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Research Into Magazine Shows The One Show The Gadget show.

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1 Research Into Magazine Shows The One Show The Gadget show

2 Magazine Shows To define a magazine show would be quite simple but because of its nature there are many sub forms and genres if you can call them this, like in music you have Pop, Punk, Rock Metal and so many more sub genres. With TV magazine shows there are a two types you can have, Specialist Shows and General magazine shows. But you still could split them up into many more sub sections depending on the time of day and style of show.

3 General Magazine T.V Shows They are made up of articles on subjects that have been chosen to appeal to the shows target audience. The items will informative and suited to the audience, they will also include performances and outside broadcasts. Included in the show will be Mix of studio chat, news, gossip and interviews Two presenters Blue peter styled demos and performances. These demos are VTs (video tape) or live!

4 Specialist T.V Magazine Shows A studio show based show on one subject with the use of VTs throughout the show This style of show gives a big Varity in each show/season A specialist show will have three presenters I.E The Gadget Show and Top Gear are the biggest in Britain. These type of shows bring a great deal of entertainment for all audiences and are normally at peak time during the T.V scheduled week. Since these shows are not just aimed at one specific target audience they bring mass viewings and welcomes most viewers to tune in and be entertained, like the whole family watching top gear.

5 The Shows General Magazine Show- The One show Specialist Magazine Show- The Gadget Show

6 The Content

7 The One Show The One Show is a show that is providing the public with very usefully and up to date information in an informative and fun manner. This means VTs on films and stories outside the studio and around the UK etc a good source of relaxed information Use of many locations, guests in the studio, interview styles chats (quite serious) Live background in the studio, seems real time relate to the audience, guest relate to current affairs and popular subjects I.E films and celebrity gossip 30 minuets long the one show

8 The Gadget Show Gadget news, new and old technology information Fun challenges, guests, fun items Famous people review items and partake in challenges with the gadgets Geeky but fun news Latest up to date news on most genres of gadgets the gadget show

9 The Presentation - Stars/Reporters

10 The one show Live studio audience/ camera crew Warm welcome, chatty but informative. Touch upon tough sore subjects like terrorism. Have a news styled presenting skills with sections of chatty informal chats. Give the feel of un rehearsed and improvised. This provides a relaxed feel given to the audience. Allows the audience to sit back and soak all this information in

11 The Gadget Show Fun Witty banter Slight rivalry between presenters/fun Competition/ involves the audience in a favorite presenter willing them to win in the challenges Chatty informal style of relaying the information. The presenters look at home as if they were discussing this within their home, providing the audience to feel involved

12 The Look - Set design/ Graphics

13 The One Show Live back ground, bright colours, use of sofas, open windows and light lighting the studio. Camera pans, camera on a crane moving round the studio providing interesting shots. This crane allows the presenters to stay in one place as the audience feel like they move Graphics used on certain sections to introduce parts of the shows and VTs, Use of coffee table, cups of water, colorful floor, big wide set with colorful poles and items in the backdrop of the set. TV on set used to pan out to show VTs and logos in the back drop

14 The Gadget Show The use of sofas and colorful seating arrangements, shelves full of gadgets and pictures, Old games consoles, toys on set and objects to entertain the viewer. Big set, bright colours, bright lights used to highlight backdrop, side lighting to highlight objects in demo. The set is like a lads pad or a geeky living room but all in fun and light hearted way

15 The Sound – music

16 The One Show Sounds tracks in VTs. Studio is the clapping of the crew. Laughing from the studio, full involvement from crew. Soundtracks used, and non digetic sound tracks used on VTs I.E Shakespeare music when an actor was talking about his Shakespeare play.

17 The Gadget Show Backing tracks used on VTs and demos Use of voice over in demos and object observation Some studio laughter Up to date tracks and gadget sounds used during the show

18 The Audience – involvement/ treatment

19 The One Show Live audience, studio. Treat VTs as if they are informing the audience like short documenters. Talk to the audience as if they are in the studio, see you next time or same time next week its quite informal and inviting. Competitions and phone ins used

20 The Gadget Show The famous Massive gadget show give away, many gadgets given away every week by a simple question Competition phone in Asking the public to text, email, tweet and facebook comment on the show and what they do in the show

21 What do you like and why? The differences between the show, there is a definite line between the two, there are some comparisons that are very different due to the target audiences, these depend on the content and the presenter style and this is very obvious in the links below. the gadget showthe gadget show/The one showThe one show I personally enjoy the more fun and inventive approach of the gadget show, I feel it fits more into my age and product range. I enjoy the items the present and the format of the show. The one show is a very good show and is very informative, the format is brilliant and generic throughout but I feel it has to many subject in sonw show and I prefer the specialist show on a particular subject


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