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Standard 10.2 Study Guide/Notes

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1 Standard 10.2 Study Guide/Notes
compare and contrast the Glorious Revolution of England, the American Revolution, and the French Revolution and their enduring effects worldwide on the political expectations for self-government and individual liberty.

2 Chapter 3 Assessment Changes. Parts to include
One article based on the info from 2 sections (Ch 3) 2 pictures relating to 2 different articles 2 period advertisements Due Date Monday October 22.

3 What is the significance of the Magna carta?
Asserted that the monarch must obey the law.

4 What is a constitutional Monarchy?
System of gov. with a legislative branch and a monarch with limited power

5 What do the Magna carta and English Bill of Rights have in common?
They both have a list of rights that cannot be taken by the government.

6 Gov’t. should PROTECT the will of the people
What was the impact of the enlightenment thinkers on democratic rev.’s in England, the US, France and Latin America? Their views led to the challenges of long held ideas about the rights of society, individuals, and gov’t. Gov’t. should PROTECT the will of the people

7 What is the significance of Montesquieu?
The Separation of Powers in American gov.

8 What is the significance of John Locke?
His writings influenced Thomas Jefferson Declaration of Independence, foundation for the American Rev. Life, Liberty, Property=Natural Rights=Should be protected by the Govern.

9 What was the american revolution fought over?
Taxes Representation Rights

10 How was the 3rd Estate treated before the French Revolution?
They had to pay almost all the taxes, but had no power in the government.

11 What was the Tennis court oath?
The 3rd estate was attempting to draft a new national constitution.

12 How did France follow the example of america?
By recognizing the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen in 1787.

13 What did the National Assembly accomplish?
Abolished feudalism

14 What two key documents emphasize the idea that the gov’T
What two key documents emphasize the idea that the gov’T. must protect the rights of people? The U.S. Declaration of Independence and the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen.

15 What is a key commonality bt/w A.R. and F.R.?
Both favored Representative Govt’s Believe a rep. gov. gets its power from the people it governs. Inspired other people seeking independence

16 How are the Glorious rev. and French Rev. similar?
Both sought to limit the power of the monarch.

17 What is the importance of the Fall of the Bastille?
It is considered the starting act of the French Rev.

18 How was napoleon able to rise to power?
Political instability Strong leadership abilities.

19 How did the Revolution change France?
Absolute Monarchy: King Louis XVI Republic: Robespierre Democratic Despotism: Napoleon

20 What was the concert of europe?
An agreement between monarchies in Europe to help prevent the outbreak of revolution in member countries.

21 How did napoleon change France?
Education Reform Legal Reform Aggressive Empire Building

22 How did Napoleon exercise his nationalism?
Through his acts of conquering other nations, which he believed would benefit France.

23 How did napoleons ideas spread?
Military conquest  Spread of his ideas of nationalism and the rule of law.

24 What Did the congress of Vienna Accomplish?
Keep anyone country from gaining too much power and dominating Europe. Many countries again became monarchies.

25 Who were Simon Bolivar and Jose de san Martin?
Revolutionary leaders in Latin America, inspired by the American Revolution, to increase human rights.

26 Whose Ideas shaped the Venezuelan constitution?
Simon Bolivar

27 How did the revolutions for independence in Latin American countries differ from the American revolution? The majority of the people in those countries did not gain political freedom.

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