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Industrial 802.11n Wireless Access Point with 4-Port PoE Injector IAP-2000PS.

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1 Industrial n Wireless Access Point with 4-Port PoE Injector IAP-2000PS

2 Presentation Outline Product Position Product Overview Product Features Application Management – Web UI Appendix

3 Product Position Key features of IAP-2000PS Wireless LAN Power over Ethernet Industrial Ethernet IAP-2000PS 300Mbps 5 dBi High Gain Antenna x 2 Wireless 4 x 10/100TX RJ-45 LAN 802.3af PoE PSE PoE DIN-Rail Kit Installation Rugged IP30 Aluminum metal housing Protection Dual Power Input Redundant

4 Product Position Classification in PLANET Industrial Product Line

5 Product Position Related Series Products Model IAP-2000PSIAP-2000PEIAP-2001PE Wireless Interface Wireless Spec b/g/n Max. Speed300Mbps Antenna2 x detachable, SMA type Gain5dBi LAN Interface 10/100TX FX af PoE4 x PSE, up to 15.4W per port1 x PD(Port-1) Input PowerDual 24V / 48V DC Dual 12~48V DC 24V AC PoE Dual 12~48V DC 24V AC PoE Operation ModeWireless AP / Repeater / Client Wireless AP / Repeater / Client Fiber Router

6 6 / 8 10/100TX LAN Product Position Compare with PLANET Indoor Wireless Access Point / Range Extender Product Line Low Performance High 11n 300Mbps 11n 150Mbps WNAP-1110 WNAP-1120PE WNAP-3000PE 10/100/1000T LAN IAP-200x Series WNAP-C3220 Industrial Grade

7 Product Position Transportation Manufactory Building Heavy Industry Application Environments of Industrial Products 300Mbps Wireless LAN

8 Product Overview Reset Button SMAConnectors WPS Button Front Panel 6-Pin Terminal Block Redundant Power Input 24V & 48V DC 2 x antenna connectors SMA type Detachable 4 x RJ-45 ports 4-Port PoE PSE / End-span 10 / 100Base-TX Auto MDI / MDI-X Buttons WPS button Reset button (Reboot and Factory Default) Power Input Terminal Block 4-Por 10/100TX PoE Injector

9 Key Features b/g/n300Mbps IndustrialIP30 Protection Protection RedundantPower Multiple Operation OperationModes IPv4/IPv6Management 802.3af PoE Injector

10 10 / 810 / 25 Industrial Compliant Wireless LAN Compliant with IEEE n wireless technology Data rate up to 300Mbps Backward compatible with b/g standard 2T2R MIMO Antenna solution Equipped with 2 x 5dBi Omni-directional antenna Reserve SMA Connector allows for stronger antenna upgrades Product Features

11 Power over Ethernet Complies with IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet End-Span PSE Up to 4 IEEE 802.3af devices powered Supports PoE Power up to 15.4 watts for each PoE port Auto detect powered device (PD) Circuit protection prevent power interference between ports Remote power feeding up to 100m Product Features

12 PoE IP Camera Product Features Wireless IP Camera 4-Port 802.3af PoE Data + Power 100 meter 802.3af PoE n Wireless PoE Splitter Non-PoE IP Camera

13 13 / 25 Product Features Hardware Design IP30 Aluminum case protection -10 ~ 60 Degree C wide range of operating temperature 4 x 10/100Base-TX Ports with 4-port PoE (PSE, Power Sourcing Equipment) IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet compatible design Auto Negotiation and Auto MDI/MDI-X function Separate port LED Status Monitoring for system diagnostic One terminal block connector within two DC power inputs. DIN-Rail and Wall Mount Design for fill installation demand in Heavy Industrial environments

14 Product Features Wide-range redundant power design PWR1 & PWR2 redundant power input 24V & 48V DC Relay alarm for power down and port down

15 Product Features Real-Time Fault Relay Alarm Power 1 Power 2 Warning Warning Light or Speaker Manufactory Transportation 48V DC Input 24V DC Input Power FAIL

16 16 / 25 Multiple Wireless Network Technologies for Greater Access Access Point WDS Bridge / Repeater Client WISP IGMP Proxy and 802.1d Spanning Tree support Firewall, DHCP Server, UPnP support on WISP mode Product Features

17 17 / 25 Product Features Operation Modes AP, Client, WISP, WDS PtP, WDS PtMP, Repeater (WDS+AP) WDS up to 4 remote APs

18 18 / 25 Product Features - Operation Mode Access Point Acts as a central hub for wired / wireless LAN and connect to Internet PC 11n Wireless AP IAP-2000PS xDSL / Cable Modem AP Mode

19 19 / 25 Product Features - Operation Mode Client Acts as a wireless client connecting with the remote AP Wireless Client Mode RJ-45 PoE IP Camera Wireless AP IAP-2000PS Wireless AP RJ-45 Wireless IP Camera

