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Why take classes through the Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School?

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1 Why take classes through the Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School?

2 Subjects Offered…. “I chose an on-line education because there isn’t any Christian Ethics at my new school”. “To receive a Ukrainian High School Credit”. “I decided to do on-line education because I was not happy with the existing options in my school”. “Our school doesn't teach this course, and this was my only option to receive this credit. I just recently graduated in 2005”.

3 Flexibility …. “I am pretty busy and I think this will help me do better in the class because I can manage my time better”. “I needed more flexible hours”. “My sister tells me that it really helps her free her time up. I find myself busy with all that’s going on right now and it makes things easier, plus..... I like computers!” “Flexibility in my schedule and it sounded interesting. Also, I didn't want to knock it before I tried it”.

4 Convenience …. “To be able to learn from home, to learn to budget my time and for the new experience”. “I chose SCCS because it will allow me to have a job in the afternoons during the school year”. “With cyber school, I can do my schoolwork from the comforts of home whenever I want to. As a result, my schooling can become more flexible with my schedule”. “I work and have 2 young children so it’s easier to work on my own time than having to attend structured class schedules”.

5 Scheduling …. “I had to switch maths so I had to drop a class. It was too late in the semester to begin a class at school so Cyber School seemed like a good option”. “I did not have enough room in my schedule to do the Information Processing 10 course, so I decided to try it on-line”. “It helps me with scheduling my courses, because I am in French emersion and in band so I don't have time to do some courses that I want”.

6 Independent Learning…. “Because I am a independent learner.” “I learn better individually than in a class. I can’t seem to concentrate otherwise.” “I find it easier to manage my own time and work on it by myself” “I prefer to work independently, and this way I can be flexible with my time, and complete it in good time. There will be no rushing”.

7 Electives…. “As a French Immersion student, I don't get a lot of electives. Cyber School allows us F.I. students to take the classes we need or electives we want to ease up our schedules”. “So I could have two fun electives in school and not just one”. “I decided to do an on-line education because I did not want a spare and needed another elective and there were no electives offered in fourth period”.

8 To Get Ahead in Classes…. “I decided to do on-line education because the grade eight math wasn’t challenging me so my teacher told me to do this”. “To get a better education, and to accelerate my high school career”. “To get ahead in school to keep my options open for later years in high school”. “I decided to do online education because I am normally good at mathematics and I wanted to do grade nine math early for the past two years”.

9 Struggling in Classes…. “ I decided to do on-line education because I’m having trouble in math and I feel if I try and do it on cyber school it might be a bit easier because I don’t have to be shy and go and ask the teacher in the middle of class and I just think if I do it on my own without distraction it will be easier”. “Because I had heard about it and I wanted to see what it was like and I heard that if I’m failing a grade I can catch up with the cyber school.” “I thought I should do this because, I wasn't understanding some of the math at school and I also am failing that class. So my friend told me about this and I thought it would be good because it could help me bring my grades up”.

10 Athletics…. “I have to finish enough courses so I can graduate with my friends because I am leaving in grade 12 to go play hockey and I can’t take 5 classes”. “I am Currently on the Saskatchewan Alpine Ski Team and it works with my training”. “So I can take the Soccer Academy”. “My teacher suggested it as I travel a lot with my sports”.

11 Improve Computer Skills…. “I think I may need more help on my typing skills”. “…need the extra credits, and I work well with computers. I like the idea of taking classes on- line because I can work at my own pace and don't have to wait for assignments to be given to me”. “I decided to try cyber school so that I could have more flexibility, work independently, learn some more computer skills and hopefully finish the course earlier than my other courses”.

12 Health…. “I am recovering from health problems, so instead of just wasting time at home,I decided to try a different approach at school and I’m starting to feel like it was an excellent idea”. “I decided to do on-line education because I needed surgery on my foot and I missed too much to pass all my classes so I took cyber school to make it easier on me at school”. “I decided to do on-line education because I recently got out of the hospital and it was advised by my doctors that I do not go back to a regular school right away”.

13 Upgrade…. “I decided to do on-line education because it is convenient. I am waiting to start school again and this helps me because I don’t sit around the house doing nothing, I am helping my schooling while I stay at home. It's a great opportunity.” “I wanted to re-do my Math A30, to increase my overall average, so it would be high for University”. “A great way to upgrade quickly, without having to sit in a classroom”.

14 Credits…. “I decided to do this course because it will help me earn more credits”. “I need this credit to graduate”. “Because it is an easier way to get the credits I need”. “I only have this 1 credit left for my university entrance requirements. Also this class can be done on a time schedule that is convenient for me”.

15 University…. I am a full-time student at the University of Saskatchewan and did not take Chemistry 30 while I was in High School. It has turned out that I need it as a pre-requisite to take university level courses. I don't have time to attend a school to take this course so cyber school offers a great opportunity for me to do the course on my own time and still keep my schedule at the U of S”.

16 Something New…. “I decided to do on-line education because I wanted to find out what it was like and I wanted more room in my schedule”. “I took on-line education because I wanted to have a more flexible schedule when it came to school and I thought it would be fun and interesting”. “It seemed like a fun and interesting way to learn”. “To have the freedom of working independently. Experience a new kind learning”.

17 Unique Situations…. “I found that I was unable to take all the courses I had wanted to take by the end of my grade 12 year. This year, my family has decided to immerse ourselves in our Chinese culture by taking a year off in China. I believe that this year away from school is also an opportunity to complete the courses I was unable to fit into my school schedule during grade 12. I hope taking an on-line course will help me train as an individual to become more independent, resourceful, and hardworking”.

18 Unique Situations…. “Because I am here in Edmonton due to a family emergency. The curriculum here, I have been told is different, and my parents thought it would be better for me to take on-line courses. They thought it would be easier for me to handle also, under the circumstances”.

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