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2 Biography Matt Christopher was born on August 16, 1917 in Bath, Pennsylvania, he died in 1977 in Charlotte, North Carolina from a brain tumor. His parents were Fred Christopher and Mary Christopher and he had nine siblings. He went to N.Y.U. for college, and he also received two awards, the Clubs of America Junior book award and the Milner award.

3 List of Books The Kid Who Only Hit Homers
The Return of The Homerun Kid Baseball Pals Catcher With a Glass Arm Challenge at Second Base The Diamond Champs The Fox Steals Home Hard Drive to Short Little Lefty Long Stretch at First Base Look Who’s Playing First Base Miracle at The Plate No Arm in Left Field Shortstop From Tokyo The Submarine Pitch Supercharged Infield Too Hot to Handle The Year Mom Won The Pennant Soccer Halfback Catch The Pass!

4 Snowboard Champ Snowboard Champ is a sport book in a snowy cold place called Dragon Valley. The characters are Matt Harper, Riley Hammot, Spengler, Uncle Clayton, Melissa, and Sally. The plot is that Matt just moved to Dragon Valley with Uncle Clayton and a kid named Riley that has started rumors about Matt, and so then Matt and Riley enter a snowboarding contest and Matt wins. I liked this book because Riley was mean to Matt and at the end Matt won and Riley lost, so Matt became most popular and Riley wasn’t anymore.

5 Baseball Turnaround Baseball Turnaround is a sport book in Grantville. The characters are Sandy Comstock, Perry Warden, Ben, and Coach Winston. The plot of the book is Sandy once made a mistake he paid the price, and now he just wants to get on with his life but one person stands in the way : Perry Warden is the one who tempted Sandy to break the law and thinks he’s spreading rumors about him he fixes this by getting the winning catch in the final game and everyone loves him. I liked this book because I play baseball and its sports book that’s related to baseball.

The setting in Baseball Turnaround is in Grantville. The main character Baseball Turnaround is Sandy Comstock, 12 years old and a male. The family members in Baseball Turnaround are his Mom, and his Dad. In Baseball Turnaround he has no pets. In Baseball Turnaround is hobby is baseball. The plot in Baseball Turnaround is that Sandy once made a mistake and he’s paid the price and he just wants to get on with his life. But one person stands in his way :Perry Warden the one who tempted Sandy to break the law anyway. The setting in Snowboard Champ is in Dragon Valley. The main character in Snowboard Champ is Matt Harper, 14 years old and a male. The family members in Snowboard Champ are his Mom, and his Uncle Clayton. In Snowboard Champ he has no pets. In Snowboard Champ his hobby is snowboarding. The plot in Snowboard Champ is that Matt goes to Dragon Valley and gets rumors started about him by Riley so he does a snowboarding contest to beat him.

7 Question 1 What was the main characters name in Snowboard Champ?

8 Answer 1 Matt Harper is the main character of Snowboard Champ.

9 Question 2 Where does the setting in Snowboard Champ take place?

10 Answer 2 Dragon Valley is the setting in Snowboard Champ.

11 Question 3 Why does Matt enter the snowboarding contest in Snowboard Champ?

12 Answer 3 Matt enters the snowboarding contest because he wants to beat Riley to become most popular in Snowboard Champ.

13 Question 4 What was the main characters name in Baseball Turnaround?

14 Answer 4 Sandy Comstock is the main character in Baseball Turnaround.

15 Question 5 Who was the antagonist in Baseball Turnaround?

16 Answer 5 Perry Warden is the antagonist of Baseball Turnaround.

17 Question 6 Where does Baseball Turnaround take place?

18 Answer 6 Grantville is the setting in Baseball Turnaround.

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20 The end

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