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Lets Get Back to Basics Rutgers Day is about who we are and what we do. In this milestone fifth year, lets get back to basics and make this day about us…not.

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1 Lets Get Back to Basics Rutgers Day is about who we are and what we do. In this milestone fifth year, lets get back to basics and make this day about us…not special interest groups, or making money from visitors; and not commercializing our programs with outside vendors.

2 Rutgers Day Goals Instill pride in New Jersey residents and the Rutgers community by showcasing the exciting things happening at their state university through an enjoyable experience Give a human face to the university by showcasing engaged students, faculty, and staff Provide new ways for alumni to connect with their alma mater Engage local communities by inviting their participation Demonstrate Rutgers value to the state

3 Free Activities Policy Visitors should not have to pay to participate in any games or activities on Rutgers Day. Rutgers Day is designed to offer the public a fun, free day to meet students, faculty, and staff; explore campuses; and discover more about their state university. Corporate Sponsor Policy Individual departments or organizations may not seek their own sponsorship for giveaway items or to underwrite their program. Potential sponsors should be directed to this sponsorship link.sponsorship link Keep this day about Rutgers, your program, and how we serve the citizens of the state!

4 What does Rutgers Day look like? See archived photos and videos of Rutgers Day 2009 2010 2011 2012

5 How You Can Participate Use creative ways to showcase your teaching, research, and service. Make it fun, interactive, and informative. Promote your program early with our marketing materials Spread the word about Rutgers Day through your newsletter, Facebook page, Twitter, or website. You are the best ambassador for your program!

6 Submit a Program between Dec. 1 - Feb. 15 Go to the Rutgers Day website. Select For Rutgers Day Program Providers, and sign on with your NetID.the Rutgers Day website After you successfully submit your program, an automatic email is sent with your program tracking number. Reference the tracking number in all Rutgers Day correspondence. Share your programs tracking number with others who may need it. After you submit your program, you can only make changes by emailing Do not resubmit your Questions? Email us or call 732-932-7823Email us

7 Early Submission Drawing The names of those who submit programs before February 1 will be entered into a drawing to win one of the following: Half off your parking fee for 2013 Dinner for two at the Rutgers Club Half off the base private event package at the Rutgers Zone (details upon winning) A ball autographed by one of the coaches: football; womens basketball; and mens basketball Student organizations can win money for their SABO account. 3 rd place- $50 2 nd place- $75 1 st place- $100

8 How Rutgers Supports Your Program Promotion in ads, billboards, radio announcements, mailings, Targum, and more Program listing on the website and in printed booklet Free parking and a special Rutgers Day bus route Information tents Signage on roads, around campuses, and at program locations Zone managers for assistance Tables, chairs, and tents where appropriate Rutgers Day t-shirts for program providers Public safety and facilities management

9 Tips for Success: Your Audience Most visitors are young families and alumni. Gear your message toward them. Keep your program G rated. Make your program fun, interactive, informative, and FREE! Keep it short and moving. Welcome and engage visitors. Ask your visitors for feedback about your program, and keep it in mind for next year!

10 Tips for Success: Your Program Turn the mission of your organization or department into a game or contest! Make it informative, interactive, and fun! Focus on friendraising, not fundraising. This is a free day for visitors. Encourage faculty involvement. Visitors love to meet professors. Think green and limit handouts. Work in shifts, so you can enjoy Rutgers Day too! Take pictures and post them on the Rutgers Day Facebook page.

11 Tips for Success: Logistics In early March, you will receive an email confirming your program equipment. In early April, you will receive an email confirming your program location and load-in information. All programs must be up and running by 10 a.m. Break down is not permitted before 4 p.m. Plan for inclement weather. Rutgers Day takes place rain or shine. In case of extreme weather, you will be contacted with rain plan details, and be sure to check the Rutgers Day website for information.Rutgers Day website

12 Tips to Get You Started Create games and activities that highlight your subject area, like Jeopardy, a match game, Wheres Waldo, or word jumbles. Have people compete to solve a puzzle or answer a question. Create a card game or jigsaw puzzle using words, ideas, or concepts from your subject area to teach while having fun. Be interactive, not static. People have a lot to see on Rutgers Day, so theyll want to keep moving.

13 Spread the Word Promote your program early with our marketing materials Include Rutgers Day and program information in newsletters and general emails by posting Save-the-Date graphics. Add a Rutgers Day link to your email signature, Facebook, or YouTube page. Become a fan on our Facebook page, and encourage friends to become fans as well.Facebook Share Rutgers Day flyers and bookmarks with others. Encourage your friends and family to come. Tweet during Rutgers Day to publicize your program.

14 Rutgers Day Timeline December –1 Submission period begins January –22 Spring semester begins; keep submissions coming! February –1 Deadline for early submission drawing –15 Submission period ends March – Receive email with your program equipment information – Review, sign, and return confirmation form to Rutgers Day organizers April –1 Program listing is available on the website –15 PDF of Program Booklet is downloadable from the website – Receive email with your program location information – Weather alerts will be posted on the website as needed

15 Need Help? Web: Email: Phone: 732-932-7823, ext. 672

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