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Dani Wilkinson View on -advert-review -advert-review

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1 Dani Wilkinson View on -advert-review -advert-review -advert-review

2   We weren’t able to download the right sound effects for our radio advert from suggested websites so instead we recorded our own sounds which were better because it was exactly what we wanted it to sound like. Our sound effects include: typing on a keyboard, popping noises and ‘wooo’ noises. This departed from our original plan because we wanted a real popping sound for the lollypop part but we couldn’t use one so we used the finger in the mouth pop which was as close as we could get.  The website we needed to convert the sound track into a MP3 file was blocked, so we had to go to the IT department in our school and ask for it to be converted for us. It then got emailed to us and we used it for our advert. We didn’t mind about this happening because it was exactly what we wanted to happen. What creative decisions did you have to make so solve problems and how did this depart from your original plan?

3   Me and Reece worked together every task we had to a high quality because we helped each other if one of us didn’t understand how to do something and we constantly gave each other feedback in order for our work to be of a high standard.  We didn’t have many challenges to face, the only one we had was the backing track conversion, where we asked the technician to change it for us.  We had to record twice because our voices echoed in the big room and also we had made a mistake with the script where we repeated the same thing twice, so we had to work together to think of something else to say and then record again. Both individually and working with others how did you work and what challenges did you face?

4   In our advert, we used fun and catchy music embedded underneath the dialogue and short sound effects. We used a competition within the advert to get people more interested in it and involved, it would get more people knowing about the shop and make more people want to go. This was mainly aimed at children because they are interested in winning sweet prizes.  Everything that we said in our advert rhymed this makes it annoying and easier to remember so it sticks with you, also it makes it more catchy, meaning more people will talk about it. This hooked our target audience because the kids would remember the rhyme if they heard it often enough. What advertising techniques did you use to hook your target audience?

5   The technology enables us to record the sound effects we wanted for our advert. Using the recorder was hard because I hadn’t before so I learnt how to start and stop the recording, how to save it and listen to what we recorded and also how to delete what we didn’t want.  We could convert the music videos into MP3 files making us able to import the song into the Sony Vegas. We didn’t do this ourselves because it was restricted on our computer so we got the IT technician to do it for us.  Using Sony Vegas we could put the sound effects in the advert and move them about into the right place in the recording. We could also make the music quieter and sound effects louder so it didn’t over power our voices and it was still clear and easy to understand what was being said. We could use the splitter to cut out parts of our recording that we didn’t like or bits that weren’t useful and delete them. Sony Vegas was easy to use because it was simple and I knew what to do because I had used it before.  None of the equipment we had was hard to use as we both knew all the software's and devices that we were using so we could help each other. How did technology enable the creative process? Was it difficult to use any of the equipment and did you learn any skills.

6   We used a loop on the keyboard sound effect so that it lasted the same time as the the voice when it was talking about the competition.  We used a backing track, which is the Willy Wonka theme tune which suits the radio advert genre because it. This track was embedded in the radio advert so it was quite underneath the talking.  We used a voice over of us talking about the candy shop.  We used Sound Effects, which was a mouth pop, keyboard typing sounds, party noises and gasp sounds played in the right places in the recording, we did this to emphasise what was being said.  We included the name of our product so everyone knew what it was we were talking about. We also said a website to go to, expanding on the different ways to contact us. What conventions of radio adverts have you used and why?

7   We are representing a Candy shop by using a well known sound track to ‘Willy Wonka’ which will be easy and quick to recognise what it is about. We talk about the candy shop in our advert and we have a competition in which we say how to contact us as well which is advertising our company. What or who are you representing in your advert and how?

8   We were told that the music that was used underneath was too loud so we lowered it and enhanced the voice over so it was easier to hear.  We were also told that the sound effects should be a little bit louder so that it makes sense and you can hear them, but it shouldn’t be too loud that it takes attention away from the voices.  One person said that there was too much differentiation between our voices because it’s both male and female voices talking. I don’t think that it was that bad because the fact we are using both genders makes it seem more family friendly. What feedback did you get and did this help you realise anything about your project.

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