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Voice Connect Lone Worker Youll Never Work Alone.

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1 Voice Connect Lone Worker Youll Never Work Alone

2 Lone Worker Menu

3 Safety and protection for lone working staff Used by professionals in NHS trusts, councils, housing associations and utility companies Communicate with the system via a mobile phone app, Identicom card or via any available telephone VC Lone Worker

4 Scalable - to suit any size of organisation Flexible - to meet any lone working need Easy - safety should be second nature VC Lone Worker

5 Scalable - Voice Connects Lone Working solutions are designed to suit any sized organisation. You may have 2 lone workers that you need to protect or 20,000 ! Our systems are designed to grow with your organisation. You can start small and add protection as its needed. VC Lone Worker

6 Flexible – Voice Connect can provide a solution for any of your lone working needs. Site based or fully managed?. Low risk workers maybe suited to our gold level cover? Medium risk workers may need Platinum cover with GPS & phone apps.? High risk workers may need identicom badges with man down facilities? VC Lone Worker

7 Easy - It doesnt matter which Voice Connect solution you choose, all of them are designed with the user in mind. We understand that if the system is too complex or demanding your lone Workers wont use the solution. For those that need it, refresher training is always available. VC Lone Worker

8 Mobile App – Available on Android, Blackberry, Windows 7 mobile and iphone smart phones. Utilises inbuilt GPS for greater security. Message and positional information is transferred via the data connection allowing the trickle of information even in low connectivity areas. Alarm reminder is on the phone so you get a chance to cancel the alarm even if you are out of coverage on your mobile.

9 Phone Connectivity - Create the job, record your message including location and job details, Cancel a job or activate an alarm all from your standard mobile phone or landline. Identicom badge – Id card style unit with all the functions expected of a lone worker device. VC Lone Worker

10 Agents can quickly see the status of every lone worker through the web interface. Alarm Status Menu

11 VC Lone Worker

12 If a lone worker has an active job that is alarmed, because the lone worker purposely initiated the alarm, or because the lone worker did not cancel or extend the job when it expired, the button is red. If a lone worker has an active job, which is alarmed, and the alarm has been acknowledged, the button is red with a white cross, as shown. If a lone worker is in a designated hazardous area, the button has a yellow triangle, as shown. VC Lone Worker Back

13 VC Lone Worker Menu

14 Call Centre receives an alert for any lone worker that hasnt cancelled their job. VC Lone Worker Menu

15 VC Lone Worker GPS location on alarm GPS tracking to show bread crumb trail Satellite or map based positioning Menu

16 VC Lone Worker Alarm Audit Message Archive Individual Lone Worker reports Admin reports Menu

17 o To set a job the user dials in to a pre-set phone number. o System recognises the CLI from the users phone. o User is invited to record their name & whereabouts. o To cancel a job the user phones the same number. o System confirms job has been completed. o Escalation o If the user doesnt cancel the job within the pre defined time frame an email with the lone workers message is sent to a designated contact. o Job is then removed from the system. Menu

18 o Full ARC Support o Full range of LW devices o 24/7 availability o GPS Tracking o Timed lone worker jobs o Fully managed solution Menu

19 VC Lone Worker Login with your password Set the time and record your message Youre covered Simply cancel when you have finished your job Menu

20 VC Lone Worker Designed to look like an id badge Simple three button design Rip cord alert GPS available Standard for the NHS Menu

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