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Benefits Orientation Great Benefits for Great People Welcome! My Benefits Orientation.

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1 Benefits Orientation Great Benefits for Great People Welcome! My Benefits Orientation

2 Benefits Orientation Eligibility Requirements Benefit.75 to 1.0 FTE Full-Time (30-40 hours per week).5 to.7 FTE Part-Time (20-29 hours per week) Casual Pool (or less than 20 hours per week) Medical YYN Dental YYN Vision YYN Flexible Spending Accounts YYN Life Insurance YYN AD&D YYN Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance YYN Long-Term Disability YYN Cancer, Heart & ICU YYN LegalShield YYN 403(b) YYY 457(b) YYY Tuition Reimbursement YYN Employee Assistance Program YYY

3 Benefits Orientation Who Can Be Covered You Your Spouse Domestic Partner* Your dependent children (including adopted and step-children) to age 26 You must complete the DP affidavit process before DP coverage can begin

4 Benefits Orientation When Are Benefits Effective First of the Month Following Date of Hire or Eligibility Date Medical Dental Vision Flex Life Insurance Company paid Supplemental Voluntary Life guaranteed amount for newly eligible employees (Underwriting must be completed for excess life insurance and will be effective upon approval) AD&D LTD (1 st of the month following 1 year benefit eligible status) LegalShield Washington National (Underwriting must be completed for coverage and will be effective upon approval) Retirement Plan Company Contribution in 403b plan (1 st of the month following 1 year benefit eligible status) Your Contribution

5 Benefits Orientation Enrollment Deadline 31 days from hire date/date of benefit eligibility Enroll online Benefits elected are in effect as follows: Flexible Spending Accounts – through July 31, 2014 All other elections – through July 31, 2014 Retirement Plan- Your contributions are in effect until you make a change Once elections are made, there cannot be any changes made, unless there is a qualifying event. Open Enrollment for next plan year will be in July for all plans.

6 Benefits Orientation Qualifying Events Marriage, Legal Separation, Divorce, Death Birth, legal adoption, or placement of a child in the home Death of your spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child Change of Dependent Child Status – your child reaches the age limit for coverage or they obtain other coverage Open enrollment of a spouse or domestic partner (Contact Benefits within 31 days of the event)

7 Benefits Orientation Change of your employment status or the employment status of your spouse or domestic partner examples: Regular full time to regular part time status Regular part time to regular full time status Casual pool to regular status or regular status to casual pool Temporary to regular status or regular status to temporary Beginning or end of Leaves of Absence These are not all the Qualifying Events – Call Benefits to find out if your event is a Qualifying Event

8 Benefits Orientation Health Insurance

9 Benefits Orientation Dental

10 Benefits Orientation Vision

11 Benefits Orientation Flexible Spending Accounts How They Work: Set aside a portion of your paycheck before taxes are withheld Money deposited into an account for you held with plan administrator That money used to pay for unreimbursed health care expenses dependent day care expenses Why Participate: Saves you money because you dont pay taxes of what you save

12 Benefits Orientation Flexible Spending Account Limits Healthcare FSA Maximum Annual Contributions: $2,500 for August 1, 2013 to July 31, 2014. Eligible Expenses: Deductibles, co-pays and other expenses not covered by insurance Prescription drugs and medical supplies Dental, orthodontics Vision, eye glasses, contacts, eye surgery

13 Benefits Orientation Flexible Spending Account Limits Dependent Day Care FSA Maximum Annual Contributions: $5,000.00 married/joint return $2,500.00 married/separate return Eligible Expenses: Child care, non-residential summer camps, and elder care that you find necessary to work Eligible Dependents: A child under age 13 that you can claim as a dependent. A spouse or other dependent who is physically or mentally incapable of caring for self

14 Benefits Orientation Know Your Plans Details FSA elections only made at annual enrollment, when you join the company, or have a qualifying event Use-it-or-lose-it Rule Reimbursement options: Debit Card Online Claim Submission Hard-copy claims mailed of faxed Keep Your Receipts

15 Benefits Orientation Life Insurance For You Basic Life/AD&D (no cost to you) -1x salary -AD&D 2x salary Voluntary Supplemental Life -$10,000 - $250,000 available guaranteed issue -$260,000 - $500,000 available if answer health questions -Increments of $10,000 For Your Dependents Voluntary Life*: Spouse/Domestic Partner: -$10,000 – $100,000 available guaranteed issue -$110,000 - $250,000 available if answer health questions -Increments of $10,000 Child: -$1,000 (2weeks – 6 months) -$2,500 (6 months – 26 years) * Must buy additional life on yourself to get for your dependent * When you key in amount you will see premium * Spouse/DP coverage cant exceed employees voluntary life election

