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University of Winnipeg

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1 University of Winnipeg
Employee Orientation Presented By: Amber Dick and Gina Schiak, HR Consultants Mark Betcher, Manager Payroll Services Ronda Perinot, Benefits Administrator Ethelinda Padua, Safety and Health Specialist

2 University of Winnipeg
Human Resources and University Overview Amber Dick Gina Schiak

3 HR & University Overview
Online Orientation Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources Home / Online Orientation Employees new to the University or Winnipeg can find useful links on HR’s Online Orientation webpage. These include: University of Winnipeg Links Organizational Chart UWinnipeg Mission Statement Report to the Community Campus Maps Human Resources Links Collective Agreements Employment Related Policies External Links Destination Winnipeg Manitoba Health Other Helpful University of Winnipeg Links University of Winnipeg Foundation The University of Winnipeg Club Campus Sustainability Office Green Office Program

4 HR & University Overview
Campus Services Home / About UWinnipeg / Campus Services A detailed list of Campus Services is available on the University’s website, including: Campus Restaurants Home / Campus Life: Restaurants elements, Café Bodhi, The MALECÓN , Pangea's Kitchen Soma Café, Starbucks, Garbonzo's Pizza Pub, Stella's Café & Bakery See webpage for locations, hours of operation, and links (including Diversity Foods) Duckworth Centre Home / Campus Life: Fitness & Recreation Annual Membership $135/year, reduced rates for shorter time frames Gym membership includes fitness centre, track, squash, racquetball and handball courts Eligible employees can pay through payroll deductions Athletic Therapy Centre Located at 400 Spence (Basement of Duckworth Centre) 5 Athletic Therapists, Massage Therapist and Sports Medicine Physician on staff Call to schedule an appointment Klinic Student Health Services Home / Campus Life / Klinic Health Services Main floor Sparling Hall 1S02 Hours of operation are limited during the summer Annual Flu Clinic

5 HR & University Overview
Campus Services Home / About UWinnipeg / Campus Services Parking Home / About UWinnipeg / Campus Services / Parking Char Ducharme is the parking coordinator Employee Parking Application form is available online Eligible employees can pay through payroll deductions Safety Office Home / About UWinnipeg / Campus Services / Safety Office Main floor Centennial Hall 1C05, located across from the Info Booth Security Services Home / About UWinnipeg / Campus Services / Security Services Located between main entrance doors of Centennial Hall Emergency Guidelines Evacuation, severe weather, workplace situations (fire, flooding, medical crisis) SafeWalk & SafeRide Programs Lost & Found 

6 HR & University Overview
UWSA Day Care Home / About UWinnipeg / Campus Services / Daycare Located at 548 Furby Place, behind Richardson College 96-space preschool/infant toddler child care centre which is provincially licensed and not for profit Provides service to UWinnipeg students, faculty and staff, and community (in that order of priority) Accepts children between the ages of 12 months and 5 years Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 7:30 - 5:30 There is currently a wait list. Visit the Province of Manitoba’s Online Child Care Registry to put your name on the wait list (see UWSA Day Care webpage for link). For more information call

7 HR & University Overview
The University of Winnipeg Club Home / Faculty & Staff / Campus Life: University Club Located on 4th floor Wesley Hall Membership required, full-time employees receive a 50% discount for first year Fees can be paid through payroll deductions Drache Room is available for private meetings with food service Catering available for University functions Technology Solutions Centre (TSC) Home / Faculty & Staff / TSC Located on 3rd floor Centennial Hall Contact TSC for account and phone set up or discontinuance Contact the TSC Help Desk for assistance with computer software/hardware and electronic equipment ( or Listed under “Technology Service Desk” in Outlook Physical Plant Home / About UWinnipeg: Campus Services Located at the rear of Wesley Hall Key requisitions, SALTO cards, furniture moves, etc. Send all requests via to Donna Marchak

8 HR & University Overview
Policies A sample of the policies available online: Employment Policies Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources Home / Policies: Employment Acceptable Computing Use Employment Equity Respectful Working & Learning Environment Workers Working Alone University Policies Home / Faculty & Staff / Administration / Policies Emergency Closing Integrity in Research and Scholarship Smoking on University Premises Travel

