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Roman Government and Society And Roman Geography.

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1 Roman Government and Society And Roman Geography

2 Objectives Who were the consuls? What are checks and balances? Why did the Romans create them? How did the Roman Senate gain power? What was the name of Romes first written law code Why did the Romans want their laws written down? What kinds of activities took place in the Roman Forum?

3 Terms and People Magistrates were elected officials of Rome. Consuls were the two most powerful magistrates; they ran the city and the army. Roman Senate was a group of wealthy citizens that advised the magistrates. veto is a cancelation of a law.

4 Terms and People Latin was the language of the Romans. Checks and balances are north Forum was the public area of Rome.


6 Early Rome was governed by an Etruscan king, but he was cruel and they overthrew him. The Roman aristocracy set up a new type of government, called a republic. However, only the Patricians, Roman aristocracy, could vote. During difficult times, the Romans also elected dictators for six-month periods. It was mostly run by a senate. Two consuls ran the city and the army. They replaced the king.

7 PatriciansPlebes The Senate Were pretty unhappy. We dont have any power. We better change things before they revolt. And we will elect a tribune, who can veto your laws. The AssemblyThe Tribune Well keep the Senate and make the laws as weve always done. But well give you guys assemblies. Theyll elect the magistrates.

8 Each part was given specific areas of power. Because no one part has all the power, it is called limited government. Each part checks and balances the power in another part.

9 Eventually, they wrote it all down on twelve stones, called the twelve tables. It was a sort of constitution for Rome.


11 The Roman Republic, even after all men won the vote, is quite different from the democracy of the Greeks.



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