only be avoided It goes without saying that most of the pedestrian accidents taking place all over the world are caused because of negligence The injuries caused by faulty footpaths could range from minor bruises to near fatal ones where a person may possibly even lose their life after falling in a deep, open manhole. Injuries caused due to the pavement fall:- Foot injuries Ankle injuries Knee Injuries Back and Neck injuries

4 Radlock Systems Limited FROM THIS............




8 Radlock Systems Limited TO THIS.......

9 Radlock Advantages of Radlock: Robust construction from steel and high grade plastic make it durable and hard wearing Quick & Easy to use - simple lock and key mechanism using a standard T bar carried by the majority of utility contractors Can be used in any ground type.

10 Radlock Advantages of Radlock: Secure - Once in place it cannot be removed without the key Versatile design for use in excavations of 200mm - 850mm (bespoke designs available) Existing boards can easily be adapted to suit the Radlock Detaches from board to allow easy stacking when not in use.




14 Radlock Whats next… The Radlock has been trialled extensively on 12 National Grid sites in the North West Feedback:- due to the exceptional feedback from site operatives National Grid have granted the Radlock acceptance for use Now available to buy from Radlock Systems Limited T: 01942 - 528300

15 Radlock This hands on approach is always likely to result in a practical solution as the product will be suitable for use in the real environment encountered on our street works sites.

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