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The Long Way Around Jimmie Hand

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1 The Long Way Around Jimmie Hand
Number of Pages: 144 Date Began Reading the Book: 10/23/05 Date Finished Reading the Book: 10/28/05 Be sure to underline the title of the book and to include the author’s first and last name. The Long Way Around Jimmie Hand

2 Rating I would give this book a letter grade of A because it was an action packed book that taught me an important life lesson. I would recommend this book to people who are into competitive sports because one mistake could ruin a sports career. If I could ask the author one question, I’d ask him if he has ever made a mistake that messed his or someone else’s life. Instead of rating your book with a letter grade, you may choose a rating scale using stars or numbers. The Long Way Around Jimmie Hand

3 Word Splash Example Panic Sacrifice Dreams Football Friends Practice
You must have at least 10 key words or pictures on this slide. Practice Love The Long Way Around Jimmie Hand

4 Word Splash Without the support of friends, Matt wouldn’t be able to get through jail and get back to a normal life. Before Matt went to jail he was a high school super-star in football. One day matt returned home from football he found Kenny in his bed in much pain. He rushed him to the hospital and sacrificed his career by robbing a liquor store for the overnight fee at the hospital. The reason Matt robbed the liquor store was because he was in a panic to save Kenny’s life. Matt was sentenced to seven years in jail. Before, during, and after jail Matt practiced at football. Matt never gave up on his dream of making it to the NFL and playing with Billy Bryant again. The love of Matt’s friends and family kept him going throughout the rough times. The Long Way Around Jimmie Hand

5 Conflict Matt was lucky to receive parole from jail, but the problem is that when you are on parole you can’t enter the NFL. The two sides are Matt and the law. The conflict is man against society. The Long Way Around Jimmie Hand

6 Setting The story takes place in spring and the spring two years later. The story takes place in New Mexico and Edmonton, Canada. How I know this is because when he got out of jail he was out just in time for spring workouts and the spring two years later he won the Grey Cup. Please include a quote with a page number on this slide. The Long Way Around Jimmie Hand

7 Characters Main Characters: Matt Devon, Amy Devon, Billy Bryant, Kenny Devon, and Al Matt Devon: Was a football star in high school but thrown in jail for robbing a liquor store. Amy Devon: Matt’s long-time girlfriend and now wife. Billy Bryant: Matt’s best friend and favorite wide receiver and now is in the NFL. Kenny Devon: Matt’s sister’s son who has lived with Matt and he mom for all his life. Al: Was a big sports agent but was thrown in jail for drunk driving. The more specific you are with your information on this slide the better. Your responses should be as detailed as possible and in complete sentences. Each character should have at least 5 sentences describing them. The Long Way Around Jimmie Hand

8 Mood The mood was different at times. It was sad when he was thrown in jail but very happy when he won the Grey Cup. This book was very heart breaking, but with failure comes success. Give evidence from the novel to support your answer. Direct quotes from the book stating or implying this information would be beneficial. The Long Way Around Jimmie Hand

9 Theme Growing up means accepting more responsibilities.
The Long Way Around Jimmie Hand

10 Plot Teaser/Testimonial
From convict to champ The Long Way Around will motivate you to take on any challenge Summary This book is about Matt Devon’s life and how he has had rough times but has moved on to greater accomplishments The Long Way Around Jimmie Hand

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