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Know About E-CTLT Teachers Panel and working area.

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1 Know About E-CTLT Teachers Panel and working area

2 Main features Teachers Desk Menu How to create lesson plan Search Profile View Self Summary Student Entry Tips

3 Teachers Desk

4 1 – Lesson Plan Links These link are provided on the desk are to jump directly to desired section. It has to be keep in mind that all section are step wise, like you have to proceed from teachers orientation (make a topic), then student orientation (make concept on a topic) then you proceed to further section as you have to select the topic which you have created under teacher orientation for submitting and completing the concept or competency. 2 – Search There are 2 type of search from which you can search other teachers lesson plan from any region. a. Advance Search – this works on Region > School > Subject > Teachers > Topics b. Subject Search - this works on Region > Subject > Master Topics > Topics (class wise)

5 3a – Address Book Address book is like your telephone directory, you can save your contacts online and secure them, these contacts are not visible to any other teacher of user. 3b – Reminders Reminders can be use for events and activities to be performed by you in coming future. This helps you to keep you update on the activities commin ahead. These reminders are also not visible to other users. 4 – Events / News from Teacher Here you can find activity, news and events update from teachers of other regions as well as you region and school.

6 5 – Events / News from Principal Here you can find activity, news and events and announcements update from Principals of other regions as well as you region and school. 6 – Answer a Question Students are given privilege to ask question based on their subjects, teachers can see and answer those questions to guide students in right path. Questions are visible from every region and can be viewed to all. Students can see their asked questions from their logins.

7 7 – Question Bank Question bank is a place where you can store your questions and retrieve it as and when required. This section has MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) as well as Descriptive type question. This section is under development. Only MCQ’s are working, up gradation is in process and as and when it will be completed will be notified to all teachers.

8 Understand Menu 1. Sample Templates 2. Cut 3. Copy 4. Paste 5. Paste as plain text 6. Paste from word 7. Undo 8. Redo 9. Find 10. Replace (can find and replace text in the text area) 11. Select all 12.Remove format 13. bold text 14. Italic text 15. underline text 16. strikethrough text 17. subscript 18. superscript 19. Number listing 20. Bullet listing 21. Text Style 22. Decrease indents 23. Increase indents 24. Align left 25. Align center 26. Align right 27. Justify 28. Text format 29. Upload and link a file 30. Remove Link 31. Add Anchor 32. Insert or upload Image 33. Insert flash animations 34. Create tables 35. Horizontal line 36. Fonts 37. Smileys 38. Special Characters 39. Insert Page break 42. Text Color 43. Background Color

9 How to Create Lesson Plan For creating lesson plan 8 steps are required. Starting a lesson plan you have to create a topic under master topic. That topic will be used to create a lesson plan Student Oriented is used to create a concept / competency under which all heads will be seen. Next slide will show you the steps to make a lesson plan.

10 Teacher Oriented

11 Student Oriented Concept Detail Student Oriented Concept Detail

12 Activity Instant Diagnosis Questions

13 Formative Assignments Levelwise Assigments

14 Projects Now, kindly keep in mind start from teacher orientation and then student orientation section as all sections will be under your topic created in teacher orientation and concept or competency created under that topic.

15 Advance Search Region > School > Subject > Teachers > Topics Subject Search Region > Subject > Master Topic > Topics

16 Your Profile To change your password anytime, use edit password link. To change your school, subjects and other details use edit profile link

17 View Self Summary Subject > View Topics > View Concepts > Summary In this section you can directly edit your lesson plan from summary. Link are provided under each section to edit the text which is visible after page refresh. You can also view each section independently with the link provided.

18 Student Entry Section Student Entry form is provided to create new student login. Student name, class, section is mandatory to be filled, as soon as submit the details username and password will automatically be generated and reflect in the right panel. To see whole students detail click the link View all.

19 Tips Never leave your account login in your system. Always try to work offline and then copy paste it to the website Images wont upload by copy paste, you have to upload it from the menu (32) provided in the text (32) Kindly keep yourself update throught the instructions provided on top of teacher desk. System is under progress and new things are on way.

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