20 20 / 25 Product Features - Operation Mode Bridge – WDS PtP (Point to Point) Mode Two APs in two remote locations connect to each other wirelessly WDS Bridge PtP Mode WDS Bridge PtP Mode PC IAP-2000PSIAP-200x Series

21 21 / 8 Product Features - Operation Mode Bridge – WDS PtMP (Point to Multiple Point) Mode multiple locations Wirelessly connects multiple locations together and allow them to share the same network resources. WDS Bridge PtMP Mode Wireless AP Intranet / Internet IAP-2000PS IAP-200x Series

22 22 / 25 Product Features - Operation Mode Repeater - WDS + AP Mode Bridge two APs and provides access for wireless clients at the same time IAP-2000PSIAP-200x Series

23 Product Features Wireless Security SSID Broadcast & Hide AP Isolation MAC Address Filtering Wireless Security 802.1X 64/128-bit WEP WPA-Enterprise, WPA2-Enterprise WPA-PSK(TKIP), WPA2-PSK(AES) Up to 4 multiple SSID Max. Wireless Client up to 25 STAs

24 Product Features WISP Mode - Router/Firewall/Management WAN Connection Types: Static IP DHCP (Dynamic IP) PPPoE PPTP L2TP MAC / IP / Port Filtering and SPI Firewall Content / URL Filtering VPN Passthrough: PPTP, L2TP, IPSec Support DMZ, Port Forwarding and Virtual Server Manual Static Routing

25 25 / 25 Easy Installation & Management IPv4 / IPv6 remote management User-friendly Web management and SNMP-Based monitoring interface Firmware Upgrade & Configuration Backup/Restore System status monitoring including Associated Client List, System Log PLANET Smart Discovery utility automatically finds PLANET devices on the network IEEE 802.1Q VLAN support Supports DDNS (Dynamic DNS) Product Features

26 Product Features - Management Easy, Friendly Web Management Interface Function Menu Active Panel

27 Product Features - Management IAP-2000PS co-work with 3rd party SNMP management software System Status System Information Statistics Graphic Traffic loading

28 Product Features - Management PLANET Smart Discovery Lite Polling / finding deployed wireless APs in the network

29 Application IAP-2000PS Wireless AP/Bridge 802.3af PoE PSE / 15.4W

30 Application Traffic Monitoring IAP-2000PS PoE IP Camera PoE IP Camera 802.3af PoE PSE / 15.4W Traffic Monitoring Center

31 Multiple Operation Mode Management - Web UI

32 IPv6 Management Management - Web UI

33 Wireless Security Mode Management - Web UI

34 VLAN Settings Management - Web UI

35 PoE Temperature Total PoE power consumption Per port power consumption

36 Target Markets Tender Market (Public construction) System Integrator IE Distributor Manufactory Transportation Hospital / Bank Target Customers Who buys Industrial Wireless Access points ? IAP-2000PE(2T2R) Who buys Wireless Access points ? Indoor: WNAP-1120PE(2T2R), WNAP-C3220(2T2R), WNAP-3000PE Outdoor: WNAP-6305(1T1R), WNAP-6300(1T1R) Who buys PLANET Industrial Ethernet Switch / Media Converter Appendix - Sales Target

37 37 / 25 Model Feature ANT-GR21ANT-SE18ANT-FP18ANT-FP9 Antenna Type Uni-directional Grid Uni-directional Sector Omni-directional Flat panel Omni-directional Flat panel Gain (dBi)21 dBi18 dBi 9 dBi Beamwidth degree Horz adjustable 3075 Vert ConnectorN-Type Mounting TypeMast Mount Mast or Wall Mount Appendix - Accessories 2.4GHz Antennas

38 38 / 25 Model Feature ANT-YG20ANT-YG13ANT-OM15ANT-OM8 Antenna Type Uni-directional, Yagi Uni-directional, Yagi Omni-directional, General purpose Omni-directional, General purpose Gain (dBi) Beamwidth degree Horz Vert Connector N-Type Mounting Type Mast Mount 2.4GHz Antennas Appendix - Accessories

39 39 / 25 Related Products CB-STP-25 25M STP Cat5 Cable ELA-100 Ethernet Lightning Arrest Box WL-LTN Lightning Arrester Related DIN-Rail Power Supply: PWR W, 48V DC Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply (-10 ~ 60 Degree C) PWR W, 48V DC Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply (-10 ~ 60 Degree C) Appendix ELA-100 WL-LTN

40 Appendix Related PoE Injector / PoE Switch Products Model Name Description POE-151S IEEE 802.3af Power Over Ethernet Splitter (10/100Mbps) POE-E101IEEE 802.3af Power Over Ethernet Extender Model Name Description WNL-U n Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter WNL-U554A802.11n Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter External 3dBi Antenna WNL-U554M802.11n Micro Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter WNL n Wireless PCI Adapter WNL n Wireless PCI Express Adapter Related Wireless Client Products


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