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Man Elementary School 5-Year Strategic Plan.

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1 Man Elementary School 5-Year Strategic Plan

Administration Principal Staff RMT Title I Teachers Kindergarten Teacher Third Grade Teacher Special Education Teacher Secretary Parents Business Partners Garland Elmore Roma Marcum Toni Duba Stephanie Fryer Lee Ann Rozzell Tambria Stowers Belinda Brumfield Winona Staten Helen Porter Katrina Gent Pepsi Snyder

3 The mission of Man Elementary School is to provide a safe and challenging
environment that develops every students’ growth and potential in a process that leads to life-long productive learners.

4 Core Beliefs WE Believe:
that all students can learn and be successful. all positions in the school are critical for the school to function. it is vital for the school community to model ethical and moral behavior. teachers must be responsible for motivating students to achieve in an active learning process. a classroom should be safe, orderly and conducive to student-centered learning. education is a shared responsibility; therefore, the school will provide opportunities for involvement of parents, family and community. the curriculum should be focused, specific and standard based.

5 Goal 1 Man Elementary's academically diverse students will work
toward obtaining mastery in the areas of Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics.

6 Objectives: 1.1 To maintain proficiency in all groups and to decrease by 10% those not meeting proficiency in the area of Reading/Language Arts and thereby decrease the achievement gap among the sub-groups attending Man Elementary School. 1.2 To maintain proficiency in all groups and to decrease by 10% those not meeting proficiency in the area of Mathematics and thereby decrease the achievement gap among the sub-groups attending Man Elementary School.

7 Goal 2 Man Elementary 's academically diverse students will work
toward obtaining mastery and above on their writing assessment scores.

8 Goal 2 Objectives: 2.1 To decrease the percentage of students that did not demonstrate competent and proficient performance in the application of their writing skills by scoring mastery or above. 2.2 To have each classroom teacher utilize effective instruction that targets all students and results in highly engaged students who master the essential writing curriculum.

9 Action Steps Provide staff development for Special Education teachers in instructional strategies for implementation in the “Inclusion Program” Administration and Staff will continue to receive professional development for the implementation of the Reading First Program. Analysis of test data to identify strengths and weaknesses

10 Action Steps Schedule grade level or subject areas collaboration time
Provide staff with professional development targeting Differentiated Instruction Provide before or after school tutoring for identified low achieving students in third and fourth grade. Staff will refer students to the Student Assistance Team (SAT) in the areas of achievement, attendance and behavior.

11 Action Steps Special Education and Title I staff will implement inclusion for all students as scheduling permits in grades K-4. First through fourth grade levels will have extended instructional reading time for low achieving students through Title I and Special Education with pull-outs and/or inclusion as needed.

12 Action Steps Provide staff with professional development through a book study of "Making Sense of Phonics" by Isabel Beck Maintain a data management system to be used to collect, analyze, and monitor student data through the Responsible Student Program. Teachers will revisit the development and implementation of prioritized calendars and curriculum mapping.

13 Action Steps Staff will continue to implement "The Sonday System" to compliment the "Reading First Program" for struggling readers which will include an additional day of training Third and Fourth grade teachers will provide four major pre-assessments that will include both multiple choice and constructed response questions. Students will utilize the Accelerated Reading Program as an integrated part of the Reading/Language Arts curriculum.

14 Action Steps The services of professional educators will be utilized to enrich the monitoring and/or modeling techniques for in-class instructors. Utilize the OZ Program for work order on any technology repair problems. Man Elementary will make our labs or computers available for adult literacy classes through collaboration with adult basic education programs in the county.

15 Action Steps Staff development will be provided to teachers on basic maintenance and repairs of computers. Implement a standards based mathematics program. To set up accounts and WebPages for all staff members. Principal will check lesson plans for integration of technology.

