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State of Illinois Energy Office Programs Illinois Energy Now Construction Workshops 2011.

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1 State of Illinois Energy Office Programs Illinois Energy Now Construction Workshops 2011

2 Illinois Energy Office Energy Efficiency Portfolio Incentives Sustainable Practices Technical Assistance Renewable Energy Opportunities Recycling Opportunities

3 Provides cash rebates and incentives for installing energy efficient products/equipment in rehabs and new construction. Goal starts at 0.2% reduction in annual electricity load, rising to 2.0% by 2015 and beyond. Utilities administer 75% of funding DCEO administers 25% of funding Electricity programs began June 1, 2008 Natural Gas programs begin June 1, 2011 Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard

4 Private Sector Businesses Residential Non-profits Program Structure ComEd Ameren Nicor Integrys Ameren DCEO Electric efficiency Gas efficiency Private Sector Businesses Residential Non-profits Public Sector Governments K-12 schools Community colleges Public universities Low-income residential sector Affordable housing PHAs Implementation agencies

5 Program Funding YearStatewide Funding Level DCEO Share 2008$53 million$13 million 2009$110 million$27 million 2010$170 million$42 million 2011 +$235 million$57 million

6 DCEO Illinois Energy Now Programs Low-income residential sector incentives – Low Income Energy Efficient Residential Retrofits – Public Housing Authority Incentive Program – Energy Efficient Affordable Housing Construction Program Public sector incentives – Standard (Prescriptive) Incentive Program – Custom Incentive Program – Public Sector New Construction Incentive Program – Retro-Commissioning Program – Lights for Learning Fundraiser Program Technical assistance – Building Industry Training & Education Program (BITE) – Large-customer Energy Analysis Program (LEAP) – Energy Performance Contracting Program (EPC)

7 Standard & Custom Incentives Standard IncentivesCustom Incentives Set $$ incentive levels for common retrofits: Lighting HVAC Variable frequency drive controls Motors Refrigeration Incentives for electric efficiency upgrades not listed in the Standard Incentive Program $0.12/kWh for Local Govt, Public Schools, Community Colleges $0.09/kWh for Public Universities, State and Federal Government

8 Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) 4 levels of free technical services: 1.Quick advice 2.Site visit and energy consultation 3.Design assistance 4.Implementation assistance Education and training Information on Illinois building energy codes, tax incentives through the 2005 Energy Policy Act, energy rates, and sources of loans and grants A network of Energy Service Providers An informative website:

9 Renewable Energy – Solar Rebate Program – Wind Rebate Program – Rebate amount $50,000 or less – 30% of Project Costs for Residential/Businesses – 50% of Project Costs for Not-Profit/public Sector – Program funded in October/November of 2010

10 Traditional Recycling Grants - Through a competitive process, awards matching grants involving the establishment or expansion of recycling collection or processing programs that address traditional recyclables (e.g.:, fiber, plastic, metal, glass). Project examples: curbside recycling, drop-off recycling, colleges, park districts, office buildings, sports facilities, etc. Electronics Recycling Grants - Permanent Collection/Processing of computers and other electronics (vs. one-day collection events) (REM) Program - grants that help communities and business improve their waste reduction practices and increases use of recyclables to divert materials from landfills Zero Waste Schools - Grants to K-12 Schools to implement or expand recycling and waste reduction programs – i.e. composting, collection containers, paper shredders, can crushers, hand dryers, compost equipment and tools Illinois Recycling Grants Program

11 Kate Tomford (312) 814-1985 Alyson Grady (217) 785-3983 Agnes Mrozowski (217) 524-0933

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