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Scientific Method Observation/Research/Problem Hypothesis

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1 Scientific Method Observation/Research/Problem Hypothesis
Experimentation Collection of data Analysis and conclusion Repeat

2 Problem: Always the toughest part!!
Written in the form of a question. All research will be focused on finding an answer to the question. The Answer to the problem should have only one answer, for example, Yes/No Greater/Lesser

3 Hypothesis Written as an “IF…… THEN…” statement. For example:
If plants are denied light for two months than they will die. If: the action of the experiment Then: the results of the experiment

4 Experimentation: The experiment must be a controlled experiment.
-Control group (Compare results to) -At least one experimental group (contains the experimental variable) There should be at least 10 subjects in each group or it should be repeated on one subject 10 times.

5 DATA: Rough/Raw: Smooth: Analyzed:
This is disorganized lists, sketches… Smooth: Data for each group is displayed separately in graphs and tables Analyzed: Graphs and tables that compare your experimental group with your control group

6 Analysis and Conclusion
These are often found together. Conclusion: Based on experimental results the hypothesis is accepted/rejected. Analysis: Brief discussion of results and why they lead you to accept or reject the hypothesis

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