16 Action Steps Provide wireless access and printer in every classroom
Staff will provide a bi-monthly newsletter to parents that will include articles written by students. Success lab will be utilized for students scoring below mastery. Provide a website for parents and students. Powerpoint presentations will be conducted by administration and staff.

17 Action Steps Man Elementary Homepage will be updated weekly.
Grades 3-4 will utilize a 6 point rubric when assessing writing assignments. Professional Development will be provided on the "Five Components of Reading" and "Explicit Phonics" Man Elementary will conduct a book study of "I've Dibeled, Now What?" and "Making Sense of Phonics".

18 Action Steps Promote math and writing skills across the curriculum in every classroom. Teachers will emphasize subject area vocabulary to increase writing skills. Ruby Payne Framework for Understanding Poverty Conduct monthly mini-assessments from November through April based on CSOs and Dibels.

19 Action Steps Provide a WV Writing Assessment Workshop
Fourth grade students and parents will be provided with an orientation to prepare to enter the middle school. Provide summer learning opportunities for identified low achieving students in grades 1st through 4th.

20 Work Plan Summary All activities will be focused upon a sustained and continuous improvement model. Constant monitoring of the goals and objectives of proposed action steps will take place on a frequent basis. Reports pertinent to the development and success of proposed goals will be continuously monitored and adjusted based on data analyses.

21 Work Plan Summary The Superintendent will work with all central office administrators to evaluate progress of all proposed action steps. School level administration will monitor progress using walkthroughs, classroom observations, teacher evaluations, student scores on benchmark assessments, and core team discussions. If progress is not indicated then plan will be adjusted and professional development will be provided in needed areas.

22 Work Plan Summary Evaluation will be based upon student outcome measures of WESTEST and WV Writing Assessment. Technology Plan will be revisited annually by the strategic planning committee to ensure progress indicates MMS is on target with plan. Data analysis will completed and compared with goals to determine if revisions are in order.

23 Title I Program

24 Staff Utilization At Man Elementary, the Title I staff provides services and support, as determined by the testing data, to students in grades K-4. The Title I staff, consisting of three teachers, is also instrumental in the implementation of the Reading First program for the K-3. Services are provided through in-class, team teaching, small group instruction, and individual assistance. Title I staff are also utilized by reducing class size through pull-out programs in basic reading, as well as pull-outs of small groups of students that need intensive reading instruction. The pull-outs affect nine percent of the student population and reflects class size reduction in thirteen classrooms.

25 Program Overview Planning, collaboration, and evaluation by staff before school are an integral part of our programs. Continuation of staff training will ensure student progress and success. A climate conducive to learning and a staff who has prioritized the curriculum to meet the needs of students will be the focus of what we will use to define the instructional program at Man Elementary.

26 Man Elementary K-4 will continue with the implementation of several programs that are research based to ensure the needs of all the children in this school are met. These needs will be met through re-teaching, reviewing, intervention, curriculum mapping, and mastery. We will focus on students identified as at-risk through tracking, skill grouping, SAT referrals, pre-assessment scores, WESTEST scores, DIBELS, and TPRI.

27 Our Title I Program has and will support parent involvement and interventions to make students feel successful. We will follow the legislative policy of "No Child Left Behind". We will continue to employ a Parent Resource Person. Our current Parent Resource Person has been instrumental in the implementation of the Man Elementary Website, parent newsletter, and updating the Homework Hotline. Title I will also continue to offer extended day tutorial services, opportunities will be provided for early morning and midday tutoring, and parent workshops.

28 During the summer, the Improvement Grant will provide additional funding for a Student Writing Academy for third and fourth grade students, and provide a workshop training for interested teachers.  A book study will also be conducted on "Teaching and Learning Through Multiple Intelligences" which addresses writing and other curriculum areas.  This will also tie in with our county's focus on differentiated instructional strategies. 

