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2 © IPTE IPTE Product Range Test Automation Assembly Software Applications

3 © IPTE Tailor made solutions for manufacturing electronic products IPTE Applications: Turn Key Projects Fuse Box Tire Pressure Sensor

4 © IPTE IPTE Line Examples Line for SMD production of PCBs and Panels: Pick & Place Screen Printer Marking Unit Work Station Reflow Oven Test Handler Loading Unit Unloading Unit Pick & Place Odd Form Placement a b c a e a Line for depaneling, cleaning & marking: Loading Unit Depaneling Cleaning Unit Marking Unit Unloading Unit a d d b a Line for Assembly, Test & Packing: Loading Unit Assembly Cell 1 Assembly Cell 2 Assembly Cell 3 Test Cell Marking Cell Packing Cell a f f f e b f Automation: a) PCB Handling PCB Conveying b) Marking Units c) Odd-Form Placement d) Depaneling Test: e) Test Handlers Test Systems Test Fixtures Assembly: f) All assembly processes Software:

5 © IPTE IPTE Automation MLL VI: Magazine Line Loader 6 Magazines FLU: Flip Unit MBU I: Magazine Buffer Unit SBU: Single Buffer Unit MGU: Manual Gate Unit (a) PCB Conveying: Work Stations Transport Units Gate Conveyors Magazine (Un)Loaders Bare Board (Un)Loaders Buffer Units Traverse Units Flip Units Turn Units (a) PCB Handling:

6 © IPTE EasyMarker FlexMarker SpeedMarker FlexLabel FlexInkjet FlexLabeling FlexInkjet FlexMarker EasyMarker SpeedMarker CO 2 laser YAG Laser IPTE Automation (b) Marking:

7 © IPTE SpeedMounter SpeedMounter 2 EasyMounter SpeedMounter 2 SpeedMounter TM EasyMounter IPTE Automation (c) Odd-Form Placement:

8 © IPTE RTF Stick Feeder Blister-Tape Feeder Axial Tape Feeder Radial Tape Feeder Tray Feeder Bowl Feeder Stick Feeder ATF Stick Feeder for SiPlace Tray Feeder G-Pax IPTE Automation (c) Feeders:

9 © IPTE SpeedRouter FlexRouter TopRouter EasyRouter 1-D Router Flip Unit Cleaning Stations Labeling Tray Feeders Palletizers SpeedRouter TM TopRouter EasyRouter IPTE Automation (d) Depaneling: FlexRouter

10 © IPTE In-Circuit Test Functional Test RF & Vision Test PXI Test Systems Fixturing Test Applications Programming Flashing MFT: Multi Functional Tester Bridge ITS: In-Line Test System IPTE Test (e) Handlers: MFT: Multi Functional Tester IHT: In-Line Hot Tester

11 © IPTE Final Assembly Test Functional Test Acoustic Test Optical Test Leak Test Keypad Test Display Test Manual Test box Semi-Automatic & Automatic Test box Tire Pressure Test Test Lines Black Box Tire Pressure Sensor Line IPTE Test (e) Final Test: ANT-Tester LCD TV -Tester Blue Box

12 © IPTE A3D AFP Monorail For assembly processes such as: Auto / Manual Mounting Screw-driving Dispensing Welding Sealing Leak Test Electrical Test Function Test Laser Marking Label Marking Packing IPTE Assembly (f) Assembly Automation:

13 © IPTE SPC Software Line Controller SW Interfacing to upper Factory Software Sequencer for test Local data bases Repair Software Operator Interface Laser Marking Entry Wizard Turbo Control IPTE Software Software:

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