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HQ Operations Town Hall Jay M. Henn Executive Director, HQ Operations November 3, 2011 1.

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1 HQ Operations Town Hall Jay M. Henn Executive Director, HQ Operations November 3, 2011 1

2 Agenda WelcomeJay Henn, Executive Director, HQ Operations David Noble, NASA HQ CFCNCA Campaign Manager David Redman, Director, Facilities and Administrative Services Division Donna Burgess, Deputy Director, Human Resources Management Division Kelly Carter, HQ CIO, Information Technology and Communications Division Questions 2

3 Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA) David Noble HQ CFCNCA Campaign Manager

4 HQ Facilities & Administrative Services Division David Redman Director

5 SWING SPACE UPDATE Swing space located at 1201 and 1225 I Street, NW Occupancy on the 3rd and 4th floor of 1201 and 12th floor of 1225 Construction complete Working through punch list IT equipment ordered IT service order in process Shuttle service will be provided between 1201/1225 and NASA HQ Metro access and parking 5

6 Building Update Design Intent Drawings (DID) for HQ building reviewed and returned Construction Drawings for 5 th and 9 th floors reviewed and returned General Contractor selected by Piedmont Biweekly meetings with Piedmont, their contractor team, GSA, and NASA HQ continue Review schedule and deliverables Ensure code compliance Web Site: 6

7 Building Renovation Work to be done at landlords expense: Replace HVAC system with a variable air volume (VAV) system Replace boilers for hot water supply Repairs to garage floor Blast proof film on windows Renovate Restrooms New more efficient lighting 7

8 Building Renovation Work to be done at NASA expense: Renovate fitness center and locker rooms Renovate health unit Galleys on each floor Upgrade AV and renovate MICs and PRC Renovate Training rooms Upgrade AV in Auditorium New modular glass walls on office fronts Upgrade IT cable plant to CAT 6 cable 8

9 Typical Floor Layout 9

10 Elevator Lobby 10

11 Restacking Plan Restack building in a 10-phase approach Each phase will take approximately 17.5 weeks Vacate the 5th floor Move population equivalent to the 5th floor to the Off-Site swing space Off-Site swing space provided at building owners expense Renovate 5th Floor and use as internal swing space Move population to permanent floor Try to move population just once Return swing space personnel to HQ (approx. 2015) 11

12 Schedule Open House of FASD Space-May 11, 2011 Renovate external Swing Space-Jul 2011 Move to Swing Space-Oct 2011 ~ Jan 2012 Renovate 5 th floor-Dec 2011 TBD Move 9 th floor to 5 th floor-Feb 2012 TBD Return 9 th floor to 9 th floor-May 2012 TBD Complete renovation-Apr 2015 12

13 Communications Plan Town Halls for All Personnel Status reports Targeted Town Halls for occupants of floor being renovated Two weeks prior to moving to the 5 th floor Two weeks prior to leaving the 5 th floor NASA Inc. Heads Up notes Web Site: 13

14 By 2015 we will have the best physical environment for our workforce. 14

15 Back Up Slides 15

16 Swing Space Location 16

17 17

18 18

19 19

20 Design Advantages HVAC wall units will be used properly and help balance the building HVAC system Reduced hot and cold spots Improved air circulation/quality Increased natural lighting has been proven to increase productivity Reduce overall energy usage 20

21 LEED Certification Piedmont is required to achieve Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Certification Construction Interiors Goal is Silver Requires a partnership between landlord and NASA 21

22 LEED Certification NASA can receive LEED points toward certification through the following actions: Reuse at least 30% of existing furniture Provide a thermally comfortable environment that supports the productivity and well-being of tenant space occupants Achieve increasing levels of energy conservation for HVAC beyond the prerequisite standard to reduce environmental impacts associated with excessive energy use 22

23 External Swing Space Occupants Office of Strategic Infrastructure Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer Office of the Chief Information Officer Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (Partial ) Chief Engineer (Partial) Office of Communications (Partial) 23

24 Human Resources Management Division Donna Burgess Deputy Director

25 2011 Employee Viewpoint Survey Heres What We Know: Survey was administered to 100% of HQs employees (including NSSC and OIG) 50.4% response rate (819 employees); Two areas of strength are: – When needed I am willing to put in the extra effort to get a job done (98% positive response); and – I am constantly looking for ways to do my job better (92% positive response). Two areas of challenge are: – Pay raises depend on how well employees perform their job (36% negative response); and – In my work unit, steps are taken to deal with a poor performer who cannot or will not improve (34% negative response). Best Places to Work Rankings will be released mid November Heres Whats Next: We have work to do! – Share data to HQ organizations before end of November – Determine the right HQ-wide approach – Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! 25

26 Headquarters Buyout OPM approved the Headquarters Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA) and Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment Authority (VSIP) for FY2012 and 2013 Limited SES/ST/SL and GS positions Briefings: November 8 and 16, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm in VITS Room CD61 Application period November 7 through 18 Off roles by December 31, 2011 Communication and Application via the HR Portal: 26


28 Diversity and Inclusion Awareness WHEN: Thursday, November 10, 2011 Two Sessions: 9:00 am to Noon and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm WHERE: Room 3P44/3P50 CONTACT: Adib Sabree at (202) 358-0922 HQ HRMD, Employee and Organizational Excellence Branch WHO: All civil servant managers, supervisors, leaders, and employees 28

29 Information Technology & Communications Division Kelly Carter HQ CIO

30 End User Services Update ACES contract awarded to Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services (HP ES) – Agency-wide follow-on to the ODIN contract HP ES assumed management of all ODIN equipment on November 1 st Headquarters is expected to deploy a small number of new laptops and desktops in November and December – General deployment is expected to begin in January 2012 – Refresh of computer seats will take place during the first 2-3 years Oldest machines will be refreshed first – Network printers and multi-function devices will be replaced by April 2012 – Mobile devices will be replaced according to previous ODIN refresh schedule – ITCD is working with each organizations IT Point of Contact to coordinate the ordering and deployment of the new seats 30

31 Enterprise Service Desk Update NASA Shared Service Center (NSSC) established a single service capability for all I3P support contracts, beginning November 1 st, including: 24X7 Help Desk A Self-help Web site An Ordering System for I3P Services Access to all I3P Services including the ACES Product Catalog (APC) Headquarters users will continue to call the same number for IT support: 358- HELP (x4357), Press 1 for computer services Toll free 1-888-677-2123 Will connect to the ESD Process for obtaining support will be similar, but tickets and surveys may look different Self-help (Tier 0) website is available to handle most of the routine IT support questions and issues Users are encouraged to try this first 31

32 ITCD Points of Contact I3P Center Integration Lead – Elaine Bowman: End User Services Subject Matter Expert (SME) – Joe Lanasa: Enterprise Service Desk SME – Tuesday Dodson: Communications SME – Mary Shouse: Please visit our website for more information: 32

33 Questions and Answers 33

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