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300Mbps 802.11n Wireless Micro-size USB Adapter WNL-U556M.

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1 300Mbps n Wireless Micro-size USB Adapter WNL-U556M

2 2 / 22 Outline Product Overview Product Features Operation Interface Product Application Product Comparison Appendix

3 3 / 22 Product Position – Wireless USB Adapter Ultra-Mini Performance High C/P Short Wireless Coverage Long 150Mbps / 1T1R 300Mbps / 2T2R WNL-U556M WNL-U554M WNL-U554 WNL-U554A WNL-U555HA Wide Coverage Long Distance Micro size Real 2T2R Cost Effective

4 4 / 22 Product Overview 17mm 5mm 29mm

5 5 / 22 Product Features Hardware Ultra mini size, portable and compact design USB 2.0 attached interface Wireless: 2.4GHz ISM band, unlicensed operation Provides up to 300Mbps download and 300Mbps upload data rate Built-in 2 x PIFA antenna with 2T2R MIMO technology Compliant with IEEE n wireless technology Backward compatible with IEEE g, IEEE b standard

6 6 / 22 Product Features Ultra mini size, portable and compact design If you need a mini network device for business application WNL-U556Mwith ultra-mini size, high performance, and complete features will make you satisfied

7 7 / 22 Product Features Ultra Mini Size Portable USB Adapter Boost 11n Performance 16mm 59mm 54Mbps g WNL-U556M 300Mbps n 1/4x 1/4x Dimension 11Mbps 54Mbps 150Mbps 300Mbps

8 8 / 22 Product Features

9 9 / 22 Product Features Secure Wireless Connection Supports WEP 64/128-bit WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES encryption) IEEE 802.1x Supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Supports QoS-WMM (WiFi Multi-Media) function / WMM-PS Supports Software AP mode Multiple OS Support: Supports most popular operating systems including: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Linux MAC OS X

10 10 / 22 Product Features Multiple OS Support

11 11 / 22 Product Feature – Soft AP Mode Software Access Point Function for Wireless Connection Sharing More than just being an adapter for PC and laptop connecting to high speed wireless network, the WNL-U556M can also become a wireless access point. By applying the USB Wireless LAN Utility included in the package, users can switch the WNL-U556M operation between Station mode and Access Point mode. When the WNL-U556M is in the Access Point mode, it enables the connected Wi-Fi devices such as iPhone / Android / Symbian / Windows smart mobile phone, iPod Touch / iPad and NDS / PSP turn to a Wi-Fi Hotspot and can share wireless access.

12 12 / 22 Product Feature – Soft AP Mode Share Your Internet Connection with other Wi-Fi Devices WNL-U556M No matter you want to share the wired Cable/xDSL service, Soft AP Mode

13 13 / 22 Product Feature – Soft AP Mode Share Your Internet Connection with other Wi-Fi Devices WNL-U556M or the wireless 3G Mobile Network. Soft AP Mode

14 14 / 22 Operation Interface Utility Screenshot The General Information of the wireless connection Link Speed Signal Strength

15 15 / 22 Operation Interface - WPS Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Step 1: Click PBC button hereStep 2: Push the WPS button on the APStep 3: The wireless adapter and the AP will negotiate with each other

16 16 / 22 Operation Interface Software AP Switch to Access Point mode

17 17 / 22 Product Application Easy to Use and Safety Connection Connect the WNL-U556M to your PC or notebook, you can easily share a secure wireless network for high-speed Internet access, file transmission or media stream in your home or office. Moreover, the WNL-U556M enhances the safety connection by multiple advanced security features.

18 18 / 22 Product Application Connect to the AP to surf the Internet wirelessly DSL / Cable Modem PC WNL-U556M 11n Wireless Router

19 19 / 22 Product Application Wirelessly Barebone and Thin Client Application The WNL-U556M allows you to add wireless connection ability for PC, barebone or Thin Client to connect with WiFi network. The innovative ultra mini size design makes the WNL-U556M perfect for Internet access in high mobility and can be installed anywhere the wireless client located without UTP cable restricts.

20 20 / 22 Product Application WNL-U556M Barebone / HTPC Wireless AP

21 21 / 22 Product Comparison Transmitting Rate300Mbps150Mbps ModelWNL-U556MWNL-U554MWNL-U554WNL-U554AWNL-U555HA Outlook Standard2.4GHz / IEEE b/g/n MIMO Technology2T2R1T1R Antenna 2dBi PIFA Antenna Fixed Internal Antenna 1 x Detachable 3dBi Antenna 1 x Detachable 5dBi Antenna Operating Mode Ad-hoc / Infrastructure, Access Point Wireless Security WEP 64/128-bit, WPA/WPA2 WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK with TKIP/AES encryption Operating Systems Windows 2000/XP (x86/x64) / VISTA (x86/x64) / Win7 (x86/x64) Linux Kernel 2.6, Macintosh Mac OS X 10.4/10.5/10.6 Dimension29x14x6mm18x14x6mm59x19x9mm45x18x10mm49x26x10mm Hardware WPS Button YesNo

22 22 / 2222 / 25 Related Products Wireless Router WNRT Mbps n Wireless Broadband Router WDRT Mbps Dual Band n Wireless Gigabit Router Wireless Access Point / Range Extender WNAP-1120PE 300Mbps n Wireless Access Point WNAP-C Mbps n Wireless Ceiling Mount AP / Range Extender WNAP Mbps Wall Plug Universal WiFi Repeater / Travel Router Appendix

23 23 / 22

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