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The Flying Mcnuggets Team owned by : Brodey Cowan and Nevin DeCroo.

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1 The Flying Mcnuggets Team owned by : Brodey Cowan and Nevin DeCroo

2 Owners Owners of The Flying Mcnuggets Brodey Cowan and Nevin DeCroo just made there way into the big leagues and they are on there way to the championship game. Fans out there get ready for a successful and exciting season. Owner Brodey Cowan says We are very excited to be in the league now. We plan to start well and only get better. Owner Nevin DeCroo said We know we are a good team. We just have to show it now. When the season starts in early April owners Brodey Cowan and Nevin DeCroo are looking forward to a great season!

3 Brodey Cowan Brodey is 27 years old and played major league baseball for 6 years. He was a pitcher for many different baseball teams but is now the co-owner of The Flying Mcnuggets. He seeks to win and is all about playing hard and to keep fighting. He lived in Bridgeport, West Virginia until he was three then moved to Sarver, Pennsylvania. When he was a senior in high school he was the number #1 prospect in America and went to Coastal Carolina where he won a national championship and was the first round draft pick to the Texas Rangers and won the AL Cy Young Award 5 times. After he blew out his arm, he went on to coaching, managing, and owning baseball teams throughout the country. After all hes been through, he loves the sport and is hoping to continue coaching. And helping younger kids with the sport.

4 Nevin DeCroo Nevin DeCroo is 25 years old years and has won 4 Olympic gold medals in snowboarding. He has been on the US snowboarding team for 8 years and is all about winning. Nevin has lived in Sarver, Pennsylvania all of his life. Nevin went to college at the University of Penn State where he graduated and became a professional snow boarder. He was voted #1 snowboarder in America 3 years in a row. Nevin continues to snowboard and is also into baseball. In fact, Nevin Co-owns The Flying Mcnuggets professional baseball team along with Brodey Cowan. Nevin gives private snowboarding lessons and loves to teach kids about the sport of baseball.

5 Cartoon

6 Mcnugget logo

7 Mcnugget pennant

8 Mcnugget Uniforms

9 Mcnuggets mascot

10 Mcnuggets city Bridgeport,WV Located in central WV two hours away from Pittsburgh,PA. Its rich heritage starts as early as the 1750s while it was still a part of Virginia. As a small town it is home to many famous people, such as Benjamin Wilson and Michael Late Benedum. Even through all of its growth it still has a small town atmosphere to it. Bridgeport, WV home of The Flying Mcnuggets.

11 Go Mcnuggets!!!!!!!! Thank you for watching The Flying Mcnuggets slide show.

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