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613 Language Other Than English

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1 613 Language Other Than English
Test Information and Strategies

2 Before you go over this presentation please download and familiarize yourself with the following guides and documents: “LOTE 613 Spanish pdf guide” which is the official preparation guide from the ETS and will help you tremendously during the preparation for this exam. LOTE Supplemental Guide

3 Taking Test Strategies
Try to take the test in the afternoon (Less stressful). Try to review all competencies and use the process of elimination. Eliminate 2 answer and you have a 50/50 chance to answer the question right. Try not to take too many breaks during the test. Practice different types of LOTE test before the real test. Understand the instructions and familiarize yourself with the test (IT would save you time). Try to find the main idea and look for details instead of trying to comprehend the questions as a whole. Try to start with the shorter questions and leave the scenarios questions for later on. Try to keep up with time (two minutes per question) and do not take too much time in one question (Pace yourself). Read all options before answering a question (don’t automatically assume that you found the best answer, read all options first). Answer “C” when there is littler time and too many question to answer.

4 Studying for the test It is important that you set a time and place to study for the test. Don’t rush through the questions, don’t study when you are hungry or tired. You need the perfect condition to get the best from the study section. Use the time wisely and try to make a study routine. Every time that you practice a test, you have to simulate the test conditions. No TVs, no radios, no distractions (including families members). You need a quite area. IT is also recommended to practice test in groups. Try to find a group of people who can study with you ad share ideas when answering questions. The following step may be helpful in preparing for this test. Identify the information the test will cover by reading through the test competencies. Remember each domain and competency have the same importance. Read each competency with its descriptive statement in order to get a more specific idea of the knowledge you will be required on the test. After each domain or competency have been studied, try to practice a little everyday, so you won’t forget what you have learned. Try to find more resources and study with them also.

5 The TExEs test for the Texas teacher

6 Taking the LOTE test and receiving scores

7 Taking the LOTE test and receiving scores

8 Multiple choice questions
The purpose of this sections is to describe the type of question that you will find on the LOTE EXAM and to suggest possible ways of thinking when answering multiple choice questions. The test is design to have 120 multiple choice questions from which 18 are nonscorable. Your final scale score will be based only on scorable questions. The nonscorable questions are pilot questions, and they are intended to be on the test in order to collect information about how these questions will perform under actual testing conditions. They are no including when calculating your scores. Do not leave any question unanswered and you must choose from A, B, C, D choices. Your score will be determined by the number of questions for which you select the best answer. Question Format: Single Questions. Questions based on Instructional Practices Questions with Stimulus Materials.

9 Multiple choice questions
1. Single Questions: In the single question format, a problem is presented as a direct question or an incomplete statement, and four choice appear below the question. For further information and explanation about this topic go to pages 25 and 26 of the “LOTE 613 Spanish pdf guide” found in our “appendix file” SAMPLE ONE Sabia que su llegada____a ser una sorpresa agradable. (a) Fue (b) Resulto (c) Sin (d) Iba SAMPLE TWO El articulo definido tiene forma masculina, femenina y: (a) Pasiva (b) Participio pasado (c) Neutra (d) Amorfa

10 Multiple choice questions
2. Questions based on Instructional Practices, For further information and explanation about this topic go to pages 25 and 26 of the “LOTE 613 Spanish pdf guide” found in our “appendix file”

11 Multiple choice questions
3. Questions with stimulus material: For further information and explanation about this topic go to pages 27 to 35 of the “LOTE 613 Spanish pdf guide” found in our “appendix file”

12 Multiple choice questions

13 Some of the images and information contained in this page have been taken from the official guide for the LOTE Exam which can be downloaded from :

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