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Team # 19 Lauren Hulett Phong Tran Richard Valle Design Concept Generation Mobility Lift for European Insider Applications Project Sponsor: Harmar Mobility.

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1 Team # 19 Lauren Hulett Phong Tran Richard Valle Design Concept Generation Mobility Lift for European Insider Applications Project Sponsor: Harmar Mobility Inc. Project Advisor: Dr. Carl A. Moore, Ph.D. 1

2 Introduction From Our Sponsor Harmar is an innovation and design leader that is dedicated to helping individuals enhance their mobility, independence, and quality of life. Their wide range of accessibility and mobility solutions are all built to offer the highest quality, reliability, and value. Sponsor: Harmar Mobility Specialty: Lift mechanisms for Mobility devices Model: Volkswagen Golf VI 2

3 Customer Specific Needs and Expectations The specific needs given to us by the client are: 1.It should be light weight, and easy to handle. 2.It should have a standard fold down option. 3.Capacity of 60 kg (roughly 130 lbs) 4.Motor needs to be as low as possible. 5.Adjustable boom height and length. 6.Small remote control. 3

4 Existing Technology B&Ss Samson Lift Specifications Lift capacity of 115kg (250lb) Maximum height: 100cm (39.4in.) Maximum length: 65cm (25.6in.) Advantage Collapsible Disadvantages Rotation into vehicle is manual 4

5 Existing Technology AutoAdapt Carolift 6000 Specifications Maximum Capacity: 181kg (400lb) Minimum height: 87cm (34.2in) Minimum length: 84cm (33in) Advantages Fully automated Designed for narrow or sloping rear door Disadvantages Collapse to side as opposed to down 5

6 Concept 1: Forklift Overview Inspiration: Forklift Designed to reduce the amount of manual labor involved in using typical lift models. 6

7 Concept 1: Function In-vehicle tracks Upright geared tracks Rollers Lift platform Roller bar Motorized wench with strap 7

8 Concept 1: Pros and Cons Pros Minimum user labor Fully automated No connecting cables Diverse mobility device choices Cons Expensive to build Bulky Larger motor Added maintenance Added costs 8

9 Concept 2: Crane Bill of Materials No.DescriptionQty. 1Base1 2Lower Upright1 3Gusset Plate4 4Upright Arm1 5Extender Arm1 6Gusset Bar1 7Screw5 8Cable1 9Hook1 10Electric Motor1 9

10 Folding to save space Two positions: 0° & 20° Rigid base Gusset plates Extending & Contracting Additional 10 inches Contracting Housing for pulley system Securely house inside arm Screw cap Protected from weather & debris Concept 2: Functional & Mechanisms 10

11 Concept 2: Pros & Cons Pros User-friendly Foldable 180 degree swing arm Pulley system and electrical wires housed internally. Boom arm can extend & contract Lightweight Rigid base Using Harmar standard materials Cons Typical looks Limited lifting capability Tube needs machine bending Manual extending boom arm Rigid Arm 11

12 Concept 3: Overhead Crane 12 Design Overview Design featuring multiple advantageous aspects of various crane types Overhead cranes are used for their reliability and ability to lift heavy loads The relative compactness of a telescoping boom makes them adaptable for many mobile applications

13 Concept 3: Components 13 Bill of Materials No.DescriptionQty. 1Body (U-shape)1 2Leg4 3Bolt16 4Bearing Slider2 5Braided Cable2 6Strap1 7Hook2 8Motor1 9Handheld Control1

14 14 Concept 3: Pros & Cons Pros Simple design Less Parts Cost Effective User-Friendly Rigid body Added Strength Durability Boom arm can extend & contract via telescoping boom Unique Design Cons Unique Design Permanent Structure Bolted to floor Bearing Slide may pose problems

15 Decision Matrix Explained 15 CriteriaWeight Description Functionality 20% Does this product meet the specifications required by Harmar? Some of these requirements are that it does not take up much cargo room, is lightweight, and can lift the required 60 kg (times a factor of safety of 3). Durability 15% Does this product stand up to normal or greater use over a term longer than 7 years? Harmar has a 3 year transferrable warranty on all the mobility lift models, during which the mobility lift should remain in excellent working condition. Doubling the time of warranty as the test period should enable this. User Friendliness 15% Will someone who requires a mobility device be able to operate the product? This aspect touches on the amount of labor a person must put into making the lift operate. Since the majority of persons using mobility devices are limited in their mobility, the labor involved should be at a minimum. Manufacturability 10% Will the product need many specially made parts, or can it use pre-fabricated parts? This can also affect the cost of the product. Appearance 15% Is the product aesthetically pleasing? The sponsor from Harmar stated that they would like the lift to look nice. The reasoning behind it being that in Europe consumers are more inclined to have better appearing components installed on the vehicles. Cost 25% How much will the product cost to manufacture and is it a competitive price? The sponsor from Harmar made very clear that this is the most important aspect of the design. He also said that a low cost design that doesnt work, is worthless, which is why Functionality is weighted at 20%.

16 Decision Matrix 16 WeightDesign 1Design 2Design 3 Functionality0.20132 Durability0.15231 User Friendliness0.15321 Manufacturability0.10132 Appearance0.15132 Cost0.25132 Total1.001.452.851.70

17 References 1. B&S Wheelchair Hoists Brochure 2. AutoAdapt Carolift Brochure 6000-6900_EN.pdf 3. Ankarsrum Motors AB DC Motors 4. Harmar Lift Systems Brochure v Lift_System.pdf 5. European Bestselling Cars all-models-ranking-now-available 6. McMaster-Carr Supplies 7. Legend Lat Pulldown Machine 905 17

18 References 8. Harmar AL055 Installation Guide 9. AL055 Economy Inside Lift 10. Project Alliancing: A Relational Contracting Mechanism for Dynamic Projects 11. PTC Creo Mechanism Dynamics Extension 12. Wheelchair CAD Drawing 13. Types of Cranes Types_of_Cranes.pdf 14. Ball Bearing Three Member Slide &PRODUCTID=ESR-10 18

19 Questions? Comments? 19

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