16 Benefits Orientation Voluntary Supplemental Life Special GUARANTEED ISSUE for Newly Eligible ONLY! Future requests for coverage at Open Enrollment are subject to Evidence of Insurability $250,000 guaranteed issue Employee Coverage $100,000 guaranteed issue Spouse/DP Coverage Child(ren) Coverage guaranteed issue

17 Benefits Orientation Beneficiary Information

18 Benefits Orientation Long Term Disability No Cost to You Coverage is effective first of month following one year in a benefits-eligible status PAYS 60% of base monthly earnings (not taxable) after being totally disabled for 180 days

19 Benefits Orientation LegalShield Cancer/Heart/ICU

20 Benefits Orientation Fidelity Retirement Plan

21 Benefits Orientation Tuition Reimbursement Eligibility- Full-time & Part-time (20-29 hours/week) 6 months of service Reimbursement- 24 College-Credit Hours per Fiscal Year Prorated on assigned FTE status 1.0 to 0.9 = 24 hrs; 0.8 to 0.7 = 21 hrs; 0.6 to 0.5 = 18 hrs 4 courses per semester limit Reimbursement up to UNM regular in-state or CNM in- county rate (course fee reimbursement with itemized receipt) Process- Apply prior to class start date See HR policy 370 – Tuition Reimbursement for details

22 Benefits Orientation Additional Benefits

23 Benefits Orientation My Annual (Vacation) Leave 10 days by end of your 1 st year –Accruals prorated on hours worked (max 3.08 hours per pay period) 1 additional day for every additional year until accruals max at 20 days/year Eligible to use Annual Leave after 5 months service See HR policy 215 – Leave Annual for details

24 Benefits Orientation My Paid Holidays 1-New Years Day 2-New Years Eve Day or Day After N.Y.D. 3-Memorial Day 4-Independence Day 5-Labor Day 6-Thanksgiving Day 7-Thanksgiving Day After 8-Christmas Day 9-Christmas Eve Day or Day After Christmas Day 9 Paid Holidays per Year Up to 8 paid hours per holiday based on normal schedule See HR policy 225 – Leave Holiday for details

25 Benefits Orientation Sick Leave 7 Days Minor Sick Leave Accrual per Year –Accruals prorated on hours worked (max 2.15 hours per pay period) –Use for absences up to 24 consecutively scheduled work hours due to illness or injury 6 Days Major Sick Leave Accrual per Year Accruals prorated on hours worked (max 1.85 hours per pay period) Use for absences over 24 consecutively scheduled work hours due to illness or injury Eligible to use Sick Leave after 90 days service See HR policy 235 – Leave Sick for details

26 Benefits Orientation Lots of Other Benefits Direct Deposit NM Educators Federal Credit Union United Way via Payroll Deduction Employee Assistance Program Discount Programs: Recreation, Shopping, Child Care, Fitness, Car Services, Dining and more Half-Price Popejoy & Lobo Season Tickets and access to UNM Rec Services, Johnson Gym & more via LoboCard Employee Referral Bonus Program Annual Sick Leave Sell-Back Opportunity Catastrophic Leave & Medical Crisis Leave Bank Programs Employee Service Teams Participation Reward & Recognition Programs (I CARE) Service Awards Program & Recognition Banquet Annual UNMH/HSC Family Fun Day Employee Scholarship & Training Opportunities


28 Benefits Orientation


30 Using Lawson My HR and Employee Self Service

31 My HR A dding Dependents Benefits Orientation








39 Employee Self Service Enrolling in Benefits

40 Benefits Orientation

















57 Deadline to Enroll in Benefits You have 31 days from hire/eligibility date to enroll. Enrollment is on-line If you do not enroll, you will only have life insurance/AD&D

58 Benefits Orientation Any Questions? Call HR Benefits Lisa Mittman Benefits Tech. 272-5642 Calandra Redhouse Benefits Specialist 272-1903 The information in this presentation is not intended to replace benefit plan details. Please refer to summaries of benefit plans and Policies and Procedures for specifics. Email HR Benefits

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