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802.11a/n Wireless LAN Outdoor AP WNAP-7300 Icon5Icon4Icon3Icon2Icon1.

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1 802.11a/n Wireless LAN Outdoor AP WNAP-7300 Icon5Icon4Icon3Icon2Icon1

2 2 / 25  Product Position  Product Overview  Product Features  Applications  Web UI  Comparison – Internal  Comparison – External  Appendix Presentation Outline

3 3 / 25 Product Position  PLANET Outdoor Wireless LAN Product Classification WAP-6000 WAP-6100 WAP-6200 WAP-7000 MAP-3020 WAP-8000 WNAP-7200 (1T1R/ 150Mbps) a/n a/b/g a b/g b/g/n WNAP-7300 WNAP-6300 (1T1R/ 150Mbps)

4 4 / 25 Quick Product Review – 5GHz Outdoor AP WAP-7000WNAP-7200WNAP-7300 Frequency5GHz 5GHZ Standard802.11a802.11a/n MIMO System11T1R2T2R Max. Data Rate54Mbps150Mbps300Mbps Built-in Antenna -18dBi16dBi Detachable Antenna N-Type-RP-SMA x 2 Max. TX Power18dbm23dbm24dbm LAN1 x RJ-45 2 x RJ-45 Wireless Mode AP WDS AP AP Client AP+WDS Client Bridge (4) WISP AP AP Client AP+WDS Client Bridge (4) WISP

5 5 / 25 Product Overview  Housing Design IP-55 case for water-proof and dedicated outdoor usage Built-in dual polarity 5GHz 16dBi patch antenna, characteristic as table below Reserve SMA Connector x 2, switchable by Web UI, i.e either manual antennas or 16db antenna VerticalHorizontal (YZ Plane /H-Plane) : 36º(YZ Plane /H-Plane) : 38º (XZ Plane /E-Plane) : 15º(XZ Plane /E-Plane) : 17º

6 6 / 25 Product Overview  Internal Construction Power On/Off Button Reset Button RJ-45 Port x 2 (LAN1 & LAN2) RP-SMA Connector x 2  Mounting Kit WNAP-7300 fixing to the pole Mounting Kit LAN2 - Secondary PoE out pass-through (power enabled by Web UI) Reset Button Power On/Off Button LAN1 - Main Passive PoE 15V~18V RP-SMA Connector

7 7 / 25 Product Overview  Proprietary PoE interface Offer Power Supply (DC) with PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector Up to 100 meters UTP wiring 15V 0.8A Passive PoE Up to 100m UTP wiring

8 8 / 25 Product Overview  Installation STEP 1 : Loosen the screw with a Phillips screwdriver. Grab the cover and pull it out as the figure shown below. The screw

9 9 / 25 Product Overview  Installation STEP 2 : Plug a standard Ethernet cable into the RJ45 port labeled “LAN 1”, and press the black PWR button beside the LAN 1 Ethernet port. STEP 3 : Attach and fasten the removable cover to the bottom of the WNAP-7300.

10 10 / 25 Product Overview  Installation Diagram Strongly suggest using STP cable (part no. CB-STP-25) Consider to install ELA-100 avoiding thunder strike Avoiding RJ45 connector from water Fix WNAP-7300 in optimum location Complete Set

11 11 / 25  Wireless bridge Max connection distance up to 10Km in the clear Line of Sight Product Features

12 12 / 25  Multiple-Operation Mode Router Mode / WISP Mode Bridge Mode  Router and AP Application  IGMP Snooping and 802.1D ( Spanning Tree ) support  Firewall, DHCP Server, WMM support  Power over Ethernet design (with proprietary injector)  IP-55 Enclosure  Wide range of temperature tolerance (-20~70 degree C) for low or high temperature environment Product Features

13 13 / 25 Product Features  RF interface IEEE a/n standards compliant High output power up to 400mW with multiple adjustable transmit power control Data rate up to 300Mbps with n mode Built-in 16dBi directional antenna (dual-polarity) Reserve SMA Connector allows for stronger antenna upgrades

14 14 / 25 Product Features  Wireless Operation Mode AP, Client, Client CPE (WISP), WDS, AP+WDS WDS up to 4 remote APs SSID Broadcast & Hide Wireless Security 64/128/152-bit WEP, 802.1X, WPA, WPA2, WPA- PSK(TKIP), WPA2-PSK(AES) Authentication Access Control up to 32 STAs Output Power Control (Full, 50%, 25%, 12.5%, Min)

15 15 / 25 Product Features  Router/Firewall/Management Firewall supports IP/Port Filtering Support DMZ Up to 2048 NAT Sessions Remote Management Web, SNMPv2/ v3, Telnet, FTP Firmware Upgrade Web, FTP Backup/Restore Configuration Reset to Factory Default System Logs & Ping Watchdog

