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Walkathon 2014… Friends are Flowers in the Garden of Life!

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1 Walkathon 2014… Friends are Flowers in the Garden of Life!

2 Welcome to Walkathon 2014! Who: SHA Community What: SHA Fundraiser Where: 3.5 mile route around Amherst When: Friday, October 10 th Why: Bring us together as a community, support our school and various charitable organizations, and have a great time.

3 What is this money for??? Fund your class treasuries Allow you to develop ideas and complete projects for causes that fulfill our Franciscan mission by writing grant proposals. For example, past charity contributions went to: – MANY SENIOR LEADERSHIP PROJECTS – Girl Scout Troop 283 Gerard Place Project – Hospice Foundation – Buffalo Art Studios – To Write Love on Her Arms – Freidreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance

4 Grant Request Form for underclassmen and seniors Documents can be found on Ms. Kenny’s teacher page First Deadline is Tuesday October 14 th * (*subject to change)

5 Collecting Pledges Every Student is responsible for raising $125. Pledge turn in begins TOMORROW!Pledge turn in begins TOMORROW! Turn pledges into Walkathon committee before school ONLY, outside the Main Office. Pledges need to be sealed in an envelope with: –Your name, homeroom #, and grade –The amount enclosed

6 Pledge Forms Pledge forms are available: Pledge forms are available: 1. on SHA’s website and Ms. Kenny’s teacher page teacher page 2. in the Main Office 3. at the turn-in tables on collection days

7 Business/Corporate Donations Do you know someone who owns a business? (Parent(s), family, friends?) Ask them to advertise and support our Walkathon! If you have a business that expects to have a logo on any printed materials, they must have monies and logos in by next week at the latest! Yes, they count towards your fundraising goal! Forms available on Ms. Kenny’s web page.

8 Business/Corporate Donations We are also accepting donated items as prizes from businesses to award to top fundraisers!

9 Dress Down Days Dress down days work differently this year: Instead of individual dress- down: –The first class to hit 100% of goal will have dress-down privileges the entire week before Christmas…4 days…. –The next class will have 3 days of dress-down privilege…. –The third class to turn in all of your goal will have two days of dress-down privilege…. –Etc.

10 Prizes!! Dress Down Day – after $125 Individual Prizes for the “Top Ten” Students: – 1 st Prize - $100 + 2 tickets to the Christmas dance – 2 nd Prize - $75 + 2 tickets to the Christmas dance – 3 rd Prize - $50 + 2 tickets to the Christmas dance – 4 th Prize - 2 tickets to the Christmas dance – 5 th Prize - 2 tickets to the Christmas dance – 6 th -10 th Prizes - 1 free ticket to the Christmas dance

11 Additional Prizes For all those who have raised $150 or more, their names will be entered to win many fabulous prizes! (i.e. gift cards, etc.) We will award these prizes at the Walkathon Awards Assembly on October 24 th.

12 Limousine Lunch! For all those who have raised $500 or more, there will be a limousine lunch for you on a date to be announced…

13 Costume/Theme Day Our Garden Party will be the week of October 6- 10, date to be determined. Each class will dress up from a different secret “garden/flower theme” of your class officers’ choosing that relates to your class color Seniors Juniors Sophomores Sophomores Freshwomen Freshwomen

14 Walkathon Day 1.The day begins with an extended homeroom and prayer service followed by the dismissal of classes. 2.We will walk with our classes around Amherst, wearing our class t-shirts. 3.After the walk, students will return to school for a fun-filled day. There will be music and lots of yummy food waiting for us when we return! 4.Dismissal will be at 11:45 A.M.

15 Reaching Our Goal We hit over 105% of our goal last year; let’s do it again! If we can meet our $125/student goal, we will have an extra day off during Thanksgiving Break! Wouldn’t you like to start back to school on Tuesday, December 2 nd, when all your friends at other schools have to go back on the 1 st ???

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