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LEON3 © 2005 GE-Research Products · Advantages · Solutions With explicit permission of Gaisler Research.

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1 LEON3 © 2005 GE-Research Products · Advantages · Solutions With explicit permission of Gaisler Research

2 LEON3 V0105dsr2 von 15 COMPANY INFORMATION Located in Gothenburg, Sweden Private Company Management team with 40 years combined experience in the space sector: –Per Danielsson: CEO –Jiri Gaisler: Founder and CTO –Sandi Habinc: System Design Design engineers with expertise within electronics, ASIC and software design Complete design facilities in-house for ASIC and FPGA design Gaisler Research

3 LEON3 V0105dsr3 von 15 THE HISTORY OF ERC32 AND LEON2002 Continuous development of IP blocks for LEON, FPU is released Revenue of Gaisler Research is increasing ASIC designers are hired ERC32 development starts, Jiri Gaisler is the technical officer at ESA 1992 ERC32 is released as a 3 chip solution 1996 Development of LEON starts 1997 LEON2-FT is manufactured by UMC Commercial companies use the LEON2-STD 1999 LEON1 source code released ERC32 single chip available 2001 LEON2 with on chip AMBA source code is released LEON1 prototype Gaisler Research is founded 2003 2004 Release of next generation processor LEON3 New plug & play concept for SOC design IP-library (GRLIB) with blocks connecting on the AMBA bus

4 LEON3 V0105dsr4 von 15 PRODUCT PORTFOLIO LEON3 processor, STD/FT LEON compatible IP-blocks: –GRFPU, Floating Point Unit –SDRAM controller –PCI bridge –10/100 Mbit Ethernet MAC LEON development boards Technical support and adaptations Full software development environment based on open source tools TSIM, ERC32 and LEON simulator GRMON, LEON Debug monitor

5 LEON3 V0105dsr5 von 15 LEON FEATURES Simple Integration Open Source Standard SW Environment GNU C/C++ compiler RTEMS real-time kernel eCos real-time kernel SnapGear Linux High Performance 400 MHz on UMC 0.13 µm ASIC (std-cell) 125 MHz on ALTERA Stratix II FPGA Low Gate Count 25 kgates for ASIC 3,500 LUT for Altera FPGA 4,000 Cells for Actel FPGA Full Simulator and Debug Monitor Simulator for developing and debugging SW Monitor for HW and SW validation IP-Library of Cores for SOC Design Portable and Vendor independent Connection through standard AMBA bus Customer Approval and Validation LEON is the standard processor of ESA Numerous commercial customers are using LEON

6 LEON3 V0105dsr6 von 15 BUSINESS MODEL Development Of New Product Beta Version Release Open Source License Community Feedback Product Improvements Final Version Open Source and Commercial License Commercial Sales Funds Further Development Gaisler Research uses an open source business model based on Dual Licensing. Dual licensing allows to provide commercial licenses for a fee, while at the same time offering the source code under open source licenses. Free access for the academic research community Free evaluation possibilities for companies Large user base gives sizeable and quick feedback Commercial licences for IP cores to companies not willing to comply with the GPL licence Commercial licences for the LEON3 FT IP core library Provide technical support and development tools

7 LEON3 V0105dsr7 von 15 MARKET AND APPLICATIONS Commercial Critical Commercial Civil Aircraft LEON3 GRLIB Military Space FT STD The Fault Tolerant (FT) version is used for critical, military and aerospace applications The Standard version (Non-FT) is used for commercial applications

8 LEON3 V0105dsr8 von 15 CUSTOMERS contINUED Commercial –GPS receiver (Taiwan, Switzerland) –MP3 player (Taiwan) –Set top boxes (France, Germany, Canada) –Automotive (Germany) –Router (Australia) –DVD-DIVX converter (US) Military –Used by companies in US, France, Israel Space –All European space companies –US, China, Canada, Korea, Israel, India, Brazil Research and Universities –Used by hundreds of universities and research centres around the world Customer identities can not be disclosed due to NDAs

9 LEON3 V0105dsr9 von 15 COMPETITORS PRODUCTARM 9ARM 11ARC 700Xtensa LXLEON3 Clock frequency (MHz)250400 350400 Pipe-line stages58757 Gate count> 100000 1000002800025000 Synthesizable to FPGANo Yes Third party SW development tools Yes No Yes Open Source VHDLNo Yes License CostHigh Medium Low Clock frequency: Depends on process and technology, figures are approximate for 0.13 µm process Gate count: Depends on processor configuration, figures are for bare processor

10 LEON3 V0105dsr10 von 15 Developed and validated for space use (FT-version) High performance (400 MHz on 0.13 µm process) Optimized for embedded real time systems IP library with co-processors and peripherals available Plug&play capabilities for system on a chip design Synthesizable, available in full VHDL source code Tool and vendor independent Some advantages of LEON3 (1)

11 LEON3 V0105dsr11 von 15 Some advantages of LEON3 (2) Standard CPU (SPARC8), standard bus system (AMBA2.0) Complete set of macros available (click & synthesize) Large user community Operating system LINUX and different RTOS available Many years of experience guarantees a minimum number of bugs. Every ARM user is a potential LEON client, specially for FPGAs …

12 LEON3 V0105dsr12 von 15 Next steps at Gleichmann Research Implementation of LEON3 system on Hpe_mini LEC Synthesis for high speed solution Adaption of Snapgear Linux (with and without MMU Evaluation of multiprocessor System Adaptation and check of multi processor Linux Implementation of different system solutions like PCIe, LCD controller, motor control …

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