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2008-09 Bowling Rules Meeting Presentation Randy Allen – Assistant Director 517-332-5046.

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1 2008-09 Bowling Rules Meeting Presentation Randy Allen – Assistant Director 517-332-5046

2 Season Dates/Limits of Competition Schools & individuals are allowed 24 dates of competition Four scrimmages, maximum two before 1 st contest Each level, i.e. JV, varsity B are allowed 24 dates No individual ever allowed more than 24 dates Grade 7-8 students cannot be on HS varsity

3 Season Dates/Limits of Competition Season Dates – 2008-09 First practice, November 20, 2008 First competition, December 6, 2008 Regionals – Feb. 27-28, 2009 Finals –March 6-7, 2009 Sites of Finals tournament D-1, Northway Lanes-Muskegon D-2, Sunnybrook Lanes – Sterling Heights D-3, Airport Lanes - Jackson

4 Competition Format – Regular Season Required regular season team format, approved by Representative Council Conference & dual team meets - must be 2 regular games and 2 Baker games, 30 points Order of games determined locally Other formats may be used for invitational tournaments, non-conference special events, singles, doubles, etc. Point system and score sheet available on MHAA Web Absent bowlers receive zero for scheduled frames missed in Baker games based on normal rotation

5 Competition Format - Tournament MHSAA Tournament format, approved by Representative Council All levels will have team event on Friday, singles on Saturday Regional team – 3 regular games, 6 Baker games, total pins Regional Singles - 6 game block New rotation in team event, even lane one pair right, odd lane two pairs right

6 Competition Format - Tournament Finals Team Format (Friday) Qualifying round will be 2 regular games, 8 Baker games. Top 8 teams advance to quarterfinal match game round which will be 1 regular game and 4 Baker games with seeded pairings based on qualifying scores Finals Singles Format (Saturday) Qualifying round will be 6 game block, cut to top 16 for best two of three match games through Finals

7 Tournament Information Tournament groupings posted in late November Dates, fees, managers also on-line Managers will send info to schools in January Check PSTI for additional tournament information for rosters, ranking, etc. No entry materials will be mailed, all rosters, forms, etc. are on-line Schools pay all fees at Regionals MHSAA pays fees at Finals Schools must have minimum 4 meets vs. school teams

8 Tournament Procedures MHSAA Bowling Tournament is conducted in three equal Divisions by enrollment (check handout) Schools are assigned to one of six Regionals in each Division for tournament competition Schools will be notified of assignments in early January All tournament entry information must be sent to Regional manager by Feb. 6, 2009 Entry materials include roster, Master Eligibility list All students must be accompanied by school coach Two coaches allowed in bowling area in 2008-09

9 MHSAA Tournament Lane Conditions Bowling committee recommendation to MHSAA Representative Council approved in May, 2008 adopts the Kegel Navigation Challenge Series conditions for MHSAA Tournament competition For 2009, the MHSAA will use Broadway pattern MHSAA Web will have a link to the Kegel lane specifications for the pattern May be used during regular season competition Coaches should manage expectations of bowlers as conditions may not be absolute

10 Amateur Status/Awards Students in MHSAA sports may never accept cash or merchandise awards, nor can they accept gift certificates of any kind Trophies, medals, plaques and similar symbolic awards may not exceed $25 in value Participation in adult leagues with prize funds is a violation Scholarship awards must be post graduation and must have an academic criteria or component. They cannot be based only on bowling performance

11 Limited Team Membership Rule Students on the school team may not participate in non- school competition during school season Restriction starts with first school match or meet Students are allowed two (2) non-school competitions without penalty Schools may use the 24 dates of competition for non- conference involvement When using school dates, all students must be eligible athletes with school approved coaching

12 Three Player Rule During the school year, out of season (fall & spring for bowling coaches) School coaches are limited to coaching a maximum of 3 students from their school in grades 7-12 Waiver is available, check with school DA Applies to all school coaches

13 General Eligibility All students must have a current physical card on file MHSAA and school academic standards must be met School teams are 9-12 grade students. Grade 7-8 students may not be on high school team. (Exception for schools with less than 100 students) All-Star competition not allowed for students/coaches Students may not participate in JV and Varsity match on the same day Coaches may not intentionally play ineligibles

14 Summer Dead Period 7 consecutive days selected by each school No coach contact with students in sports grades 7-12 No camps, clinics, sport activities at school facilities

15 Public Laws 111 & 112 (2004) Prohibit & Penalize Hazing Coaches: Do not allow others to endanger the health or safety of any individual Inform students & parents that hazing is unlawful, not team bonding or initiation

16 Public Act 215 (2006) School athletic codes must include ineligibility penalties for the use of banned performance-enhancing drugs. Be current with your school drug/alcohol polices

17 General Reminders & Tips Keep school athletic informed and up to date, Meet with your AD to cover all school policies Conduct tryouts over several days, measure all aspects of students abilities, have clear cut procedures Have a pre-season meeting with students, parents, proprietor and AD to establish policies & criteria for participation, manage expectations and set tone for the season Make sportsmanship & conduct a priority Have fun, enjoy the experience, build citizens, be a good teacher and educator

18 2007-08 Bowling Rules Meeting Presentation Randy Allen – Assistant Director Have a great season!

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