9 HR & University Overview
Employee Groups Unionized Groups Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources / Collective Agreements These groups are covered by their respective collective agreement: AESES IUOE PSAC UWFA: UWFA-Main, UWFA-Collegiate, UWFA-Contract Academic Non-Unionized Groups Excluded Excluded Academic

10 HR & University Overview
Probationary/Trial/Annual Performance Review Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources Home / Forms The following pertains to non-academic employees: Probationary Period AESES/Excluded, 6 month period from date of hire IUOE, 60 working days Trial Period If you are an existing employee and receive a new position, Trial period would apply 420 working hours or 60 working days, whichever occurs first Annual Performance Review Refer to Performance Review and Development section of HR’s Forms webpage for Supervisor's Interview Guide and Employee's Checklist.

11 HR & University Overview
Vacation & Holidays Vacation for Non-Academic Employees For full-time and part-time, continuing salaried employees, vacation is based on service accrued between April 1st – March 31st (fiscal year) In first year of employment, vacation accrual begins on date of hire to March 31st Vacation time earned (accrual) in one fiscal year is to be taken (entitlement) in following fiscal year Vacation accumulation chart is located in each applicable collective agreement/Excluded policy University and Statutory Holidays Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources / Holidays Christmas/New Year’s break includes three non-movable vacation days, which are in addition to your vacation entitlement.

12 HR & University Overview
HR Consultant Areas of Responsibility Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources Home / Who is my HR CONTACT Services Offered Recruitment, Job Classification, Position Description assistance, Employee/Labour Relations, Performance Management, Salary Administration Your HR Consultant From any Human Resources webpage, click on the Who is my HR CONTACT link to find your HR Consultant Areas of responsibility will change from time to time

13 HR & University Overview

14 University of Winnipeg
Payroll Services Mark Betcher

15 Payroll and Pay Statements
Bi-weekly pay, every second Friday Employees paid by timesheets are paid 2 weeks in arrears Full-time, and some part-time, continuing employees are paid to date Pay statements Earnings Taxable benefits (cash or employer paid benefit) Deductions Net pay Address Employee ID

16 Payroll

17 Statement Self-Service
Payroll Statement Self-Service Only works in Internet Explorer Ability to access, view and print pay statements and T4 from ADP website View pay statements 48 hours prior to pay day Access T4 earlier than employees receiving a paper copy Form is available on Payroll webpage Enrolment information will be sent to you by To access statement self-service once registered, type in the menu bar of Internet Explorer:

18 Timesheets and Stat Holidays
Payroll Timesheets and Stat Holidays Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources: Payroll Timesheets for casual employees must be submitted to Payroll by end of day on the Monday following pay period end date. Example: Friday, March 1st is the end of a two week pay period At end of day or on following Monday timesheet needs to be submitted to Payroll for processing. If pay period includes a statutory holiday in which hours are being submitted, take earnings from previous two pay periods and calculate statutory holiday pay owing. Eligibility for Stat Holiday Pay Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources / Holidays Not all employees are entitled to all holidays. See Reference Schedule for Stat Holiday Eligibility on HR’s Holidays webpage. Prior to the pay periods that have a statutory holiday, an is sent reminding and outlining the stat pay instructions/requirements.

19 Voluntary Days-Off Without Pay (V-DWOP)
Payroll Voluntary Days-Off Without Pay (V-DWOP) This is not the same as a leave of absence without pay Up to 10 days off without pay during the fiscal year (April 1st to March 31st) Subject to management approval Pay reduction is spread out over 25 pay periods (pro-rated for employees starting partway through the fiscal year) Applies to full-time and part-time, continuing AESES, IUOE and Excluded employees of UWinnipeg For this program Full-time, continuing is defined as employees working a minimum of 7 hours per day, 5 days per week, with no specified end date Part-time, continuing is defined as employees working a minimum of hours per week and accruing vacation Information on the program is provided each February

