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Practical advice from a lifetime of leadership Ian Smith 1.

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1 Practical advice from a lifetime of leadership Ian Smith 1

2 Criteria for a Successful Business Clear vision and sound strategy Outstanding leaders Employee engagement Proactive not reactive Versatile and can handle constant change Creativity is encouraged A culture of quality in everything Leaders are on top of things and are current No stovepipe mentality Everyone has access to information & data 2

3 Clear vision and sound strategy Strategy is tied to core competency Everybody understand direction Strategy linked to what gets done Benefits are being realized! 3

4 Outstanding Leaders They inspire They motivate They stretch They are seen to know what theyre doing Change agents 4

5 Employee Engagement Theyre empowered to do amazing things Theyre always looking for better ways to do things Theyre good at solving problems They like to come to work They dont need to be bribed 5

6 Proactive not Reactive Issues are anticipated Risk is managed The business quickly solves problems They make sound, rapid decisions The right decision is better than the wrong decision is better than no decision 6

7 Versatile and can handle Constant Change Structure that can respond to major market change The organization is flexible and adaptable Agile because of processes, procedures and standards rather than in spite of them Early adopters are encouraged and rewarded 7

8 Creativity is Encouraged Seek out their creative thinkers Hire innovators and intrapreneurs Better ideas than the competition Mistakes as a learning process 8

9 A Culture of Quality in Everything Continuous improvement is the norm Customers, partners, suppliers and employees are involved in solution discovery A customer is the person that receives the output of your work Performance metrics support right behaviours Standard quality process across whole business 9

10 Leaders are on Top of Things and Current The business thrives in its industry Chosen market share is achieved Leaders really understand their market Stay on top of industry trends and changes The seeds of failure are in success 10

11 No Stovepipe Mentality Functions provide deep expertise to support and deliver team objectives Team goals before functional or personal goals Whoever takes the call owns the response 11

12 Everyone has Access to Information & Data Enable best decisions at all levels of the business Solution at first point of contact Enhance the customer experience Any device, any place, any time 12

13 The 7 Habits of Very Effective People Stephen R. Covey You can buy a mans hands, but not his heart You can buy a mans back, but not his mind 13

14 Corporate Assessment Questionnaire How do you rate your business overall against the criteria described in the presentation? 14

15 Corporate Assessment 15

16 Team Assessment Compared with Ideal 16

17 What if? Criteria for Successful Business – Is your assessment less than 8-10? – What would improve if you reached 8-10? – What needs to be done to get there? – What results would you want to achieve? – When will you start and when will you get there? 17

18 Practical advice from a lifetime of leadership 18

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