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Keewaydin School Where learning happens every day for everyone.

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1 Keewaydin School Where learning happens every day for everyone.

2 Purpose of State of the Schools The purpose of the State of the School and Title I Annual meeting is to share: School Improvement Plan Priorities, goals and strategies for improvement Ideas for ways in which families can be engaged throughout the year. Purpose of Title I Communication plans for parents/guardians

3 55 staff members 30 teachers 25 support staff

4 375 Students 56% Free or Reduced Lunch 4% Asian 6% Native American 12% Hispanic 23% Black 52% White 375 Students 56% Free or Reduced Lunch 4% Asian 6% Native American 12% Hispanic 23% Black 52% White

5 Where Are We Going? Vision: Every student empowered to learn and grow every day. Mission: Keewaydin School is a collaborative community of equity and empowerment where students, families, and staff work creatively to ensure growth in all aspects of learning.

6 Title I and School Improvement Plan Title I is a federal program that provides money to schools and districts to ensure that all children have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education to achieve proficiency on our state’s academic standards and assessments. Title I supports our School Improvement Plan and the funding we receive helps us to reach our goals.

7 Title I Do all schools receive Title I funds? ◦ No. Title I programs are available to schools with the greatest concentration of low- income families. Budget ◦ This year, 4.4% of our school budget comes from this source. Title I is a school wide program at our school, which means all students are able to benefit from Title I services.

8 Use of Title I Funds at Our School To support our goals we are using the Title I money in the following ways: 92% is used for teachers and other staff ◦ Social Worker, Associate Educator, Behavior Dean, and School Success Program Assistant 2% is used to support our curriculum ◦ Books and technology

9 Use of Title I Funds at Our School 3% is being used for professional development for our teachers ◦ Classes to support teachers in learning strategies to accelerate achievement for all students. 2% is being used for family involvement ◦ Food, postage, and Family Liaison time.

10 Math Achievement (MCA)

11 Math Achievement 2013

12 Reading Achievement (MCA)

13 Reading Achievement 2013

14 Math & Reading Proficiency

15 Reading & Math Achievement Gap

16 Current Reality Strengths Family partnerships. Collaborative teacher teams. Co-teaching. Diverse student body. Challenges Math and reading achievement. Achievement gap between white students and students of color. With your help, we can do better!

17 School Designation School Designation: Focus School The Minnesota Department of Education identifies a school designation at Title I schools based on the following categories from the MCA results:  Proficiency  Growth (MCA to MCA)  Achievement Gap Reduction

18 School Improvement Plan Our School Improvement Plan is designed to address the concerns revealed in the data and is focused on three core areas. Student achievement School climate Family engagement

19 Student Achievement Goals Reading – The percent of students meeting or exceeding standards on the reading MCA will increase from 46% to 51% Math – The percent of students meeting or exceeding standards on the math MCA will increase from 48% to 55% Reduce the achievement gap for reading and mathematics.

20 Strategies to Achieve Goals Teacher professional development ◦ Academic strategies ◦ Social skills and classroom management strategies Math and Literacy specialists at every grade ◦ Co-teaching and collaboration Clear Expectations about learning goals and progress toward goals.

21 School Climate GOALS Attendance – All students are at school and on time every day. Behavior: Behavior referrals and suspensions are decreased. Strategies: Attendance buddies and check in. Teachers trained on positive classroom management.

22 Family Engagement Goal Areas: 1) Increase communication 2) Increase partnership opportunities. Strategies: Parent-teacher-student conferences Regular newsletters Family nights (AVID, Open House, Curriculum Night) Parent Portal Thursday morning “office hours” for grades 5-8 Provide input in the development of the School Improvement Plan, Family Involvement Plan, and the School Compact Participate in Site Council, PTA, and CPEO Participate in Title I meetings and learning opportunities. Visit your child’s classroom or volunteer at your child’s school Talk to your child’s teacher about events and issues that may affect your child’s work or behavior

23 Student Progress To monitor how our students are learning, we assess every student informally and formally. These are the ways we share this information with you about your student progress throughout the year. 1.Report cards 2.Progress reports every three weeks for grades 5-8 3.Phone calls 4.Notes in planners 5.Newsletters

24 More Information For more detailed information on our School Improvement Plan and Family Involvement, please request a copy from the school or visit our website:

25 As a parent, you have the right… to know the qualifications of your child’s teacher to know when your child has a substitute teacher for more than four weeks and the qualifications of the substitute teacher to know how your child’s school is rated on its state test scores to expect regular communication with your school in a language that you can understand to work with other parents and staff to develop a school-level parent compact between the school and its families to help plan how money for family involvement should be spent to work with teachers, parents and the school principal to develop a family involvement plan to ask for a meeting with your school principal or your child’s teacher at any time

26 Family and Community Supports Keewaydin Family Liaison Anne Tank, 612.668.4689 Office of Family & Community Engagement: Ruben Vazquez 612.668.0640 District Parent Advisory Councils

27 Let’s Celebrate our Community! Together, we make learning happen! Let’s Celebrate our Community! Together, we make learning happen!

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