16 16 / 25 Applications – PtMP Bridge  Typical Application –Point to Multiple Point Bridge Mode

17 17 / 25 Applications - WISP  WISP Application WISP mode WISP Provider Up to 10km No cable implement Wireless connection for Internet access System: Router mode Wireless RF: AP-client mode WNAP-7300

18 18 / 25 Applications - WDS  WDS Bridge Application Site A Up to 10 Km Site B Data communication between A and B WNAP-7300

19 19 / 25 Application – Wireless Extension

20 20 / 25 Applications – Wireless Extension 5GHZ 10km

21 21 / 25 Web Login Web UI Clear & Concise System Status

22 22 / 25 Network Flow Information Web UI - Status Associated Client List Bridged AP List ARP Table DHCP Client List

23 23 / 25 Web UI - Setup Multiple Network Mode Support STP Support Gateway Support in Bridge mode Multiple-WAN type support RADIUS server’s Settings Time & NTP settings Firewall Supports: Source Destination IP/Port Filtering DMZ Support

24 24 / 25 Web UI - Management SNMP v2, v3 Local / Remote mgt. Firmware Upgrade: Web, FTP(Command line) Backup/Restore configuration Reset to Factory Default S/W Reboot Password Settings

25 25 / 25 Comparison - Internal Model Features PLANET/WNAP-7300PLANET/WNAP-7200PLANET/WAP-7000 Flash/RAM 8MB/32MB2MB/32MB8MB/8MB Ethernet Port 2*10/100Mbps(LAN1, LAN2)1*10/100Mbps Wireless Interface a/n a Frequency Band 5GHz Wireless Antenna Internal(default): 16dBi dual-pol External: RP-SMA Connector x 2 *Antenna switchable by Web UI Built-in 18dBi patch antennaN-Type Connector Operating Temp. -20~70°C0~55°C-20~70°C Wireless Speed 300Mbps150Mbps 54Mbps 108Mbps in turbo mode Output Power 26dBm(400mW)25dBm(300mW)18dBm(100mW) Wireless Encryption 64/128/152-bit WEP, WPA1/2, WPA-PSK1/2, 802.1X 64/128-bit WEP, WPA1/2, WPA- PSK1/2, 802.1X 64/128/152-bit WEP WMM Yes No Operating Mode AP, Client, WDS, AP+WDS, WISP AP, Client, WDS, AP+WDS, Repeater, WISP AP, WDS SNMP YesNo System Log YesYes, cannot saveNo

26 26 / 25 Comparison - External Model Features PLANET/WNAP-7300Cisco/AIR-BR1410A-A-K9-ND-Link/DWL-7700AP Ethernet Port2*10/100Mbps(LAN1, LAN2)1*10/100Mbps H/W ButtonPower On/Off, ResetNoReset Wireless Interface802.11a/n802.11a802.11a/b/g Frequency Band5GHz 2.4G/5GHz Wireless Antenna Internal (default): 16dBi dual-pol External: RP-SMA Connector x 2 *Antenna switchable by Web UI N-Type Connector Dual 5dBi Gain Reverse-N Type antennas Output Power26dBm(400mW)24dBm(250mW)23dBm(200mW) PoEPassive 802.3af Wireless Encryption 64/128/152-bit WEP, WPA1/2, WPA-PSK1/2,802.1X 40/128-bit WEP, WPA1/2, WPA- PSK1/2,802.1X 64/128/152-bit WEP, WPA1/2, WPA-PSK1/2,802.1X Wireless Speed300Mbps54Mbps Operating ModeAP, Client, WDS, AP+WDS, WISPAP, WDSAP, Client, WDS Access ControlYesNoYes FirewallYesNo DMZYesNo Port ForwardingYesNo System logYesNo ManagementTelnet, HTTP, FTP, TFTP, SNMP Telnet, HTTP, SNMP, Utility

27 27 / 25  Related Products CB-STP-25 (25M STP Cat5 Cable) ELA-100 (Ethernet Lightning Arrest Box)  Accessories ANT-FP18A ANT-OM10A ANT-SE17A WL-LTN (Lightning Arrester) Appendix ELA-100 WL-LTN 5GHz Antenna

28 28 / 25 Appendix  Target Market Telecom to Business Telecom to Residential Building to Building Public Area Access Hotel/Resort/Campus Small Wireless ISP  Benefit Flexible in installation Flexible in wireless coverage Saving wiring cost Wireless Mobility  Target Customer Who buy the products WAP-6000 WAP-6100 WAP-6200 WAP-7000 WAP-8000 WNAP-7200 WNAP-6300 MAP-2000/3000 Series Who ever ask about WISP Outdoor Access Point Low cost Access Point

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