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Greening Construction

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1 Greening Construction
O’Hare and McGovern Date: October Breda McAteer MCIOB Quality & Sustainability Manager

2 Ben Ainslie 8-1 down 4 times Olympic winner in the team
Beat Team New Zealand 9-8

3 Course Agenda SWMP Future Direction O’Hare & McGovern Why go Green
Accreditations ISO 14001 SWMP Future Direction BES 6001 BREEAM Social Clauses

4 O’Hare & McGovern Established in 1972
D&B, PPP, Traditional procurement Markets in Scotland, England, IOM, Ireland Portfolio Universities, Colleges & Schools Health Care and Leisure Commercial General Contracting

5 Omagh College -Design & Build


7 QUB Library

8 Radisson Hotel

9 Obel

10 Wedding Cake & Government Isle of Man

11 Antrim Civic Centre

12 Down District Council

13 Why go Green? Competitive advantage Cost savings
Accreditations Answering questions for submissions Cost savings Management of processes & staff Legal compliance Improved Corporate image

14 Green Strategy Planning
Accreditation to ISO 14001 Integrate into Core Management System

15 Plan Integrated Management Procedures Policies, Objectives & Targets
Environmental Risk Assessments Register of Legislation Action Plan Check Act Do P D A C Plan

16 Do Procedures & Controls Project Execution Plan
Structure & Responsibilities Structured training Environmental Planning Check Act P D A C Plan Do

17 Environmental Management
Monthly internal QEHS Audits External Bi-annual Audits Act Do P D A C Plan Check

18 Corrective Action Plans Bi-annual Management Reviews
Non- compliances Bi-annual Management Reviews Review Procedures Review Targets Identify Action for Continuous Improvement Check Do P D A C Plan Act

19 Policies, Objectives & Targets Reduce Environmental Risk
New Procedures Action Plan Check Act Do P D A C Plan

20 Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP)
Key Strategy Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP)

21 Why Implement a SWMP Ensure legal compliance Excessive waste Costs
Achieve / exceed client expectations Minimise cost implications Reduce environmental impact Up skill employees & supply chain Achieve competitive advantage

22 Key Objectives &Targets
Reduce waste to Landfill by 50% Recycle 100% of Excavation materials Recycle 95% of Construction waste Use 20% of materials from recycled content

23 Waste Hierarchy

24 Cost of waste Cost of skip £120 Actual cost to business £1,200 upwards

25 Rubbish found in Skips Two year old girl Two kittens
1st World War tank shell 5 painting worth over £100million Original Star Wars helmet £40,000.00

26 Preparation Signed up to SmartWaste Waste Minimisation
Responsibilities Forecast types & quantity Identify waste management routes Efficient material handling

27 Implementation Duty of Care Training & Communication
Measure actual types & quantities Waste leaving site Soil removed from site Soils reused on site Monitor implementation

28 Review Report deviation from plan Cost Savings Monthly report to Senior Management

29 Targets Achieved Recycled Diverted from Landfill
100% of Excavation materials 95% of Demolitions 95% of Construction materials Diverted from Landfill 98% Materials with a recycled content 20%

30 Future Direction BES 6001 Sustainable Procurement of Materials
Supply Chain Environmental Accreditation Provide evident of materials Recycled content Buy in waste reduction measures (SWMP)

31 Future Direction BREEAM (Good, Very Good, Excellent)
Approved Accreditation Provide evident materials have recycled content Buy in to our procedures: SWMP Considerate Constructors Scheme

32 Future Direction Social Clauses Employ as % of contract value
Long term unemployed Apprentices Placement students

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