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Nose Creek School Click on the grey to hear each slide read out loud.

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2 Nose Creek School Click on the grey to hear each slide read out loud.

3 When using pins, always use a pin cushion or magnet. Never put pins or needles in your mouth and avoid dropping them on the floor. If you spill pins on the floor, use a pin magnet to clean them up immediately. Pin Cushion Pin Magnet

4 You must wear shoes at ALL TIMES in the sewing lab.

5 Scissors are the most dangerous tool in the lab. Handle them with care. When passing scissors, always pass them handles first. Carry scissors with the blades closed, and hold them in the palm of your hand. Fabric scissors must only be used to cut fabric!!! They are located on the Tool Board. This is the wrong way!! Hand scissors with the handles first.

6 Do not gather and visit around sewing machines while they are being used. Accidents happen when you are not paying attention. Keep fingers well back from the machine needle. When sewing, closely watch the area being sewn to avoid injury from the needle. YOU MAY SEW OVER YOUR FINGER!!!



9 ALWAYS ask your teacher for help when needles need to be changed or something goes wrong with the machine. DO NOT HIDE IT. Machines need regular maintenance and sometimes things go wrong. If you hide a broken machine, someone else may try to use it and make it worse or get hurt. Broken Needle

10 Always raise the needle to its highest position (using the hand wheel) when changing stitch width, stitch patterns, or re- threading the needle. Needle needs to be raised for easier threading.

11 Caution: Do not pull the fabric while you are stitching as this may cause your fabric to tear or the needle to break. There are tiny teeth underneath the presser foot called ‘Feed Dogs’ which feed your fabric automatically. Feed Dog

12 Handle the foot pedal with care and avoid dropping it on the floor. It is expensive to replace. Do not try and speed through sewing. The harder you press down on the foot pedal, the faster you go, and the harder it is to sew correctly. Keep your heel on the floor when sewing. The foot pedal controls your sewing speed just as a gas pedal does on a car.

13 The sewing machine needle can be damaged or broken by sewing over pins or through thick dense fabric. If the needle is bent or no longer sharp, it can damage the machine and must be replaced immediately. When the needle hits a pin, the end of the needle, which is also the sharpest point, snaps off. It could poke you in the eye. DO NOT SEW OVER PINS!!

14 If the sewing machine jams or makes a knocking noise, thread is most likely caught in the bobbin, or the machine has not been threaded correctly. Stop sewing immediately and ask for teacher assistance in removing the tangled thread. Bobbin Tangle Tangled Bobbin

15 Do not leave your books lying in the middle of the floor. If you want to use a table that is cluttered with books, place them under the table or on a chair.

16 Sole Plate Steam Vent Heel

17 After using the iron, set it on it’s heel (or upright). Never leave the iron with the hot plate face down on the ironing board. This could cause a fire. An iron on it’s heel

18 Do not pull on the cord to unplug the iron. This can damage the cord. Unplug the iron by grasping the plug directly from the socket. Use the base of the foot pedal to move it, not the cord!

19 Clean up begins 5 minutes before the end of class. No sooner, and no later. You must ensure your area is clean before you can leave!

20 You may chew gum as long as it is not seen or heard. No food or drinks other than water in the Fashion Room. You are allowed to use electronic devices as long as they are used for either research or music. You do not get any second chances when it comes to texting or using social media. Do it once and you lose the privilege! x

21 Keep your sewing project at school. Do not bring it home unless you have permission. 4 lates = phone call home. (You will do the phoning!) In order to leave the room you need to ask permission.

22 Congratulations!! You have finished studying sewing safety. Your last step is to complete the sewing safety quiz and then you will be ready to try the sewing machines!!

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