20 Payroll Payroll Contacts Mark Betcher, Manager Payroll Services
CMP (A) UWFA RAS (C) UWFA Collegiate (D) Aurora Family Therapy Centre (K) UWCRC (M) Karen Burzuik, HR/Payroll Associate UWFA RAS (V) AESES Full-time and Part-time Continuing (E) IUOE (F) Grace Medina, HR/Payroll Associate Casual Timesheet Employees (H)

21 Payroll Questions?

22 University of Winnipeg
Employee Benefits Ronda Perinot

23 University of Winnipeg
This is not a detailed benefits review. Please take the time to read all of the benefits and pension information provided on Human Resources’ Employee Benefits webpages.

24 Employee Benefits Benefits Plans Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources: Benefits Accidental Death and Dismemberment Life Insurance Sick Leave Long Term Disability Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) Health Plans including: Ambulance and Hospital Extended Health Dental Vision Travel Health Spending Account Wellness & Sustainability Account Group Home Insurance Retirement Plans including: The University of Winnipeg Trusteed Pension Plan Group RRSP Maternity/Parental/Adoption Leave Training and Education Voluntary Benefits

25 HR & University Overview
Benefits Plans Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources: Benefits Accidental Death and Dismemberment Work-related coverage only Coverage equal to 2x annual salary, rounded to nearest thousand (minimum $50,000, maximum $100,000) Beneficiary same as for Life Insurance unless otherwise designated Paid by University Life Insurance Basic Coverage: 1x annual salary, paid by University Optional Coverage: Additional 1x or 2x annual salary, paid by employee Maximum coverage $500,000 Decrease at anytime by sending to Benefits Administrator Increase within 30 days of addition of spouse or dependent child; at any other time, Statement of Health form required

26 Employee Benefits Sick Leave
Refer to respective collective agreement for details and eligibility (Excluded employees refer to AESES collective agreement) Different for term appointments of less than one year and PSAC employees 100% salary and benefits for up to 180 calendar days No accrual, absences are monitored by HR Medical notes must be forwarded directly to HR Verification of Sickness form is available on HR’s Forms webpage Cost incurred for completion of medical form/certificate can be claimed through Health Spending Account Long Term Disability Disability lasting longer than 180 calendar days (benefit elimination period) Benefits are based on 60% of regular monthly earnings (integration of all disability benefits), not to exceed 85% of pre-disability net earnings Maximum benefit of $5,000 per month Paid by employee Disability benefits are not subject to payment of Income Tax

27 Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
Employee Benefits Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources: Benefits / Employee & Family Assistance Program Provided through Shepell-fgi Voluntary, confidential short-term counselling and referral service Employee and eligible family members are covered Access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at or Paid by University Specialized Counselling Services: Career, Family Support, Financial Support, Legal Support, Naturopathic , Nutrition Support, Smoking Cessation Online Stress Management Program

28 Employee Benefits Health Plans
If a referral or prescription is required, it will be noted on our health plans webpages. If unsure, contact Blue Cross to confirm. Health Practitioners: prescription not required Psychological Counselling: referral by physician, unless using services of Aurora Family Therapy Centre (located on campus) Ambulance/Hospital 100% Ambulance/Semi-Private Hospital in Manitoba Dental 80% basic, 60% major, and 50% orthodontic services Calendar year maximums No deductible Extended Health (including prescription drugs) 80% of reasonable and customary charges Maximums where applicable $25 calendar year deductible per single or family Includes Health Practitioners: Acupuncturist, Athletic Therapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist Combined maximum benefit is $500 per person per calendar year

29 Employee Benefits Health Plans Vision Care
100% reimbursement of eligible vision care expenses Reimbursement amount based on employee group during a benefit period Benefit period: 24 consecutive months following purchase date of first Vision Care item claimed Travel Health 100% coverage for emergency medical services while travelling (coordinated with provincial medical) No coverage for elective services Health Spending Account Reimbursement based on employee group Must qualify as a tax deductible medical expense under CRA regulations ( All Blue Cross health benefits are University paid and cover both employees and eligible family members.

