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Wes Enterline, History of efforts at UW-Whitewater Current efforts at UW-Whitewater Future efforts – where were headed.

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1 Wes Enterline,

2 History of efforts at UW-Whitewater Current efforts at UW-Whitewater Future efforts – where were headed

3 1994 through 2001 – Wisconsin Energy Initiative Performance contract with Johnson Controls, Inc. Energy audit Upgraded capital equipment Energy savings confirmed through measurement Payment made from actual energy savings realized

4 Performance Contract Results 21% reduction in annual energy consumption 1.67 million kWh electricity use reduced annually Equivalent to removing 220 cars from the road 43.94 million pounds of steam use reduced annually Equivalent to removing 52 cars from the road

5 Wisconsin DOA – LS Power Energy Generation Contract UW-W coal-fired boilers taken offline LS co-generation plant uses 100% natural gas Provides very inexpensive steam to UW-W CO2 emissions reduced 40.3% Equivalent to removing 894 cars from the road

6 Wisconsin Executive Order 145: reduce weather corrected energy use per square foot by: 10% from FY 05 levels by FY 08 - Accomplished with 17% reduction; second highest of UW System schools 20% from FY 05 levels by FY 09 – UW-Green Bay is only UW to reach this goal early with 26.7% by FY 08 Areas to consider Continued replacement of HID outdoor lighting with LED or induction Continued improvement of indoor fluorescent Bulb reduction program

7 Signed in March 2007 by Chancellor Saunders and affirmed by Chancellor Telfer Commits us to: Conduct greenhouse gas inventory Implement a plan to reduce carbon emissions Final goal of reducing our net greenhouse gas emissions to zero

8 Type of EmissionsTotal Emissions (CO 2 e)Percent of Total Off-Campus Electricity19,288.5642.08% Off-Campus Steam14,491.1131.61% Directly Financed Outsourced Travel3,275.407.15% Student Commuting3,268.727.13% Study Abroad Travel2,177.524.75% Transmission and Distribution Losses1,521.513.32% Staff Commuting969.132.11% Faculty Commuting583.971.27% Direct Transportation247.900.54% Solid Waste123.090.27% Refrigerants & Chemicals84.050.18% On-Campus Stationary44.920.10% Agricultural Sources0.180.00% Offsets-235.02-0.51% TOTAL45,841.04100.00%


10 Clearinghouse of sustainability efforts on our campus Resource for sustainability information and links to other websites Student involvement options Recycling guidelines Key tool to advertise our commitment to sustainability as a campus Education tool for students Marketing tool for prospective students Outreach tool for alumni and community members

11 WasteCap – 1 st for Wisconsin universities 98% of demolition waste recycled 72% of construction waste recycled LED lighting for four campus parking lots New dormitory – LEED Gold standards

12 Starin Hall – New dormitory being built to LEED Gold standards Basic energy efficiency expectations for HVAC, lighting, hot water and renewable energy Electricity monitoring system and display Preferred parking for carpools and low emissions/fuel efficient vehicles Light pollution reduction and daylighting Efficient wastewater handling and water efficient landscaping Recycling for occupants and for construction waste Use of materials that are produced regionally or contained recycled content and are non-toxic See for more information.


14 From January 2005 – September 2009 1089 tons of recycling, 3489 tons of trash 24.7% recycling rate Waste hauler is Johns Disposal Recycling policy Still used original policy from 1992 Updated last year to reflect single-stream process Relabeling blue bins, removing green bins, and adding bins to common areas where needed Perceptions on campus Breaking through apathy Uncertainty is the enemy of compliance

15 Competition each spring 604 universities nationwide Measure: % of waste stream being recycled Reduction of total waste 2009 Results 28% recycling rate (up from 22% in 2008) 3 rd among Wisconsin schools 82 of 206 schools in the Competition Division

16 Trayless food service High efficiency dishwashers Fair-trade, organic and shade-grown coffee and chai tea Convert used cooking oil to bio-diesel Reusable to-go container for cold beverages Plastic mug made from corn for hot drinks for hot beverages and soup Expanded local food selection

17 Campus energy dashboard Assessment of alternative energy on campus Solar photovoltaic and possibly wind Hyland Hall, Young Auditorium Continued outdoor lighting retrofits to LED and induction Green IT Native prairie landscaping

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