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Student & Work Study Employment Facts & Time Card Training

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1 Student & Work Study Employment Facts & Time Card Training

As a student worker you are REQUIRED to: Have completed a w-4 and an I-9 at the Human Resources Department (Located in the Lower Level of DiGregorio). This requires showing two forms of original ID or a valid passport. Work Papers will not be issued by the Human Resources Office without a completed I-9 and W-4 on file. Have completed a student work paper for each position you will be working and have submitted them to the Human Resources PRIOR to beginning work (this needs to be done each semester and for each summer term). Have read the FP timecard training to insure that you know how to complete your timecard. You will also want to go over the procedures for timecard submission and corrections with your supervisor(s). You are NOT allowed to work more than 20 hours for the University in any given week. The ONLY exception to this is during school breaks (winter & summer). For time card and pay check related questions, please contact Kerry Bergeron at ext or by at For questions regarding Student Employment Procedures, FPU policy or payroll laws, please contact the Human Resources Department at ext or by at

COMPLETING YOUR TIME CARD It is an important part of your employment with FPU that you record your work time in and out daily. The State of NH and the Federal Department of Labor REQUIRES that we: Record payroll information so that your time card reflects the time your shift began and ended. So put the actual time you worked, not what you were scheduled to work. Please make sure you are putting your “in” time on the IN section and your “out” time on the OUT section of the timecard. It should not be reversed as it is confusing for Payroll. Always remember to make sure that you are indicating am or pm on the time in/out section. You can simply put an “a” or “p”. This ensures correct calculation of the hours worked. It is against wage and hour law to complete a time card for a fellow employee. Any employee caught doing this could be subject to disciplinary actions up to and including termination. CORRECTING MISTAKES ON YOUR TIME CARD Pencils and red ink cannot be used, all timecards must be done in blue or black ink only. You are not allowed to use white-out on your timecard. If you need to make a correction on your time, cross out the time with one line through the time (5:00 pm). You must, by law, initial any changes/corrections that are made to your time card. If you or your supervisor believe that your time was incorrectly recorded, the supervisor must meet with you to discuss the potential error. If you discover an issue after you have received your check, you and your supervisor must contact the Payroll Specialist, Kerry Bergeron at ext or by at SUBMITTING YOUR TIME CARD Please pay careful attention to when timecards are due. Payroll runs on very specific deadlines. We want to make sure everyone gets paid correctly and on time. You must submit your timecard to your supervisor immediately following the end of the pay period (No later than Monday at 9am). Failure to do so could result in disciplinary actions up to and including student employment termination.

Emp. # MM/DD/YY NAME 1-####-5020 Regular time in and time out is to be recorded as indicated in this example. NH Labor laws require that we offer you a 30 minute break period if you work more than five consecutive hours during one shift. You must designate your lunch by clocking out and in as shown here. If your supervisor has given you permission, you may work through your lunch break, if applicable. You then must indicate no lunch taken on your timecard as “NL” on the applicable date. This is how time is recorded if you work two shifts in a given day. . 4.5 3/ :00a-12:30p 8 4/ :30a-4:30p 8:00a-11:00a 8.5 4/2 NL 8:00a-4:30p 5 4/ :30a-4:30p 8:00a-11:00a

5 7 & 8 MINUTE RULE This chart can quickly assist you in determining whether you are paid to the next quarter hour or not. For example: If you arrive at 8:07, you will be paid from 8:00am. If you leave at 4:39, you will be paid to 4:45. MINUTES 01 23 38 02 24 39 03 25 40 .00 04 26 41 05 27 42 06 28 43 07 .50 (30 minutes) 29 44 08 30 .75 (45 minutes) 45 09 31 46 10 32 47 11 33 48 12 34 49 13 35 50 .25 (15 minutes) 14 36 51 15 37 52 16 53 17 54 18 55 19 56 20 57 21 58 22 59 60


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