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1 TV Advert presentation
By Lucie Jones, Jess clouder, Paulina Maryanska and Raice Bassett

2 INTRODUCTION Advert 1 Advert 2 Advert 3
The Product USP History competitors Previous Adverts Skittles were first commercially made in Britain in 1974; they then made their way to American in 1979 making them the second best chewy sweets after starbursts. Even though skittles are also owned by wriggles who are an add on to Mars Inc. it’s still a competitor. biggest competition for starburst is fruit pastels who are owned by nestle, created in 1988 Joseph Rowntree. Unlike starbursts and skittle fruit pastels took a different approach when keeping up with the market creating one of the most popular ice lollies, by taking some of their most iconic flavours fruit pastels took to the ice cream trade. The last competitor for starburst would be fruitellas, which are very much like starburst with their fruit flavoured chewy sweets don’t have the same advantage, as starburst have been around for many decades there well know and a trusted brand with all families unlike fruitellas who are fairly new launching in 2007. Advert 1 Advert 2 Advert 3 Starburst the brand was released by MARS Inc. in the UK in 1911 with its original name opal fruits. MARS Inc. was founded by Frank C. Mars . Mars Inc. annual sales in 2012 were at $30 billion ranking them 3rd largest privately held company in the United States by Forbes. Mars Inc. was doing so well that they decided to make a new brand that would be Subsidiary to mars Inc. , which is the famous chewing gum company wriggles ,Mars later brought wriggles all together in 2008. When the starburst were first released they had four flavour, strawberry, lemon, orange and lime, but lime was later replaced with cherry. Opal final introduced in the United States in 1967 Starbursts have been around for centuries creating a great name for the company within all households and everyone has herd of them one way or another. Starburst also try and cater for everyone with their product being suitable for vegetarians it means they haven’t missed out on any part of the market. Starburst have also updated there brand by adding different flavour of fruit chew from the people favour voted by the public FavRED and very berry as a survey proved people preferred strawberry, blackcurrant and cherry. Our product is starbursts fruit chews. A chewy fruit flavoured sweet, that colours match the flavour, with strawberry, lemon, orange and lime You can normally spot them from a far in there iconic bright yellow packet and red writing. You can also buy them in big bags to share with friends. The starburst have upgraded there selection of fruit chews by adding new packets with different flavours with faveRED which are found in a pink packet, tropical which are in a turquoise packet, very berry in a dark blue packet and flavour morph but all the packets still have the iconic red text in the yellow bubble.

3 Psychographic Profile
TARGET AUDIENCE Demographic Profile Psychographic Profile Mood board How It Appeals Even though starburst has a large target audience we’ve based our advert on one particular category, teenagers aged from 13 – 18 The reason for this is because in the advert we have used a modern song that is catchy, and also normally in an adverts we get 1 or 2 people sharing the product but in our advert there is a group of friends sharing the starburst Many teenagers would be interested if they see people about the same age and fell included in the advert. Our demographic audience is aimed at teenagers between the ages of 13 – 18 because At this age they can start to earn pocket money or even have a job, meaning you can start to by you own things. We also aiming at both genders as starburst are perfect for all. Our advert is very much about bringing out you inner child, at the age of 13 you are still immature, attracted to the bright colour, Even when you get to the higher end of our age spectrum you still are a little immature and just like many that age like to relax with there friends. The psychographic profile of our audience is people who are very social and like to socialise, whether they like to play video games, watching movies or just chilling with friends in general. Our audience are at that age were they are very much all about having a social life. The profile of our audience are people who like everything about technology. The kind of class that we are aiming at are working ,middle class people who are likely to play video game and enjoy messing around with friends, but People in upper class stereotypically don’t tend to make a fool of themselves and may not be as reluctant to be immature.

Channel placement Reason for channel placement E4 - November 18th – 24th The big bang theory (Thu 8:30pm) pulled in 2, viewers Holly oaks (Mon 7pm) pulled in 976,000 viewers MTV Base - November 18th – 24th Nicki Minaj: the official top 10 (Mon 2pm) pulled in 25,000 viewers MTV Hits – November 4th – 10th The Official Chart Update ( Thu 7pm) pulled in 24,000 viewers ITV – November 04th – 10th Coronation street (Mon 8:30 pm) pulled in 9, viewers When it comes to TV both male and female watch different TV shows but according to research when it comes to similarity the both prefer music channels such as MTV Base and MTV hits Research also shows that both genders are pulled in, watching one of TV biggest soaps Coronation street. Showing our TV advert during coronation street would help us get a bigger audience and at age 13 – 18 you still may rely on there parent for money We have also decided to show our advert on channel 4 and E4 because from the age of 13 right up to 18 you watch some of the most talked about TV shows such as Big Bang theory and hollyoaks.

5 PRODUCTION Job Roles Task Overview Producer Director Scriptwriter Camera operator Editor We had to do a lot of research before we even started filming to make sure everyone knew what they were doing, when and where, also insure the safety for the cast and crew. To make sure the cast and crew were protected we started with a health and safety report insure and thing deemed unsafe could be sorted. We also did a layout of the location so everyone has rough idea where things are stopping them from being hurt and the location damage. Next we had to make sure all the cast, crew and location owner had sign the correct paper work. Before shooting we did a storyboard, shooting schedule and Props and costume to insure everything was ready to go.

6 NEW ADVERTISEMENT Synopsis Key Message New Advertisement Our advert is all about getting the message across that starburst are not just a sweet but can also help change the mood of any situation. We tried to create this by making the ideal teenage scenario, a bunch of friends just chilling . Many of the friends are bored, so bored that one walks out of the room. One of the other friends remembers that they had brought starburst so decides to open them The mood suddenly changes for a bunch of bored teenagers to smiles from ear to ear enjoying themselves. The first friend hear the noise and comes back in while the rest try to cover up that they’ve been eating starbursts but they forget to pick a couple of empty wraps Where trying to get across that they can brighten any mood changing a group of friend from being bored to dancing and enjoying themselves. Were also trying to get across that the irresistibleness of the smooth soft texture and the fruity taste bring out your inner child. The flavour burst in your mouth creating this feeling that comes over you making it irresistible for you to stay still making you get up and have fun. Starburst are so tasty that no – one can be left without one.

7 What didn’t go well and what we would do different
EVALUATION Success of production What went well What didn’t go well and what we would do different When we first started this project we came up with what we thought was a successful idea later on we realised that it wasn’t the most practically idea When it came do the planning side we divided it up equally making it up to a high standard Picking the location was fairly easy as we knew exactly what we wanted in the location so when we found a house quite close While shooting we use familiar faces for actors including ourselves which helped create a calm and easy working environment. To start with we should make sure that all the documents we needed, were on site We only allowed 2 days to film and an extra day for re shooting. We only just managed to get the filming done on these two days, so we should allow more time and make sure the equipment is up and ready. The idea we started with was not realistic for us to create, in the time bracket we was given. So a couple of days were wasted working on a bad idea. We tried to stick to the plan, but in some circumstances we were less organised with what we was doing, due to not following the plan. Most importantly enjoy it! In some cases we were panicking about the work load, when we should of just talked to each other to help one and other with the work. We all believe that overall the project was a success. we could have been more organised when it came to shooting times. In a group we all did what was needed and no one ever had to be asked to do their jobs, finishing everything on time, this was down to making sure everyone knew exactly what they was doing and when it needed to be done to, at the beginning of planning. there wasn’t a lot of pressure and tension between the group, making working together easy and enjoyable as every one knew what to do when.


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