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IHSA New Principals Workshop Key Rules Activities Geographic Principle.

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1 IHSA New Principals Workshop Key Rules Activities Geographic Principle


3 Key Rules Drug Testing Open Gyms Season Limitations Independent Team Participation Strategic Planning

4 Drug Testing - background 2008-09 marked first year of testing 684 tests administered 10 positive test results 0 students/schools penalized

5 Drug Testing – looking forward August 2009 – HB 272 signed into law Number of changes forthcoming Increased # of tests Testing throughout school year Coaches education requirement Fall 2009 – same approach used in 2008 Numerous resources available at:



8 Drug Testing - essentials 3 key components Consent Procedures School notification Post competition Urine Samples (banned drug classes) Consequences Individual/School

9 OPEN GYM - background This rule allows schools to offer students informal opportunities to participate. Monitoring a few key components is critical

10 OPEN GYM – the actual rule 3.160OPEN GYM LIMITATIONS 3.161Schools may open their gymnasiums or facilities for recreational activities to students or other persons who reside in or outside their district, under the following conditions: a) There is no coaching or instruction in the skills and techniques in any sport at any time. b) Participation is voluntary and is not required directly or indirectly for membership on a high school squad. c) Comparable opportunities are afforded to all participants. d) Notification of open gym.

11 OPEN GYM – compliance Investigations generally uncover abuses of this rule School has obligation to ensure these components arent violated Establish a chain of command AD/someone else You are still responsible

12 Season Limitations - background One of our oldest rules (2 mentions) This rule protects students Designed to keep programs from becoming an excessively dominant presence in a students life Society has changed…as has this rule

13 SEASON LIMITATIONS – the rule By-law 5.000 This by-law establishes the time period in which each sport and activity can function with school involvement, organization, and supervision. It also provides for the number of contests in which a school (each level) can compete in, exclusive of the IHSA state series. Note 1: Make sure that each level has contracts designated for that level for all contests.

14 SEASON LIMITATIONS – the rule By-law 2.090 No school belonging to this Association shall organize its teams, practice, scrimmage or participate in any interscholastic sport outside of the season limitations as prescribed in Section 5.000 of these By-Laws; Nor shall any person who coaches any sport at a member school, coach or supervise a non-school team in any interscholastic sport composed of students from that school, except within the guidelines promulgated by the IHSA Board of Directors. Exception: For each sport, a school may hold one informational meeting prior to the start of its season to provide information regarding tryouts, procedures and forms that need to be on file. Coaches or school personnel may not use this meeting to organize out of season programs (example: fall, winter or spring leagues).

15 SEASON LIMITATIONS – compliance Another critical monitoring situation Work with your coaches (esp. non-educators) Have contracts for all games/all levels

16 Ind. Team Participation - background One of our oldest rules This rule protects students Designed to allow students to enjoy all the benefits of their school Society has changed…as has this rule

17 Ind. Team Participation – the rule 3.100INDEPENDENT TEAM PARTICIPATION 3.101During the school season for a given sport, in a school which maintains a school team in that sport, a student shall not participate on any non-school team, nor as an individual unattached in non-school competition, in that given sport or in any competition that involves the skill of the sport in question. Violation shall cause ineligibility for a period not to exceed 365 days. An exception may be made by the Executive Director under the guidelines adopted by the Board of Directors for competitions sponsored and conducted directly by the National Governing Body or its official Illinois affiliate for the sport. 3.102 Students may participate in a tryout for a non-school athletic team while a member of a high school team in the same sport, provided the tryout is exclusively a demonstration of skills with no practice or instruction involved. 3.103 The phrase, participate on any non-school team, as utilized in By-law 3.101, is defined to mean engaging in any team activity.

18 Ind. Team Participation – the rule 3.100 INDEPENDENT TEAM PARTICIPATION 3.104 In the event a school does not maintain a team which competes during the regular high school season for a sport. 3.105 Students or teams at member schools shall not be permitted to participate on, practice with or compete against any college, junior college or university athletic team. 3.106 To be eligible for a school team in a given sport, students must cease non-school practice and competition in that sport no later than five days after the date on which the school team engages in its first practice or tryout in that sport. 3.107 During the school year, a person who is a coach in any sport at a member school, may be involved in any respect with any non-school team, only if the number of squad members from his/her school which are on the non-school team roster does not exceed one-half the number of players needed to field a team in actual IHSA state series competition in that sport.

19 Ind. Team Participation – compliance Critical rule to teach coaches (keep away) Critical for students to search out coaches/administrators Possibly the rule that generates the largest number of questions for our office

20 Strategic Planning Board of Directors approved a strategic planning process in spring of 2008 3 Action Teams 2008-09 school term:Staffing/Facilities Financial Outlook 2009-10 school term:Governance Reviewing Handbook for currency Much more to follow

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