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For Eligible Employees

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1 For Eligible Employees
Benefits For Eligible Employees

2 Health Insurance Benefits
NDSCS pays full premium for family or single coverage NDPERS Blue Cross/Blue Shield Preferred Providers (PPO) are Sanford and Essentia Deductible $400 individual & $1200 family

3 Health Insurance Benefits
Copay PPO $25 and Basic $30 Coinsurance PPO 80%/20% and Basic 75%/25% NDPERS Web Presentation

4 Life Insurance Benefits
Term Life -Prudential NDSCS pays premium on $3500 death benefit Additional coverage in $5000 increments up to $200,000 (if enroll in first 30 days) Dependent $2000 or $5000 option Spouse ½ of employee coverage up to $50,000 without evidence of insurability Annual enrollment Oct/Nov

5 Life Insurance Benefits
Term Life – Mutual of Omaha Optional term insurance No evidence of insurability if enrolled within 30 days of date of employment Enroll for up to $100,000 on employee Dependent $10,000 coverage Spouse ½ of employee coverage up to $50,000 without evidence of insurability

6 Vision Insurance Benefits
Employee pays premium Provided by Superior No waiting period (if enrolled within 30 days from date of employment) One time lifetime deductible ($40) per person-applies to frames & contact lenses only Coverage on exam, glasses or contacts once every 12 months

7 Dental Insurance Benefits
Employee pays premium Provided by CIGNA Healthcare You have initial 31 days from date of employment to enroll Covered dental services fall into 4 categories Annual max per member benefit is $1000 Annual employee enrollment Oct/Nov

8 Long Term Care Insurance Benefits
Long Term Care (UNUM) Nursing home care, nursing care in your home etc. for employee or spouse Requires applicants to be underwritten prior to approval Coverage is effective the 1st of the month following approval by UNUM HR has the enrollment kit

9 Employee Assistance Program
The Village Family Services (Fargo) NDSCS pays premium Allows 6 individual sessions per household member Alcohol/Drug Dependence, Family, Work-related, Emotional/Financial, Physical/Sexual Abuse, Gambling issues, etc Services can be obtained by calling

10 NDPERS Retirement For broadband staff in the 4000-7000 bands
NDSCS contributes 10.26% of employee’s salary, employee contributes 1% (These contribution will increase an additional 1% beginning 01/01/2013. 5% employee behalf 5.12% employer contribution 1.14% health credit Receive 1 month service credit for each month there is a contribution

11 TIAA/CREF Retirement For administrative, faculty and professional employees ( band) Contributions: 1-2 Years NDSCS 5.5% Employee 1.5% 3-10 Years NDSCS 10.5% Employee 2.5% +10 Years NDSCS 11% Employee 3% (These % will increase 1% on 01/01/2013) You choose investment options Allocation changes are handled by TIAA

12 Flexible Spending Program
Allows employees to pay for qualifying medical expenses and/or day care expenses with tax-deferred dollars Enrollment is on a calendar year basis Yearly elections cannot be changed until the new plan year unless there is a qualifying event (birth, death, marriage, etc) Annual enrollment is in Nov each year

13 Annual Leave Eligible employees earn annual leave based on years of service 12 month employee: Yrs 1-3: 12 days Yrs 4-7: 15 days Yrs 8-12: 18 days Yrs 13-18: 21 days Yrs 18+: 24 days May carry over up to 240 hours yearly/must use 40 hours in year (first year)

14 Sick Leave Full-time, 12 month employees earn 12 days per year
Employees may use up to 40 hours of sick leave to assist eligible family members in seeking medical care Employees less than full-time earn sick leave on a prorated basis

15 Funeral Leave Funeral Leave is available to attend or make funeral arrangements for a death in the employee's family, or in the family of an employee's spouse Employees are allowed up to 24 hours per immediate family member (includes spouse, child, parent, step-parents, brother/sister, grandparents, grandchildren, stepchildren, foster parents, foster children, brother/sister-in-law)

16 Family Medical Leave (FMLA)
Eligible when employed by the state for at least 12 months and have worked at least 1250 hours over the previous 12 months FMLA is an unpaid leave of absence of up to 12 weeks

17 Employee Tuition Waiver
Tuition waived for up to three classes per calendar year within NDUS (some exceptions apply) Release time to attend one class per semester must be worked out with your supervisor NDSCS Online and Distance Ed classes must meet minimum enrollment. Other institutions are dependent upon their campus policy

18 Spouse/Dependent Tuition Discount
50% discount for spouse & eligible dependents on NDSCS tuition Spouse and dependents must meet academic guidelines to be eligible On-line and Distance Ed classes require a minimum enrollment prior to discount approval

19 Employee Discount Programs
Benefits at various banking programs. Brochures are available in HR Customer Service Desk has Discount coupons – ValleyFair & Minn. Zoo Discount tickets - Cinema & Wahpeton Video Sanford Optical offers discounts on eyewear purchases

20 Questions Benefit questions? Call us!

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