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University of North Texas Automotive Services Department.

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1 University of North Texas Automotive Services Department

2 Types of Utility Carts Golf CartsGatorsToros Vango Utility VansVango Utility Trucks

3 DANGER According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, there are approximately 15,000 golf cart related injuries in the US each year. Occupant ejections and roll overs are the most common accidents.

4 Why are carts different from cars? Utility Carts have a lower center of gravity Utility carts are silent. Cars have the right of way Some carts are not equipped with break lights, turn signals, horns, or seat belts. In a collision- the cart always loses! Video can be found at: when-an-electric-car-crashes-video/ CLICK TO PLAY

5 Utility Cart Operational Guidelines Inspect the vehicle prior to use. Check for: proper tire inflation, cuts or punctures on the tires, proper steering, brakes work properly, forward and reverse gears engage, rotating warning light is operational, and all safety equipment is in its proper place (If the vehicle needs repair, call the automotive department to have a technician pick up and repair the vehicle…do not drive it).

6 Match speed equivalent to a well paced walk (avg 10-15 mph) All Texas traffic laws must be observed …its the law! Operate carts on streets or roadways whenever possible, stay as far to the right as possible to avoid impeding traffic.

7 Use proper stopping/turning signals. Hand signals are required when operating a vehicle not equipped with electric turn signals.

8 Do not exceed maximum occupancy limits. Overloading a cart with passengers or cargo can cause an unsafe load on the cart, making it easier to flip or harder to stop. Keep all hands, arms, legs, and feet inside the confines of the vehicle at all times. Pedestrians have the right of way. If the vehicle is being operated on a sidewalk, pull off the sidewalk or stop until approaching pedestrians pass.

9 When parking, place gear lever in neutral position, and firmly press the brake to engage the parking break. Always park on pavement unless cart is specifically designed and used for ground maintenance. Do not block emergency exits or routs when parking. Never park within 20 of a buildings entrance or exit unless at loading dock. Park in designated Service Vehicle parking when available.

10 Observe all warning signs

11 Operate carts owned by other departments unless approval has been granted by the department supervisor. DO NOT Operate carts during class change. *Pull over and wait for pedestrians to decrease. Use cell phones while driving a university vehicle. Smoke in any university owned vehicle.

12 Before driving a University vehicle (utility carts included) all employees must be approved to drive by Risk Management. Click here for a copy of UNT Driver Safety Rules & Requirements (pdf)

13 University of North Texas Facilities Utility Cart Policy OP.020.003 Click here for a copy of the University Policy

14 Common Sense is key Lawyer dies after golf-cart accident Death By Golf Cart… Again DWI Charge to follow fatal fall off of Golf Cart Motor Vehicle Homicide Charged in Golf Cart Death 6-year-old Lakeland girl dies after fall from golf cart

15 For more information go to: when-an-electric-car-crashes-video/

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