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The Business of Rotary Youth Exchange A Global Venture for the 21 st Century.

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2 The Business of Rotary Youth Exchange A Global Venture for the 21 st Century

3 Components of any business Ideas Investors Suppliers Customers Products Marketing

4 Ideas … Help cultures to know each other Bring the world into our communities Open up the world to our citizens Invest in our young people Build international understanding and peace

5 Ideas … Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar Rotary International President, 2005-06 Why do you feel the Rotary Youth Exchange program is so important? One of our goals is to create peace and better understanding between people. I think Rotary s Youth Exchange program is the best way of doing that. My dream is for every 17-year-old to become a Youth Exchange student. If we could achieve this, there would be no more wars.

6 Components of any business Ideas Investors Suppliers Customers Products Marketing Ideas = Rotary Ideals Investors = Parents Suppliers = Sponsor districts/clubs Customers = Host districts/clubs Products = Students Marketing = Selection/Preparation Special Factor: Suppliers = Customers

7 Defining our product … New models every year –Bright, shiny, with lots of energy –Often consume a lot of fuel –Exported all over the world; imported too –Imports usually outnumber exports –Imports often better quality than exports –Exports often have features that are not really suited for the international market

8 Defining our product …

9 Positioning in the market …


11 Which model will customers want? Top model: –High performance –Lots of features –Perfect fit and finish –Best investment –Top quality service –Enjoyable experience all around –Pride of ownership = Repeat Customers!

12 Mid-range model: –Acceptable –Indistinguishable –Basic transportation, but not life-enriching –No real customer loyalty Which model will customers want?

13 Low-end model: –High maintenance –Low residual value –Overall bad experience –Embarrassing to own –Id never have one of THOSE again! Which model will customers want?

14 One special consideration … Theyre all the same price! Which model will customers want?


16 What features will we offer? Easy to drive = Language ability Fit and finish = Excellent preparation High performance = Flexibility/adaptability Low maintenance = Low maintenance Strong dealer support = Communication Warranty = Reputation of our program

17 How about promotion? Communication with hosts First impressions Being the star Accepting responsibilities Benefiting the program

18 Unique features of our products: Value increases over time! Maximum return on investment –For students, parents, hosts, Rotary, our world Each experience enhances the next! The product is proud of itself! –Confident that it is a top-of-the-line model, which will be well prepared, well-equipped, and ready to create a great experience for the customer … and for the product itself!

19 How about a test drive?


21 The Youth Exchange Experience Chelsea King –Outbound to Japan, 2005-06 –Sponsor: High Springs Rotary My classmates ask why Japan, and I say I wanted to live an adventure and they say, I am afraid of adventures, don't you miss home, and I say, no, for home will always be there, the USA will always be there, and a chance like this will not always be here. I have about 48 days left until I go back to America, and I don't even want to think about it. I have a farewell speech to give, but sometimes I wish I could forget how to say the word goodbye. It's just going to be so hard for me. I have just really grown to love Japan and all the people that I have gotten to know over these nine plus months. I suppose that is how all exchanges go, but I have really enjoyed mine and hope to make the most out of the last 48 days I have to make happy memories with.

22 The Youth Exchange Experience Tajah Schroff –Outbound to Ecuador, 2005-06 –Sponsor: Orange Park Sunrise Rotary Hector gave another introduction speech, explaining the role of the medicine man in a society, his duties and responsibilities, his training. Domingo then lit the fire in the middle of the hut, and rolled a couple of cigar-type things. One by one, we took our seat on the chair in the middle, and Domingo performed the traditional cleansing ritual on us, brushing us with a small bunch of leaves, and blowing smoke down our backs and around our faces. With every hug from a family member, every outing with friends, every kind word or encouragement, I create a new voice, one that says that even though my time here will end, my impact here never will. I might be gone, but I am damn sure taking a part of the heart of every person that I have met here with me when I go, and Im leaving behind a million parts of my own.

23 The Youth Exchange Experience Mike Williams –Outbound to Italy, 2005-06 –Sponsor: Ocala Rotary Now I have a new feeling in my soul, I am not sure if I know exactly what that is. It's a strange feeling, unlike anything I've ever felt before. One day I will wake up and it will be July 14th, the day I come home. And then I have to say goodbye to it all, My families, My new friends, My new life, I don't wanna go home... if you ask me, I feel as if I am already home. Believe it or not I think I am enjoying myself more on this farm then I ever have in the city. Maybe it's the smell screwin' with my thinkin' juice, or maybe I'm just havin' the time of my life.

24 The Youth Exchange Experience Jacob Dobbs –Outbound to Thailand, 2004-05 –Sponsor: West Jacksonville Rotary Now, as I write this report, the death toll climbs to about 70,000. I have been trying my best to take advantage of the situation that I was put in, especially since so many families and local people were not as lucky as I had been. Yesterday I spent the entire day at City Hall, where over 30 representatives of Embassies from around the world tried to help the victims fix their passport or money problems and send them straight to Bangkok. The area was filled with boards of fliers with the faces of missing loved ones, and a large hospital board posted pictures of people that were too mangled to recognize. I was an English – Spanish – Thai translator for the tourists, basically escorting people through the whole process of getting enough paperwork done to get sent back to their countries.

25 The Youth Exchange Experience Matt Hagler –Outbound to Russia, 2004-05 –Sponsor: San Jose Rotary The raw horse didnt taste so strange anymore. It wasnt much different than reaching into a bag of potato chips or popcorn; doubts only arose in me after seeing the occasional purple vein emerging from a chunk of the frozen meat. After the play ended our group of five went to a nearby café. We were constantly being watched since we also represented five different countries. After all, one foreigner in Yakutsk is unreal enough but five means we must have been banished here. I whipped the leaves up and down his body trying not to notice what was really going on but I couldnt help but think that I was naked with another man in a sauna, and I was whipping him with eucalyptus leaves.

26 The Youth Exchange Experience Hannah Klein –Outbound to Japan, 2006-07 –Sponsor: Southpoint Jacksonville Rotary Ive been having amazing, out of this world experiences in my beloved Japan. I might say out of this world, but in this period of time, Japan has become nothing but my world. Its the only place I can picture myself in. Being with my friends, forgetting my English, chatting under the sakura, representing my school in Kyudo competitions, reading Harry Potter and understanding some of the kanji... Its everything Ive waited my whole life to find. There are no thanks great enough to give Rotary for what youve given me. Thank you Rotary, for making me a citizen of the world. Youve helped to provide me with the confidence, knowledge, and love that I know now will last a lifetime. If theres one thing I aspire to be, its a Rotarian; so that I can make this experience possible for other kids like me looking for a home in a country where they dont belong.

27 The Youth Exchange Experience Mike Williams –Outbound to Italy, 2005-06 –Sponsor: Ocala Rotary I get it now... I understand what this program is all about... understanding... An exchange never ends, it continues forever, because the only thing guaranteed in life is change, the only thing to satisfy change is understanding, and the only way to truly achieve understanding is adaptation. Rotary gives you an opportunity to WITNESS change in understanding through adaptation, first hand. And that is truly a miracle. That is how and why world peace can be achieved... We are all so different, yet so alike, that it is actually possible to change the world, one person at a time, one year at a time... So... who's turn is it next?

28 Our product catalog Rotary Youth Exchange Florida Outbounds, 2009-10


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