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1 MAP-3100 / MAP-3120 802.11a/b/g Indoor MESH Access Point Copyright © PLANET Technology Corporation. All rights reserved.

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3 3/24 Presentation Outline Product Overview Product Benefits Product Features Application Comparison

4 4/24 Product Overview Front Panel of MAP-3100 / MAP-3120 8 LEDs provide the easy and intuitive indication for system status

5 5/24 Product Overview Rear Panel of MAP-3100 / MAP-3120 12V DC, 1A, Linear Power Supply Two SMA connectors for MESH and WLAN respectively 802.3af PoE support for WAN (Public) port and LAN port #1 Reset button for system reboot or factory settings restore MAP-3100 MAP-3120

6 6/24 Product Benefits Security  Secured Management SSL for Web mgt. SNMPv3 for mgt. software  Secured Connection 802.1x, RADIUS Authentication VPN Internet connection – IPSec, L2TP  Secured Data AES between Gateway AP to node AP WEP, WPA, WPA2, AES Firewall, VPN pass through Management PC & other service servers AES Connection WEP, WPA, WPA2, AES Gateway AP Node AP Modem SSL SNMPv3 Management PC

7 7/24 Product Benefits Scalability & Reliability Self Configuration Automatically search/talk with gateway AP and other nearest node AP Automatically allocate the IP subnet while power on Self Healing Once link status changed or broken, automatically find the optimal link Easy Expansion Add-on gateway AP whenever needed Gateway AP Node AP Gateway AP Node AP

8 8/24 Key Features  User selectable Layer 3 Routing or Layer 2 Repeating infrastructures MAP-3100 supports both Layer 3 and Layer 2 operation MAP-3120 supports only Layer 2 operation

9 9/24 Key Features  The pros of layer 2 communication Based on IEEE802.11s AODV (Ad-Hoc On-Demand Vector) protocol High performance since the equipment only processes layer 2 information All devices are in the same IP segment to ease the management task Suitable for smaller network (total users number <250)

10 10/24 Key Features  The pros of layer 3 communication Based on OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing) protocol More system resource is required No limitation in IP usage Uses routing protocol to eliminate broadcast storm Suitable for large scale network

11 11/24 Key Features  Layer 2 IP assignment All network interfaces use the same IP address – LAN, WLAN, Backhaul: 172.X.Y.1 No DHCP server provided for local users  Layer 3 IP assignment Three isolated IP segments – WAN: depends on ISP – LAN / WLAN: 172.X.Y.1 – Backhaul: 10.X.Y.1 DHCP server provided for auto-IP configuration

12 12/24 Key Features  Central Management Software SNMP-based Mesh node information Backhaul signal strength indication bars Mesh node positions with map imported Wireless clients signal strength indication bars

13 13/24 Product Features  Multiple SSID / VLAN Support Purpose: to enhance the security of internal network communication Different SSID has different security level and different key. Only authorized users can associate with specific SSID. Each SSID binds to individual VLAN with different IP network, thus prevents the inter-communication between different segments. Furthermore, MAP-3100 supports multiple WAN. Therefore, you can also use VLAN on WAN configuration to separate the Internet traffic for every group.

14 14/24 Product Features  Profile Settings Four pre-defined profiles to accommodate various connection distances – Indoor Operation – Outdoor Short Range Operation (~400m) – Outdoor Medium Range Operation (~1km) – Outdoor Long Range Operation (~10km) User also can define and save his own profile according to the real environment

15 15/24 Product Features  Traffic Shaping - QoS (MAP-3100 only) Bandwidth limitation for every user User-defined QoS policy

16 16/24 Product Features  Watchdog mechanism Purpose: recover the system from critical conditions – Route watchdog: once the default route is missing, the watchdog will try to rebuild the route in specified duration. If the route still cannot be rebuilt, the system will reboot itself. – System watchdog: if the system crashes due to unexpected reasons and does not respond to the watchdog within the specified interval, it will force the system to reboot for recovery.

17 17/24 Product Features  Dual wireless interfaces for independent Backhaul link and local clients connection  Adjustable output power  IEEE 802.1x RADIUS, WPA, WPA2 security mechanisms  MAP-3100 supports IPSec, L2TP VPN client, and PPTP VPN server  MAP-3100 provides advanced router settings including SPI Firewall, Virtual Server, DDNS  Multiple Operating Modes MAP-3100: Gateway, Relay, Client-Relay, Layer 2 Gateway, Layer 2 Relay MAP-3120: Layer 2 Gateway, Layer 2 Relay

18 18/24 Applications Wireless Video Surveillance Solution Both sub-station and police HQs get realtime security access Sub-Station Police Headquarter

19 19/24 Applications Wireless infrastructure for access points, moving workers/ guests / vehicles surveillance or data accessing Tracking where the trunk, goods are, and indoor/outdoor mobility Enterprise Networking / Warehousing / Hotel

20 20/24 MAP-3100 Advantages to MAP-2100  Support of both Layer 3 routing and Layer 2 repeating infrastructures  WLAN/LAN support multiple VLAN, also this can map to the WAN port. For some of the ISP, such a feature will be very useful to separate the traffic flow into different Internet path through a router or a switch that support 802.1q VLAN.  4 level QoS, this feature is designed for VoIP application.  Adjustable session numbers that also very useful for ISP, installers to allocate/plan the services for this dedicated node.  Adjustable OLSR setting, that is for backhaul connection optimizing in connection layer instead of IP layer for better performance.  Powerful CPU and choice operating modes make the overall Mesh Network more efficiency

21 21/24 Comparison Model NameMAP-3100MAP-3120MAP-2100 Outlook Hardware Specification PlatformIntel IXP425 MPC 8241 RAM / Flash64MB / 16MB 16MB / 8MB WAN Port1No1 LAN Extension Ports451 Number of Radios222 802.3af PoEWAN Port or LAN Port #1 Public Port or LAN Port #1 No

22 22/24 Comparison Model NameMAP-3100MAP-3120MAP-2100 Advanced Features Internet Type Fixed IPYesNoYes PPPoEYesNoYes DHCP clientYesNoYes Operating ModeLayer 3 Gateway Layer 3 Relay Layer 3 Client Relay Layer 2 Gateway Layer 2 Relay Layer 2 Gateway Layer 2 Relay Gateway Relay Multiple SSIDYes No VLANYes No VPNIPSec ClientYesNo L2TP ClientYesNo PPTP ServerYesNoYes QoSYesNo Wireless SeparationYes No SecurityWPA / WPA2 / WEP / 802.1x Dynamic DNSYes No Captive PortalYesNoYes

23 23/24 MAP-3100 vs. MAP-3120 ModelMAP-3100MAP-3120 ProtocolOLSR + AODVAODV Operating Mode Layer 3 Gateway Layer 3 Relay Layer 3 Client Relay Layer 2 Gateway Layer 2 Relay Layer 2 Gateway Layer 2 Relay WAN SettingYes, DHCP/PPPoE/FixedNo VLAN SettingYes VPN clientYesNo DHCPYesNo FirewallYesNo MAC AccessYes Virtual ServerYesNo AutoIPYesNo Traffic Shaping - QoSYesNo RADIUSYes DDNSYes Route WatchdogYesNo System WatchdogYes User GroupYesNo Local Login User DatabaseYesNo Web setup/ Customer LoginYesNo


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