30 Claiming for Health Benefits
Employee Benefits Claiming for Health Benefits Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources: Benefits / Employee Benefits Forms Claim Forms and Online Claims Submission Claim forms are available on Benefits Forms webpage Forms are submitted directly to Blue Cross Prescription drug and vision care claims may be submitted online through Customer E-Service Claiming for Health Spending Account (HSA) Credits Claims must be submitted through your core health plan first, even those only eligible under HSA (unless coordinating benefits with spouse’s plan) Costs for medical notes/forms may be claimed through HSA (receipt required)   One claim is processed through HSA in each calendar year Blue Cross will process HSA payment when: Eligible expenses reach benefit maximum in calendar year; or 60 days after year end if eligible expenses did not reach benefit maximum; or Within 60 days following termination of employment or retirement Human Resources does not have access to employee claim information. Please contact Blue Cross directly if you have questions about a denied claim.

31 Wellness and Sustainability Account
Employee Benefits Wellness and Sustainability Account Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources: Benefits / Employee Benefits Forms Created to encourage healthy living for employees and better health for our environment by helping to offset the cost of physical activity and wellness programs, recycling, sustainable transportation, etc. Refer to claim form for eligible items, reimbursement amounts and claim deadline Covers items not covered under core health plans Preapproved list of items (next slide) Taxable benefit to employee Claim submission deadline in early December due to taxability (must be processed in time for final pay of year) No carryover of credits or expenses from one calendar year to another Excludes claims for family members. Claims are subject to verification. Reimbursement will appear on pay stub as Earnings, under WELL TXB Do not wait until deadline to submit your claim! 2013: 52% of reimbursements occurred in December Scanned forms and receipts are acceptable Receipt must indicate item, date of purchase, and cost (including tax)

32 Employee Benefits

33 Employee Benefits

34 Employee Benefits Group Home Insurance
Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources: Benefits / Home Insurance Provided through The Co-operators Offers discounted group home insurance and pay period deductions Quotes: Anytime online Individual, on-campus sessions (usually held in Spring and Fall) Visit Home Insurance webpage for links to insurance related articles and tips

35 Employee Benefits Retirement Benefits
One Pension Plan with two components: Defined Benefit (DB), closed to new members effective January 1, 2000 Defined Contribution (DC), all new eligible employees join DC component DC Pension Plan Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources: Benefits / Pension Plan governed by a Board of Trustees Employee contributions matched by the University DCPP webpage for links to Sun Life’s Group Retirement Services and newsletters Your Sun Life account’s My Financial Centre provides access to account balance details and retirement and investment tools, allows you to change your investments and much more Group RRSP Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources: Benefits / RRSP Same fund options and fees as DC Pension Plan All salaried employees are eligible to join (don’t need to be a DC member) Bi-weekly contributions can be a fixed dollar amount or percentage of pay University does not match contributions Information and enrolment form are available on RRSP webpage

36 Employee Benefits Maternity/Parental/Adoption Leaves
Refer to respective collective agreement for details and eligibility (Excluded employees refer to AESES collective agreement) Notify HR of pregnancy (will inform Health & Safety office) Written application for leave to Manager or Dean/Administrator and HR Medical note is provided to HR only and attached to copy of written application Who do I contact?: Benefits Administrator for leave, top-up allowance, benefits maintenance Payroll for Record of Employment (ROE) for vacation balance and accrual Service Canada for EI Maternity and Parental Benefits Employment Insurance Top-Up Allowance: Letter of Agreement Provide Payroll with first EI statement (effective January 1, 2014, allowance withheld until EI statement received)

37 Employee Benefits Training and Education Seminars
Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources : HR Forms See applicable policy or collective agreement for eligibility Additional information on application form Refer to Training webpage for links to PACE and ASAP Training (computer courses) Program information: Benefits Administrator for training and development programs Awards and Financial Aid for Tuition Scholarship Program Employee: Staff Training and Development Fund Tuition Fee Reimbursement Employee, Spouse and Eligible Dependents: Employee Tuition Scholarship Program Seminars Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources Home/ Seminars For regular University employees (those with benefits coverage) Offered throughout the year Financial planning, DCPP education, home insurance quotes, Wellness Week, EFAP seminars Seminars webpage, communication