29 The staff at Man Elementary will focus on instruction for deficiencies, plan and prepare strategic calendars using CSOs, prioritize weaknesses, use instructional monies for supplemental materials for low SES and Special Education, and give more one-on-one individual instruction after using a test item analysis (TIA) to show mastery of content. The TIA will be used frequently in testing and evaluating knowledge level. The results of the TIAs will be used to assist with developing lessons that address students with different levels of learning.

30 Title I will provide a summer school for K-4 students
Title I will provide a summer school for K-4 students.  First priority will go to those students who are considered struggling readers.  The summer school will focus on reading skills to prepare the students for the upcoming school year. Title I will continue to be instrumental in the implementation of the Reading First Program within grades K-3. The purpose of the program is to ensure all students will be reading on grade level prior to entering Fourth Grade.

31 Man Elementary is committed to assessing students throughout the school year to ensure that all students will be prepared for the WESTEST.  To meet this goal, staff will continue to utilize the individualized WESTEST assessments available at In addition, all students in grades 3-4 will be given quarterly WESTEST pre-assessments.  Man Elementary Title I will provide high levels of instruction through the use of Bloom's Taxonomy in Math and Reading. The action and services are based upon the results of our needs assessment, WESTEST scores, parent surveys, teacher surveys, and feedback from staff.

32 The staff will encourage and plan activities where students can feel self-worth and success.  Our goal, and that of Title I is to help students attain grade level proficiency, focusing on reading and math skills, in order to advance to the application level or higher critical thinking levels based on Bloom's Taxonomy.  Title I will assure that students possess basic knowledge and comprehension skills before students progress to critical thinking skills.

33 The needs of Man Elementary will be identified and then addressed through Title I workshops, staff development, pull-outs, intervention, and in-class small groups. We will design instruction that offers opportunities for all students to achieve at higher levels. We will decide what instructional practices, organizational changes, grouping practices, and scheduling needs must be in place to raise student achievement.

34 We will continue to include a transition period for our Kindergarten and Fourth Grade students to help them adapt to their new environments as they progress to a higher level.  The Accelerated Reading program will become a vital component of the reading curriculum grades K-4. Students will be encouraged to set goals and reading independently the number of books required to reach those goals.

35 The staff and administration believe we have developed a program that is based on scientific based research, will promote higher academic achievement in reading and math, and will encourage parents to take a more active role in the education of their children.

36 Parent Involvement Policy
Parental involvement is an important aspect of every child's education. The staff of Man Elementary K-4 believes that parents and educators must work together to help each child succeed in school. The Parent Involvement Policy at Man Elementary will provide multiple opportunities for parents to become involved in the education of their children. We believe school and home must work together to benefit students and increase achievement.

37 The Parent Involvement Policy Will:
Provide parents an overview of the School-Wide program Provide parents who request information (Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language) referrals to other sources Provide parents an opportunity to meet the faculty, tour the facilities, discuss classroom procedures, school policies, and the Title I School-Wide program through an Open House event held at the beginning of the school year

38 Provide a School-Parent Compact that outlines parent, teacher, student, and the principal's responsibilities for student performance Provide parents with training and knowledge of activities that can be accomplished at home to help students succeed. *Provide resources and materials that parents need to become actively involved in their child's education Provide opportunities for parents to meet with teachers through parent/teacher conferences, classroom visitations, and teacher interactions throughout the year

39 Provide multiple levels of communication with parents through newsletters, notices, telephone calls, newspaper notification, letters, and conferences Provide opportunities for parents to make suggestions and share experiences at Parent Workshops and PTO meetings Provide school report card informing parents of Man Elementary's performance levels Provide each parent with information concerning their child's assessment results from the WESTEST or DIBELS.

40 Provide parents with a description and explanation of the curriculum used by Man Elementary
Provide parents with progress reports and student report cards Provide opportunities for parents to participate in decisions relating to the education of their children through participation in the Title I planning committee

41 Man Elementary School staff and administration thanks you for this opportunity to share our plan to increase all our student’s knowledge and thus close the achievement gap. Henry Ford once said – “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

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