38 Employee Benefits Benefits Changes
Home / Faculty & Staff / Human Resources: Benefits / Benefits Forms Return all change forms to Human Resources Health Plans Change Form Name change Add or remove spouse or dependent Common-law spouse can be added following one year of cohabitation Life Insurance Change Form Beneficiary change, appoint trustee for minor beneficiary Spouse is not required to be beneficiary DC Pension Beneficiary Change & Appointment of Trustee Forms Spouse is beneficiary for pension benefits unless waiver is completed Common-law spouse is considered spouse after one year of cohabitation if both free to marry or three years if not free to marry

39 Employee Benefits Benefits Statements
Annual University benefits statements: sent via interoffice mail by HR in January Semi-annual DC pension statements: June statement is available electronically at; December statement is mailed by Sun Life, and available electronically at Blue Cross health claims statements: available online for those using Customer E-Service, mailed to all others Name Change Complete applicable benefits change forms Must also provide HR with copy of amended SIN form or Provincial Change of Name Certificate Benefit change forms should be submitted at same time as proof of name change Address Change Complete Human Resources online Change of Address form HR/Payroll, Blue Cross, and Sun Life will be updated Individual is responsible for ensuring correct address is on file with HR and benefits providers

40 Employee Benefits Contacts/Information
Ronda Perinot, Benefits Administrator All benefit issues and enquiries Mary Anne Walls, Manager, Campus Health & Wellness More complex issues, separation (division of pension), work-place accommodations Manitoba Blue Cross Customer E-Service, Customer Service Centre (phone, , in person) Sun Life Financial (DC Pension, RRSP), Customer Care Centre HR does not have access to employee online account login information

41 Employee Benefits Questions?

42 University of Winnipeg
Safety & Health Ethelinda Padua

43 Fundamentals It’s the law It’s everyone’s responsibility
Safety & Health Fundamentals It’s the law It’s everyone’s responsibility

44 Hazards Safety & Health Chemical Biological Psycho-social Ergonomics
Physical (slips, falls, etc.)

45 Responsibilities Employer Supervisor Employee Contractor Visitor
Safety & Health Responsibilities Employer Supervisor Employee Contractor Visitor

46 Employee’s Rights Safety & Health Right to Know Right to Participate
Right to Refuse Dangerous Work Right to Non-discriminatory Action

47 Safety & Health What steps do you need to take if you have a
safety and health concern? Concerns AND Right to Refuse Dangerous Work, are to be addressed using the following process in sequential order: Supervisor: State your concern to your supervisor – What is the safety and health issue and what are the recommended remedies? Consult the Safety Office whenever necessary If step 1 is not resolved, go to step 3. Request the Safety office to contact the co-chairs of the Workplace Safety and Health Committee for further consultation and obtain their assistance towards a resolution. If step 3 is not resolved, go to step 5. The Supervisor or the Employee to contact the Workplace Safety and Health Division: At this point the University may have exhausted all avenues, and assistance from the Division may be required.

48 Home / Faculty & Staff/ Helpful Links: Emergency Guidelines
Safety & Health Emergency Preparedness & Response Home / Faculty & Staff/ Helpful Links: Emergency Guidelines Overview: Fire Emergency Medical Emergency Chemical Spill Other

49 Safety Office – Program Support
Safety & Health Safety Office – Program Support Website Review: Program Home / Faculty & Staff / Services: Safety Office Reporting of Incidents Home / Faculty & Staff / Services: Safety Office / Incident Reporting Reporting of Concerns/Hazard Alerts Home / Faculty & Staff / Services: Safety Office / Forms & Requests /Safety Concerns - Hazard Alert Form Training Announcements Home / About UWinnipeg / Campus Services / Safety Office / WHMIS / Worker Education Committee Minutes Home / Faculty & Staff / Services: Safety Office / Health and Safety Committee Other - Bulletin Board – Located by 1C05

50 Safety & Health Questions?

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